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Page 7 Directory: Our World

Column 7a- Conspiracy evidence: 911, Gulf oil leak, HAARP weather weaponry, and others.
Column 7b- MOI article exposing the global elitists who run the world with a hidden agenda.
Column 7c (below 7b)- MOI article answers the question: What can I do about it???
All of us should QUESTION EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. Watch this
The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off!



The three stages of TRUTH. The truth will be:
1) Ridiculed
2) Intensely opposed
3) Accepted as self-evident

" There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true."

- CIA coined the term "Conspiracy Theory" in 1967 with specific instructions on how to discredit and cover-up the truth. Click here

Are you the skeptical type? 33 Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be TRUE. Click here


9-19 Fifty three admitted false flag attacks.

5-28 Makes sense. Another piece of evidence regarding Paul McCartney's death in 1966.

4-27-19 Operation Gladio: An unholy alliance.

4-27-19 Beware the conniving Tavistock Institute-
a major "think tank" that covertly shapes our reality. Read this

4-20-19 Proof that without question, the real
Paul McCartney IS dead (since 1966). Watch this

11-30 The corrupt EPA. 80,000 chemicals in our sewage sludge. Make it a point to watch this documentary: "Biosludged". Watch this

4-18 Revisiting the truth about the sinking of the Titanic, not what the history books would have you believe! Read this

3-31-18 "It's a movie script." FBI insiders expose "official" Vegas shooting narrative as ENTIRELY FALSE. Read this

2-14 Imperative to know! Classic documentary with Jim Marrs and David Icke explains the history of key Secret Societies. Watch this

1-31-18 Governor candidate releases scathing
ANTI-FRACKING statement, calls for ban.
Read this

1-19 Absolute truth about the murder of Martin Luther King. The Plot to Kill King. Watch this

1-5-18 Creating awareness or ridicule? Four TV commercials that center around conspiracy truths.
Taco Belluminati  Watch this    Watch this
Fed Ex. Conspiracy Book Store. Watch this
The NERVE of GOOgle. Watch this

12-30-17 How it always works. Whistle blowers are silenced via murder (to them and/or loved ones), bribery, or threats. Two recent examples.
Click here   Click here

6-30-17 One word. True history and the reason the world is in the shambles it's in today. Thank the IllumiNOTi. Watch this

12-7-16 75th anniversary of the FALSE FLAG that created WW2... Pearl Harbor. Click here

11-23-12 The American Red DOUBLE CROSS.
Watch this

8-23-12  Who murdered conspiracy exposing filmmaker Tony Scott?
Read this

12-6 A segment from the 60 Minutes episode that aired 12-4-11: Prosecuting Wall Street.
Watch this

11-19-11 How governments cook the books and 11 other likely conspiracies.
Read this

8-27 The Great Global Warming Swindle.
Watch this

12-6 Worldwide water conspiracy: Global elitists steal our supply of drinking water for profit.
Click here 


** Loose Change-
Classic groundbreaking 9/11 documentary. This film set the tone for truth about 9/11. Click here

* 9/11 conspiracy truth explained in only 4 minutes. Click here

* Dr. Judy Wood: 9-11 investigation: Where did the towers go? Watch this
Related: Mark Passio presentation on Tesla and how his stolen technology brought down towers on 911. Watch this

* Zero- An investigation of 911.
 Watch this

*Jesse Ventura investigates 911/Pentagon.
Click here

* Evidence mounts about 9/11 government cover-up. It wasn't a plane that blew up the Pentagon.

Watch this 

* More analysis and new information surfaces about 911. Watch this documentary: Core of Corruption- In the Shadows.

* Solid evidence that controlled demolition was used on WTC north building. Watch this

- Documentary proves WTC 7 was controlled demolition. Watch this

9-12-19 New book The Trigger, by David Icke. In-depth analysis and facts about 911. He names names. Click here

12-20-18 Daddy Bush met with bin Laden family the morning of 911. Read this

5-10-13 Video proof! Remote controlled (drone) planes used to strike towers. Watch this

3-3-12 More proof that 911 was a conspiracy.

Watch this

12-12-11 Evidence keeps mounting. Proof bombs were used and info on the health effects of the toxic dust cloud. Watch this

9-25 Leaked military video shows 911 strike on Pentagon was a missle. Watch this  
Catholic Bishop chimes in on 911.
Watch this

9-16 A fantastic 4 minute video about 9-11.
Watch this

9-11-11 Interview with Susan Lindauer, a jailed CIA Agent for wanting to tell the truth about 9/11. It's somewhat lengthy... FF to 7 minute mark. She seems a viable source of info. Read this 

8-18  Update: International hearings on 9-11 slated.
Read this

6-5  One of several likely motives for 911 was to cover up a $240 billion financial crime being investigated by the Pentagon. Read this

5-17 Revealing the truth about 911 won't go away. 911 International Hearings slated for 9-11-2011 in Toronto.
Read this

5-16 Victims families pressure US government for truth. 911 Commission was a joke.
Watch this

4-25 911 First Responder: WTC was nuked.
Read this

4-11 More evidence Pentagon was struck by missle and/or explosives were used. Click here

4-10 Body of dead NYC 9/11 responder cop snatched by authorities.
Watch this

Update on April 5th 911 court case.
Read this

Army Officer takes Cheney/Rumsfeld to court on April 5 over 911 conspiracy. Read this
Alex Jones interviews the army officer. Click here

1-3 On 911 truth, Lieutenant Colonel: "The entire war on terror is phoney."
Read this

1-2 More evidence emerging of 911 insider trading. 
Read this 

11-26 US government still harassing and pursuing 9/11 Whistleblower who has damning video evidence. 
Click here 

11-2 South tower fires were almost out right before collapse indicating explosives were used.

Click here

10-13 More truth surfaces. The 9/11 Commission
Report was a whitewash lie from top to bottom.

Click here

9-24 Another possibility: Directed energy weapons used? Read this

9-17 Pictures prove mini nukes caused 911 devastation. Read this 

9-10 Planes that hit WTC on 9/11 were not 767s as officially reported. Read this

More proof 911 WAS a conspiracy. Click here

8-29 Evidence mounts. Strange events in weeks prior to 911. Watch this

8-29 More deaths, illness linked to 911.
Read this

8-8 Responders of 9/11 demand justice.
Click here

8-6-10 Click here Analysis proves news footage video was photo shopped.  Plus more scientific evidence.

Firefighters evidence on the 911 cover-up...
Click here.

View this 9 minute video on 911 witnesses.

Click here.
Pilots For 9/11 Truth do not offer theory or point blame at this point in time. However, there is a growing mountain of conflicting information and data in which government agencies and officials along with mainstream media refuse to acknowledge.


* What are chemtrails?
Click here

* The difference between contrails and chemtrails. Read this

* How ETs neutralize chemtrails: Read this
Related: 12-30-16 Interesting video of an apparent ET craft neutralizing a chemtrail. Watch this

2-2-19 Chemtrails exposed: The history of Dresser Industries. Read this

1-12-19 Proof chemtrails are real. Confirmed by pilots, scientists, meteorologists, and doctors. Watch this

12-2 As reported by CNN: Aerosol spraying into the atmosphere to stop global warming proposed by Yale and Harvard scientists. Click here

8-21 Retired General basically confirms chemtrails and geoengineering. Watch this

3-7-18 Local TV News weathermen now mentioning chemtrails on broadcasts. Click here

2-12-18 A nice piece by Geoff Byrd chronicling chemtrails and offering suggestions on how to minimize their harmful effects. Watch this

3-3 Ex-NASA engineer speaks out. Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer. Read this

2-24-17 URGENT! Spread the word! Chemtrails causing cataclysm SOON. Dane Wigington explains. Click here

3-4-16 What more "proof" does anyone need that CHEMTRAILS are "real"? 40 up close photos from inside chemtrail planes!
Click here

9-4-13 How is your memory? What the aluminum in chemtrails does to your brain (and other body parts). Watch this

4-14 Chemtrails are real. Another whistle blower testifies- an ex-miltary bio-environmental engineer. Watch this

2-17-13 Feature film: Toxic Skies. (about geoengineering and chemtrails) Watch this   Autrailian government caught spraying toxic chemicals on fragile wetlands. Read this

12-2-12 More on chemtrails. Pass the word to anyone who will listen. Click here   How do we stop the spraying? Read this

10-29 Nervous system damage from the sky... clouds of secrecy. Click here

8-29 New technique for chemtrails... chembombs! Look for whispy cotton candy
clouds. Hurricane Isaac redirected. Watch this 

7-13 Chemtrails filmed with infra-red camera.

Watch this

7-6 Who's responsible for spraying chemtrails? The CIA owned Evergreen Int'l Airlines. Read this  Website

5-27 The masked morphing of the chemtrail cover-up.
Read this

2-10-12 Bill Gates exposed for funding chemtrails.
Read this

1-28-12 Chemtrails, contrails, and morgellons.
Click here

11-16 How chemtrails are sprayed unknowingly by commercial jets. Typical scenario of how the dark intimidates. Read this

11-14 The latest update about the purpose of chemtrails. Click here

11-10 New insight into WHY chemtrails are sprayed. As always, follow the money! Click here

6-6 Learn how Sylphs help neutralize chemtrails.
Watch this

3-3 Better read this! Expert reveals 7 weapons applications of Chemtrails... all illegal crimes against humanity.
Click here

2-25 Ex IRS agent condemns chemtrails, states that Americans are not required to pay income tax.
Watch this- 2 minutes.

2-13 Chemtrails halted during Navy Fest, US Open, and Obama visit. 
Read this 

11-23 A breath of fresh air! Our loving ET family is neutralizing chemtrails.
Read this

11-12 An in-depth look at chemtrails.
Click here

An introduction to chemtrails.
Click here and then scroll down to view article.

Chemtrails over the U.S. Watch this

More proof and what to look for... Click here


* Take a look at the Gulf oil disaster conspiracy.

Watch this

5-17 Documentary: The BIG Fix. BP and the Gulf Oil (crime) cover-up. Watch this

4-29 An update on the Gulf and the effects of the highly toxic Corexit which is purposely destroying marine life. Read this

3-18-13 Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists.
Watch this

12-3-12 Update: Let us not forget about the staged Gulf Oil Disaster and the toxic chemical Corexit.
Read this

7-5 Toxic Corexit being sprayed in the Gulf AGAIN?
Read this   Watch this

5-8 Does anyone believe BP and other oil giants are truthful or genuinely concerned about humanity or the environment?
Watch this Read this

4-28 Was the arrest of BP oil disaster scapegoat just the beginning? Will the big boys follow?
Read this

4-25-12 First criminal charges filed in BP Gulf oil spill (crime). Read this  

4-19-12 Let us not forget what cabal flunkies BP, the EPA, FDA, and NOAA have done to the Gulf of Mexico and all life in that region. Affects of the oil spill and their chemical assault are now surfacing.
Watch this

5-27-11 Any surprise? BP trying to get off the hook for paying claims of injured and ill people from Gulf oil disaster. Read this

4-16 BP tries to stymie research of oil effects on the Gulf. Read this 

4-11 Ten BP whistleblowers murdered or kidnapped within last two years!
Read this

4-7- A friend has a healthy 18 year son who recently visited Panama City, FL on spring break. He went in the ocean, got sick within several days, and has been sick now for several weeks. Please avoid the dangerous Gulf region and particularly going into the toxic Gulf of Mexico waters.

2-21 Scientist find Gulf bottom still oily, dead.

Read this

2-11 Follow-up to 2-9 post: 22 year old victim
& speaker Paul Doomm has seizures on stage. Please pray for him! 
Watch this
2-9 Ten months later, BP oil disaster is still causing health problems for folks in the Gulf region.
Watch this

2-5 Denied, deceived, delayed by BP, Gulf Coast residents are being hosed again by the oil giant. Read this

10-29 Haliburton skipped critical test on cement in BP Gulf of Mexico oil blowout. Read this

10-3 Confirmed: BP sprayed toxic dispersant chemical Corexit on Gulf population. Click here

10-3 Louisiana native and outspoken BP critic Kindra Arneson ill/hospitalized. What a strange coincidence.
Click here


Is weather technology used as a weapon to create earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and hurricanes?

- Earthquake Safety Tips from a genuine expert!
Watch this 6 minutes  Watch this
 1 minute

- Holes in Heaven? Documentary explains HAARP technology and its use. Click here

- Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP. Click here

- Scientists: Weather is undeniably manipulated by the military. Read this

- More on HAARP-
Click here- 7 minute video.

- HAARP and recent weather disasters examined. 
Click here

Related story: 2-3 Navy Physicist confirms US has used weather control as a weapon since the 1960's, could have (but didn't) minimized damage of Hurricane Katrina. Click here

4-5-19 Weather manipulation? One million acres of US farmland flooded. Read this

10-13 TRUTH in movies. Watch this trailer. The future is NOW. Weather weaponry. Click here

9-19-17 Okay to spray? Who gave them permission? US Air Farce takes it upon itself to spray the Hurricane Harvey area. Click here

7-21-13 Alaska HAARP facility closes! Read this

4-12-12 Update on Indonesia quake. It seems HAARP was used but ETs minimized damage. Read this

8-29-11 Giant HAARP ring inside Hurricane Irene. 
Watch this 
Strange microwave anomoly.
Watch this

6-2 Learn about ALL the MANY HAARP and other weather manipulation facilities and organizations worldwide.
Click here   Click here

5-25 Explanation of weather weapon HAARP and documentation of exact readings of earthquakes worldwide. Watch this

5-24 Joplin tornado 190 mph winds! Can you say weather manipulation by our criminal government? Click here

5-20 Weather manipulation is REAL. Iran President states US/West causing drought in Iran.
Read this
Accurate prediction of severe rain in Grain belt/Mississippi river region. Watch this

5-17 Intriguing interview with Russian politician who admits weather weapons exist that can kill millions.
Watch this

4-29 Here's a prediction for more upcoming severe weather caused by weather manipulation technology. Watch this 

4-28 More tornadoes! Let's get real. The weather is unquestionably being manipulated. Watch this

4-24 Matthew: Japan will be safe, HAARP, and more. Read this

4-20 (7a) US government shuts down HAARP website. Read this 

4-18 Controlling the weather. Introducing X-37B, another HAARP-like form of weather warfare.

Watch this

4-16 Proof now surfacing- HAARP weather manipulation occurs on a daily basis. Predictions prove accurate. Click here
Seem peculiar? Historic tornado outbreak: 3 days, 241 tornadoes in 13 states. Read this

4-6 UN document confirms HAARP.
Click here

3-16 Excellent discovery of possible weather weaponry installation (used to cause Japan quake?) in Nevada. Watch this

3-13 Potential evidence of HAARP causing Japan quake and possible Illumnati motives. Read this

3-12 Possible evidence that HAARP caused Japan and Haiti quakes. Click here

3-12 A possibility: Benjamin Fulford says earthquake weaponry was used to cause Japan quake.
Read this 

2-9 Are the weather controllers now in a position to control weather reporting and give false weather reports? Read this

1-22-11 How HAARP is used to manipulate the weather, cause hurricanes, earthquakes, and warfare events. Click here

8-9 Weather weapon HAARP used to create floods in Pakistan? Click here

This award winning documentary reveals
ET suppression- "The Day Before Disclosure".

Click here


* RIVETING! No surprise, FDA and the drug industry are in cahoots. Listen here

1-30-19 FDA at it again... approves highly dangerous drug funded by DoD. Read this

12-15 FDA knowingly allowed pesticide that kills honey bees. Read this

11-5 FDA denies that the Gulf is still loaded with harmful chemicals. Read this

9-22 Food facism in the USA and the FDA's role. 
Read this

9-20 FDA opposed to labeling foods that are genetically modified.
Read this

9-9-10 FDA censorship of nutritional science
threatens health of all Americans. 
Read this


TOP SECRET AMERICA... made up of 1,300 government agencies, 2,000 companies, and 850,000 people with top secret clearance.

Click here

The truth about terrorism. A 7 minute video.
Watch this

5-4-12 Pentagon admits it has no photo evidence of bin Laden's death. Read this

6-30-11 American government, CIA, and military play a major role as terrorists of the world.
Read this

5-6 Texas to make TSA pat downs a felony crime. Read this

4-28 Miss USA sexually molested by TSA.
Click here

4-24 Ultimate proof: US admits Bin Laden has been dead since December, 2001. Read this

4-2 Al Qaeda's dark secret exposed. Watch this

3-3 New Hampshire moves to criminalize TSA groping. Read this

12-27 The monitoring of America. It's important to be aware that we're all being watched.
Read this

12-26 In case you've just joined us: Terrorism is
staged and Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Read this

12-4 Striking a government nerve? Police State episode of popular TV show Conspiracy Theory pulled off the air. Read this

11-16 Head of Homeland Security, caught lying about TSA naked body scanners. Read this 

11-10 TSA resistance is FERTILE! Pilot Assn. urges pilots to opt out of airport naked body scanners.
Read this

11-1 Staged package bombs propaganda emerges as people globally reject cancer causing naked body scanners in airports.
Read this

10-26 Afghan President: US government contractor Blackwater is behind terrorism.
Read this 

10-19 Airport naked body scanners- pilot says no to TSA bullies. It's time for peaceful noncompliance by all. Read this

7-27-10 Evidence surfaces proving terrorism is a fabricated hoax.
Read this

Watch: Al Qaeda does not exist.
 Click here

Here's a little secret:
Terrorism is  mythical.

The Pakistani ISI is a CIA front and controls terror cells at the discretion of the highest levels of the U.S. military-industrial complex.

There is a great need to perpetuate the mythical war on terror in order to maintain the pretext for the geopolitical genocide currently being undertaken by globalist advances into the middle east “rogue” (independent) nations.

As our governments assert that they are doing everything in their power to dismantle the global terror network, the reality is the exact opposite. The criminal intelligence networks assembled it, they sponsored it and they continue to fund it using our tax dollars. As any good criminal should, they have a middleman to provide plausible deniability. That middleman is the ISI and the military dictatorship of Pakistan.

The second season has completed airing.
TRU TV's Conspiracy Theory. Click on link to watch Jesse Ventura expose:  Global Warming Big Brother, the Bilderberg Group, and Mind controlled CIA assassins

12-2 PROOF people can be hypnotized to murder and become mind controlled assassins.
Click here

11-16 Dr. Fred Bell dies mysteriously- most likely murdered, following TV show interview.
Read this    Click here    
Related: Conspiracy Theory- Tesla's Death Ray. Watch this
Related: Rob Potter worked with Bell. FF to 44:30.
Click here

11-9-12 Season 3 kicked off on 11-7. MOI supports David Icke. It is sad when a party (Ventura) who is apparently on the same team as Icke resorts to this type of inexcusable behavior. Read this
The "hit piece" Conspiracy Theory episode in question which aired 11-7-12.
Watch this

Mind control: RFK killer, Sirhan Sirhan claims he was mind controlled. Read this
(Scroll down for the MOI article)

The answer in one word: Vatican
MUST READ! THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Read this interview and the links thoroughly.

9-26-19 How the death cult runs the world. David Icke explains in detail. Watch this

5-29-19 Scum of the Earth Bilderberg Group 2019 meeting in Switzerland this weekend. Watch this
* For more on the Bilderberg Group scroll down.

11-6-18 Svali Speaks! Insight from former Illuminati member. Click here
7-4-18 The answer in another word: ILLumiNOTi.
A collection of other dimensional beings, dark occultist groups, secret societies and more make this world ugly and satanic.
Learn the history of the IllumiNOTi.

ABSOLUTELY read Protocols of Elder Zionists.
Read this

3-14-13 The POOP on the new Pope... Jesuit, not good. Read this


* The Banker. Watch this
* So God made a BANKER. Watch this

Sampling of evidence:

Fractional Reserve Banking explained. The best 10 minutes you'll ever spend.
Watch this

2-14-18 Fundamental to all! Classic documentary on Secret Societies featuring Jim Marrs and David Icke. Watch this

6-16-17 Whistle blower Ex-Illuminati Banker Ronald Bernard tells all. Click here   Part 2

8-23-13 - The 8 families of the Federal Reserve cartel. Read this

5-11 World Bank exposed by high level insider.
Watch this

5-8-13 NY Attorney General: "Banks have no fear of law enforcement." Regardless, lawsuits filed against Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Click here

11-27 How banks control the world through debt.
Watch this

10-4 G.Edward Griffin: The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel. Watch this

8-3 Banker arrests around the world continue.
Click here

7-18 HSBC Bank scandal hits. Executive quits. Bank aided drug lords and terrorists.
 Read this

7-11 Vatican in bed money laundering
with JPMorgan. Read this

7-5 Important info to understand. What is LIBOR? The significance of the Libor banking scam.
Watch this

5-9 Obama... Highly evolved Lightworker or Cabalist? Either way, the truth will be fascinating!
Read this

5-9 More dirty laundry on HSBC. This is just another example of why the mass arrests will occur.
Click here

3-4 Supporting Evidence: A list of 116 key bankers from around the world who resigned recently.
Read this Total now at 254. Read this

3-1 How we are conned by bankers, the Federal Reserve, and politicians.
Watch this

2-24-12 It's all leading up to something. Bankers falling like dominos is a HUGE sign things ARE changing.
Read this

12-20-11 Global financial powers challenged in Canadian Federal Court. Read this

11-19 A breakdown of who owns the world's wealth. It ain't a pretty picture! Click here  

9-11-11 Get to know the Rothschilds- owners of $500 TRILLION, more than half the wealth of the entire world.
Watch this

9-4 Banksters in BIG trouble- in-fighting erupts.
Read this Related articleRead this

8-20 Meet the Global Elitists who control $47 TRILLION of the world wealth. Read this

7-22 Federal reserve audit reveals $16 TRILLION to bailout private bankers.
Read this

7-19 Ten banks own 77% of all U.S. banking assets.
Read this

7-19 Two examples of fascism orchestrated by banks.
Read this

7-15-11 JP Morgan Chase profits $5.4 BILLION in 2nd quarter alone.
Watch this

6-29 Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich gets it. He calls for abolishment of the Federal Reserve.
Watch this

The Federal Reserve cartel: The Eight Families.
This explains our world. Read this

5-17 Confidential federal audits accuse the five biggest mortgage firms of defrauding taxpayers.

Read this

5-10 Iceland people free themselves from international bankers.
Read this

4-29 Truth or fiction? Is this how the system works and big bankers rip us off? Sounds right.
Read this

3-10-11 How the Rothchild owned IMF/World Bank have planned to take over the world through money.
 Read this 

9-13 U.S. bank profits soar- especially the government bailout big banks.
Read this

8-27 Treasury makes shocking admission:
Program for struggling homeowners just a ploy to enrich big banks.
Read this

* JP Morgan Chase profits up 80%! 
Read this

* See Bilderberg Group update below in RED.

* Instructions on how to defeat the global elite.
Read this

* The Illuminati: One family, one bloodline, one rule. Watch this

* The Illuminazi. Watch this

* Who is the Committee of 300?
Read this

* A hypothetical, yet eerie and realistic
depiction of an Illuminati Initiate training video. Well done!
Part 1   Part 2

The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the umbrella name of different groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout our world for centuries. In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the global elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical establishment, regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, and Zionists.
Illuminati symbolism in movies. Watch this

They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, and assassinated opposition. They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the “illegal” drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth—indeed, the very life of Earth herself! MOI Note:  One insider source states that there are 33 individuals from a certain bloodline who are above all secret societies and form the true capstone of the pyramid. Illuminati, Satanism, & their bloodline secret. Watch this
- Satanic Occult Symbols in Washington DC
Read this 

Under the umbrella of the Illuminati sit three major factions- the Bilderberg Group, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilatteral Commission. The Bilderberg Group was established in 1954. Be aware of this info but also know that many reports indicate that the "controllers" or Illuminati are losing their grip. Their time is up (because people are awakening and catching on to how they operate) and they know it! That's why the world is in total chaos now. It's their last ditch effort to maintain control.

They do have specific plans (they plan many years in advance) which they continue to implement and try to implement. Many of their plans have suceeded but many have not, and will not, come to fruition.

It was very difficult to squeeze all the information on the Bilderberg Group into a one hour TV show, but this will give you a basic understanding.
Click here to watch. It is suggested that you research this topic on your own in more detail.

The Bilderberg Group meeting is an annual confab of around 150 of the world’s most influential powerbrokers in government, industry, banking, media, academia and the military-industrial complex. The secretive group operates under “Chatham House rules,” meaning that no details of what is discussed can ever be leaked to the media, despite editors of the world’s biggest newspapers, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Financial Times, being present at the meeting.

The Bilderberg Group conducted its 2010 annual meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain (a small, exclusive resort town about 20 miles from Barcelona) behind a wall of armed guards who sealed off the resort in a futile attempt to keep the event secret.

Bilderberg’s meeting followed that of its brother group, the Trilateral Commission, which gathered at the Four Seasons Resort in Dublin, Ireland May 6-10, 2010. Leaders of Bilderberg also attend the Trilateralists’ meeting to map their common agenda. About 300 attend Trilateral Commission meetings, which are conducted behind sealed-off, guarded floors of their hotel. 

* Attending the Bilderberg meeting is ILLEGAL.
Read this

6-13-18 How the Bilderberg Group controls the world. Read this
- List of 2018 attendees of annual meeting. Read this

5-23-13 Annual Bilderberg Group meeting June 6-9 in England. Watch this   Read this
2013 attendees: Click here

* 2012 Bilderberg meeting wrap. Who are the real cockroaches?
Read this
Mitch Daniels next VP? Read this

11-15- 12 Bilderberg Group calls an emergency meeting. Read this

6-2-12 Revealing and well done new video by We Are Change confronts squirming Bilderbergers
Watch this

5-31 List of attendees at the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting.
Read this
2009 attendees. Click here

5-30 Bilderbergers concerned about media
coverage and mass protests.
Read this 

5-26-12 Get to know the Bilderberg Group.
Click here:
A Brief bit of Bilderberg. Bilderberg Agenda Attracts National Exposure

5-3-12 Bilderberg Group meeting: May 31
 - June 3 in Chantilly, VA, USA. Read this

6-11-11 Bilderberg Group annual meeting: 2011 official attendee list. 
Read this Five well known unnamed attendees. Read this Three Swiss Ministers have letter delivered to Bilderbergers for the arrest of Henry Kissenger. Watch this

5-23 Influential Swiss legislator slams Bilderberg Group.
Read this

3-22-11 Bilderberg Group to meet in Switzerland June 9-12. Read this

9-22 Bilderberg Group about face. Which is it- global warming or global cooling?
Read this

8-21-10 Fidel Castro, films expose Bilderberg Group's quest for world domination. Read this 

7-19-10 Waging a WAR for PEACE!
Read this

7-17-10 A look at Bilderberger Martin Feldstein's role. Click here

7-5-10 Keeping Euro intact is Bilderbergers top priority. Read this

6-28-10 Bilderberg meeting 2010 attendees, what's in store. Read this

6-7-10 Bilderbergers want Americans disarmed and dependent on goverrnment. Read this

6-5-10: The global crime syndicate Bilderberg Group's annual SECRET meeting was not so secret! Their plans exposed!
Read this

6-4-10 Update on the Bilderbergers meeting in Spain. They're on the run!
Read this

Related information:

* What is Agenda 21? Basic understanding required: Agenda 21 for Dummies. Watch this

9-8 Berlusconi's secret bunker and escape route exposed. Click here

7-25-12 Global elite (criminals) have $20 trillion stashed in off shore banks. Read this
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3+ BILLION PEOPLE live on less than $2.50 a day! The richest 20% accounts for 3/4 of world income. 50% of the world population earns $2 per day or less!

* SECRET underground bases exposed.
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* Dr. Deagle exposes SECRET plans and highly advanced technologies. FEAR not! Note how most of these plans have failed and will fail. Watch this

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* Naming names: Your real government.

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* Insights into the truth about Lady Di's murder and the Satanic British Royal family.
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Secret Societies- American members of Secret Organizations

- The truth about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and how it controls the US media. Watch this
(4 minutes)

- You ready for this? Bob Hope- Illuminati pimp.
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There are many secret societies on Earth. Here is information on three of the more well-known organizations, all arms of the Illuminati (see article above).

It should be noted that the English Rothchild and American Rockefeller familes have been, and are, major players. It was also discovered recently that Maurice Strong heads up the Global Warming scam. Strong began the hoax in the 1970's as a member of the United Nations and has been advancing the agenda ever since.

Read this!  about our "pals" the Rockefellers!

Here is a list of some of the American global elitists who are "frontmen" and help implement and execute the hidden agenda. 

Notice of these cabal members cross party lines- some are Republicans, some are Democrats (for we have but ONE party). Remember, Presidents are not elected, they're SELECTED. Most of these people were not elected (the elections have been rigged anyway). They were appointed to positions of power.

Hmmmm... Notice (many of) the same criminals popping up from former administrations??? They're recycled!
These criminals all have one thing in common. They are members of one or more of these secret organizations:

CFR- Member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR began in 1934)
BG- Member of the Bilderberg Group
(BG began in 1954)
TC- Member of the Trilateral Commission
(TC began in 1972)
? = Unconfirmed but almost certain
+ = implies probably belong to more than one.
Bold = Major player within the organizations

The List:
- David Rockefeller- CFR, BG
- George Soros- CFR, BG
- Kathleen Graham- Owner Washington Post- CFR, BG, TC

Listed by administrations:

- President Jimmy Carter- CFR, TC
- VP Walter Mondale- CFR, TC
- Cyrus Vance- Secretary of State CFR, TC  
- Zbigniew Brzezinski- National Security Adviser CFR, BG, TC,

- Ronald Reagan???
- George H. Bush- CFR, TC, MASON

- Bill Clinton- CFR, TC, BG
- Al Gore- BG?
- Robert Rubin- Treasury Secretary CFR, BG
- Larry Summers- Treasury Secretary CFR, BG, TC
- Warren Christopher- CFR, TC

- Tony Blair- British Prime Minister BG? +
- Gordon Brown- Current Prime Minister- BG? ++

- George W. Bush- BG? +++
- Dick Chaney- BG? ++
- Donald Rumsfeld- BG? ++
- Robert Gates- Secretary of Defense- CFR, BG
- Ben Bernanke- Head of Federal Reserve- BG? ++

- Barack Obama- ? Attended BG meeting in 2008.
- Joe Biden- CFR, BG 
Tim Geithner- Treasury Secretary- BG, TC  
- Hillary Clinton Secretary of State- CFR, BG
David Axelrod- BG?, ++
- Rahm Manuel- Chief of Staff- BG?, ++++. Attended BG meeting in 2009. 
- Robert Gates- Secretary of Defense- CFR, BG, TC
- Admiral Dennis Blair- Director of National Security CFR, BG, TC
- Susan Rice- Ambassador to United Nations TC
- General James Jones- National Security Advisor- CFR, BG, TC
- Henry Kissinger- Advisor CFR, BG, TC
- Paul Volcker- Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee CFR, BG, TC
- James Steinberg- Deputy Sec. of State- CFR, BG, TC
- Richard Haass- State Dept. Special Envoy CFR, BG, TC
- Alan Greenspan- Former Head of Federal Reserve- Presidential Advisor CFR, BG, TC
- Richard Holbrooke- State Dept. Special Envoy CFR, TC, BG

12-15-10 CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission member Richard Holbrooke dies. Last words: "Stop the war". Read this 

  WHAT CAN I (we) DO?! (7c)

People have been led to think we are helpless and powerless, NOT TRUE!

* Instructions on how to defeat the global elite.
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* A solution to all of our problems? Find the courage and break the system with

7-11-12 It's called peaceful non-compliance. Man refuses multiple checkpoints. Watch this

Change yourself, change the world.

Here are numerous practical things anyone can do which may help put an end to all this unacceptable nonsense.

Make it a point to free your mind and educate yourself. Accept the truth for what it is and spread the truth to others.

Here are two quotes to consider. “ Condemnation without investigation is the height of IGNORance.” Albert Einstein

“ There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe something which is not true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Realize and accept the fact that this is indeed Hell on Earth.

Understand that authentic human nature is not one of violence, fear, immorality, greed, passivity, dishonesty etc. but one of loving action, compassion, morality, kindness, and humor.

Understand the situation and unite with other people. We’re scattered. Dark occultists have a master mind.

Do you think that nothing matters? NO! EVERTHING MATTERS! Every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every action you make affects our reality.


- Be self aware.

- CHANGE yourself!

- Pray/meditate and ask to be aligned with absolute truth. Pray for the dark/service to self ones!

- Also pray for the Earth energy grid ley lines. Fill them with love and Light!

- Pray often and ask that you be aligned with the truth.

- Stop eating dead animal flesh (meat). Click here

- Stop voting. Why participate in a rigged system?

- Stop going to church!! Click here

- Stop paying taxes! It's immoral! Click here

- Listen to your heart. Live from the heart

- ALWAYS do what’s right.

- Think positive!

- Sign a petition(s).

- Uplift others often.

- CARE! (about yourself, other people, animals, plants, and the Earth)

- Stop watching TV!

- Connect with nature on a regular basis.

- Peaceful non-compliance of all fronts.

- Stop supporting the immoral order followers such as police and military. Click here

Be fearless. We know this is a duality and fear based reality. Love is the opposite of fear. So we need to spread the word to others and stay fearless ourselves. Minimizing fear will drastically help us all in the Ascension process.

Remember one key point. The dark souls live in fear too. They are currently in fear of losing their control and wealth (and they know it is inevitable). They fear retribution for their crimes against humanity. They fear the Light because they are so far removed from it. Since we are all one consciousness, it benefits each of us to welcome them back into the Light. Maybe we can help calm their fears. It is favorable for us to simply get them to stop their shenanigans and just leave us alone, so that we may evolve. Disdain for them is a negative emotion that must be avoided. Earthly punishment is not required, as they will have to judge themselves at the soul level and pay the consequences for their own actions.

Prayer. We have come to understand the significant power of prayer. Ironically, many people find it difficult to pray for the “evil doers“ but they are the souls who need our love and compassion the most! Light workers, let us unite and take it upon ourselves to pray for our fellow dark natured souls!

As we've been taught, it's impossible for us to know the true nature of any other soul; therefore we are not to judge. However, based on observation, certain individuals appear to be dark natured. If our assessment of a dark individual is incorrect, it will not be detrimental for it is always productive to pray for any soul’s highest good.

STOP! Look at yourself! In order for us to effectively evolve and improve this reality, self awareness is one of the keys. This means being consistently aware of your own thoughts, emotions, actions, and words. Reflect upon and review them. Critique yourself on an on-going basis. Then change the thoughts, beliefs, and actions which no longer serve the highest good of yourself and humanity.
When enough of us improve our thoughts and actions and base them on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, and non judgement, then the world will improve. See yourself in the eyes of every other person and treat others as you wish to be treated. Feel what is in your heart and follow it. Namaste!