Exploring many possibilities. Stimulating deeper thought. Raising our mindset and level of morality.

Be aware, be objective, investigate all possibilities with an open mind, study life's mysteries, break free, improve our world.

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Column 2a: Messenger of Information mission statement explains the purpose of this site.
Column 2b- Explains the awakening phenomenon and gives a detailed explaination.
Column 2c (below 2b)- An article by MOI that stresses the IMPORTANCE OF MEDITATION!
Every soul evolves at its own pace. Moving forward is an individual choice. Some will make this choice, others will not, as they find that their current situation is too comfortable and familiar to risk giving up.


The Messenger of Information (MOI)
website is dedicated solely to one main objective... to provide information pertaining to the age old question: "What is the meaning of life?" MOI hopes you will get philosophical about life and contemplate deeper levels of meaning.

This website site does not attempt to persuade or create FEAR. It is to provide awareness via information for the viewer to digest and interpret in their own unique way. As it pertains to our world, you may find some of the information contained on this site to be disturbing. Unfortunately, it is. However, we must first understand and accept the actuality of this world before we can change it. Indeed there is a great deal of negativity in our world which is exposed here. However, MOI contains many positive messages too!

Much of the information contained on this site will be foreign to you. So, you will be forced to accept, reject, or contemplate the information.

The big challenge for all of us is to open our minds and understand that we live in a world full of lies! Opening your mind is vital because what you are about to learn is legitimate, not fabricated, or make believe.

Please do not be quick to discard, for we have been psychologically conditioned since birth to accept the status quo, to not question "the system", or search for the truth about life.
The amazing
depth of information
now available is impossible to
fabricate, and the legitimate science that supports these truths cannot be denied. Yes, there is plenty of proof if you choose to investigate the mysteries of life. One conclusion becomes obvious: Our existence can only be attributed to an extremely more advanced form of higher intelligence.

The level of intelligence that exists in the cosmos is hard for us to comprehend or even imagine! It's fun, challenging, and important to try to figure things out, but keep in mind and accept that we're not designed to understand all the complexities of life.

Messenger Of Information is about enLIGHTenment. Enlightenment requires objectivity and a willingness to modify one's current belief system. Apparently, becoming enlightened about what really goes on in our world is the FIRST STEP. Here's a clue... our world is not at all as it seems. We've been DUPED, lied to, deceived,
mislead, manipulated, and controlled on a HUGE scale (see Page 6 Column b
). However, the insanity will diminish soon as more and more people begin to see the light. Ultimately, it's not about learning. It's about REMEMBERING universal truths that your soul already knows.

MOI hopes the information on this site will trigger your awakening, and help us all to figure out, understand, and view this world from a different perspective. Then, drastic and inevitable change 
will occur. 

The awakening and cleansing process (which has already begun) is in preparation of an evolutionary consciousness shift for Earth and humanity. Many, many viable sources are stating that the shift will occur sometime near the year 2012. MOI's instincts sense this change relates to a new phase in the evolution of humans and Mother Earth. The pain and suffering Mother Earth and mankind have endured will end and we will transition into the Golden Age.... a 
MUCH BETTER existence. 

As you navigate through this site, some of the information may be foreign to you. Due to the depth of information and the many varied interrelated topics, unfortunately some of it may not initially make complete sense to you. In other words, you may need to establish a foundation from which to build. It's difficult for MOI to present the information in an organized fashion (but we try!). So, just chip away with an open mind, do more in-depth study of the topics which interest you, and things should fall into place. The important thing is that you are making the effort!

The MOI Story- Paving the way for you.

How did this site come to fruition? A "process" or "progression"  began innocently enough on March 10, 2009 when a link on a chain email led to the David Icke (pronounced Ike) website Upon viewing this disturbing, yet fascinating, three hour presentation (Click here) exposing the hidden agenda of those who actually "control the world", a DAILY quest (almost an obsession) to continue to search for information, answers, and "universal truth"
has ensued. Apparently, once the switch is turned "on", it can't be turned "off" (nor is there any desire for it to be turned off!).

A good analogy is that receiving this flow of information is like peeling back layers of an onion (and like an onion, some of the information you uncover will make you cry). You'll start at the surface and dig deeper and deeper towards the core.

Here's a hint. Most of us have too narrow of a focus. We focus only on what affects us in our daily lives. Broaden your scope. Instead of only paying attention to what happens here in the United States, start to take into account the rest of the WORLD. Then zoom out again and think about what is going on in the UNIVERSE. Look at the BIG PICTURE. We all need to start thinking in terms of HUMANITY, of ALL people working together to better our civilization (unfortunately there's not much civil about it yet).

The more one learns, the more one wants to know. Here's the catch. This is an on-going process so it requires continuous adaptation. More information surfaces regularly and therefore the degree of enlightenment increases. It's like climbing a ladder of wisdom. What you are certain of today may change tomorrow as new information and truth crosses your path. Newer information may make previous information obsolete.

Unfortunately in our fast-paced,
"busy" world, a person must make a point to find time to explore. Learning is time consuming and requires being self disciplined enough to make time to access the vast amount of data that is available.

MOI has accumulated countless hours of study and research of information. This includes sorting through Internet sites, TV shows, DVDs, magazines, books, plus radio and video interviews to find legitimate sources of information which appear to provide pieces of logical explanations to the mysteries of life.

The information that has crossed MOI's path in a non-stop, synchronized flow includes philosophies and theories regarding human behavior, human evolution, the history of the Earth and cosmos, spirituality, God, creation, conspiracy truths on the New World Order, 911, CIA, and secret societies, predictions made by famous prophets, Mayans, Hopi and other indigenous tribes, ancient civilizations, ancient relics, pyramids, 2012, crystal skulls, crop circles, dreams, carnism, satanism, dark occultism, natural law, religion, the Bible, reincarnation, astrology, astronomy, numerology, the Flower of Life, sacred geometry, chakras, auras, Reiki, prayer, meditation, meta-physics, science, technology, ETs, and more. Whew! What a bombardment of information! 

This site is intended to help streamline the timely process for you while hopefully igniting an interest within you to join the awakening, search for the meaning of life, and to start to understand the actuality of the game we call life.

NOTE- The information on this site resonates with MOI. MOI senses with near certainty that most of it is fairly accurate, or at least close to being "on target". As new information surfaces, MOI is dedicated to remaining flexible when it comes to forming opinions.
As you digest information that you haven't heard or seen before, use your own intuitions and common sense to draw your own conclusions and determine what strikes a chord with you. A simple way to discern truth is to listen to your heart. You will intuitively know when something "feels right" and when it doesn't.

8-27 New source of guidance emerges!
The progression of information continues to flow. Insightful messages of universal truths via a new source of information are now available. Servants of Source provide enlightening messages for humanity. Click here to read them all -scroll to the bottom of the page. Start with message number one and read them in order.

Also, it's a good idea to read three absolutely vital books. These books are incredibly detailed and explain our existence in understandable terms. Matthew- Tell Me About Heaven, Revelations For A New Era, and Illuminations For A New Era. ALSO, READ MATTHEW'S MESSAGES...They're like a monthly cosmic news report! Go to:


"The universe withholds nothing from anyone, but only the purely motivated can see."

* SaLuSa: A plain and simple explanation on what this is all about.
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* Human Ascension in 2012. Watch this

* Intriguing series of insights- Creating New Earth. Watch this  Watch this  Watch this

Essential reading! A very helpful explanation of dimensions and our shift from 3D to 5D!
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* Ascension: The liberation of consciousness from all 3D realities including the physical plane and emotional and mental states; complete and absolute enlightenment.    

* Consciousness: The characteristics of a Being generally regarded to comprise qualities such as subjectivity, self awareness, sentience (feeling), sapience (wisdom), and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself (self awareness) and one's environment (outer world).

12-30-17 Jim Carrey chimes in with interesting remarks about reality and consciousness.
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Whether or not you have noticed, without question, there is a worldwide awakening
taking place. Many people are becoming more keenly aware on many different levels. This process of becoming more aware and enlightened relates to a consciousness shift. It is about the spiritual evolution of the human race and the ascension of Mother Earth into a higher realm. Our world is changing for the better! It's inevitable and exciting!
Click here to get a very good idea into what this is all about.
"Awakening" is a process. This legitimate
change is about becoming intuitively aware
on a broader, more meaningful scale.
Awakening requires a desire to search for the truth about life using discernment and opening the mind to achieve a deeper understanding. You shall realize that life is not as it seems. 

Awakening also is about looking inward (via meditation) to take objective personal inventory and make changes to improve yourself or to release negativity from the past. Ultimately, you will begin living intuitively by feeling from the heart (love) rather than thinking via the mind (ego). We're in the process of transitioning into an existence of the Christ Consciousness: unconditional love for all living things.

It's as though each individual awakens in their own unique way and at their own pace, much like flower buds blossoming. This short message will help you grasp the good news!
Read this 

Expanding your mind is a requirement for awakening. Imagine your entire knowledge
base being contained in a small box. Let's say your mind has been closed, believing only what it's been told, discarding other possibilities. Your perceptions are limited are they not? You have based your opinions and beliefs on a lack of or limited information. And... is what you've been taught the truth?

Now imagine opening and expanding your mind with a new flow of information- considering ALL possibilities. As you open your mind and at your core, the new information rings of truth. You remember intuitively as this info flows to you. You KNOW it makes sense. Call it inner or direct knowing.

As you explore many possiblities, your foundation of knowledge increases and that box gets bigger. As you expand your mind with more information and understanding, something amazing happens: your beliefs begin to change because you are more enlightened! Now your beliefs stem from a vastly increased amount of knowledge. The database has expanded! 

As your individual awakening process unfolds, you will notice some subtle, and some not so subtle, changes within yourself- your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.

To give you an idea of how this works, here are some examples of how my beliefs and actions have changed and why. All of these changes are based on principle. However, the overriding reason for these changes is because I learned to live from my heart which means FEELING true love and compassion.

- I used to believe in having a strong military. Then I learned that ALL war is staged and funded to create wealth for the global elites at the expense of all other forms of life. Now I am anti-war. We have been deceived. Killing and destruction is NOT human nature.

- I now recycle (never used to) because I came to the realization that Mother Earth has been, and is abused (pollution, drilling for oil and gas, weather manipulation). My new found understanding, along with my respect and love for Mother Earth changed my actions.

- I no longer eat meat. For health reasons? No, because of principle. I learned how cattle, chickens, and hogs are brutally treated and slaughtered with total disregard for the sanctity of life. I no longer participate with creating demand for meat.

On the same note, many egg laying farm factory chickens literally never see the sunlight. So now I only buy FREE RANGE chicken eggs.

- I have in the past, but will no longer attend rodeos, circuses, or zoos. Upon learning that rodeo animals are abused as are circus animals, I will not support those who knowingly abuse animals for profit.

- Based on a new understanding, I now TRY very hard not to judge people or situations- EVER. I also try not to complain and try to stay positive at all times.

- I am no longer political because I now understand the hidden agenda behind politics and am also aware of how division causes many of humanity's problems.

- I used to trust police officers. Now I don't because I have become aware that police brutality is common place.

- I used to loyally follow several favorite news personalities that I trusted to present the truth.Then I figured out that they too are phonies and part of the corrupt media- no mas!

You get the picture. Suffice to say that due
to awakening, my view of the world, perspective on life, and the way I live my life have changed.

Fear-based choices and actions are gradually subsiding as love based choices and actions replace them. This is an on-going process; one that will continue until love and oneness become the dominant way of life. Each human on Earth is being asked to choose whether they wish to move into this new love-dominated paradigm. The summation of these many choices is creating a new way of being, a new humanity.

So pay attention to your inner voice. It is calling you out of your slumber.
: )

Support materials:

- The Gullible Mind Explained. Read this

- In the shoes of the Awakened... What it's like to be an odd ball flake who believes all this crazy nonsense. Read this

- David Icke defines awakening. Click here 

- Letting go of old attitudes and beliefs.
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- Adamu offers four essential practices to help your Ascension process. Read this

NOTE: For info on an ancient meditation technique,
Enjoy this peaceful and blissful 9 minute meditation. Click here

Never underestimate the power of prayer and meditation. They do make a real difference, and will help improve the world. Both are equally as important and the more of us that incorporate them into our lives daily, the greater and sooner our world will evolve. 

Edgar Cayce stated:  Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God. 

Most people are familiar with prayer but some do not realize the importance of meditation. In almost every source of information including the Bible, meditation is  emphasized.

Cayce recommended to pray for one's self before praying for others. Self-prayer is helpful in raising the spiritual vibrations of the body, which adds power when praying for others.

MOI suggests praying prior to meditation and to always pray for understanding.

Also, even though it may seem hard to do, pray for the misguided souls (since we are all one consciousness). That's right. We have a tendency to pray for the decent people whom we love, That's perfectly fine.

However, in order to change the world for the better, it is equally as vital to pray for those with whom we disagree and/or for the dysfunctional souls who perpetrate evil on mankind.

From the book: Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven... "So pray for your own  or another's highest good and don't  direct intense emotion towards a specific outcome of YOUR choosing."

Meditation- an overview.

There are many aspects of meditation. The main purpose is to look inward. Meditation can be used to:
- Calm the mind.
- Visualize to help improve a situation.
- Reflect upon one's self in order to make improvements to one's thought process or behavior.
- Focus on a specific topic in your life for which you need to make a decision or are looking for answers. 

A basic concept is that meditation is designed to calm the busy chatter of the mind. This "stillness" allows thoughts from your higher self or God-self to flow to you more easily. This connection provides guidance.

Meditation may also lead to "cleansing" your soul as you look inward and evaluate and critique your life. You may even cry and not know exactly why. If so, let it flow. It feels good.

Most sources strongly recommend meditating at least once a day, every day, for at least 20 minutes. That's pretty easy to do if you commit to it.

Meditating is easy. While there are many advanced techniques that you can study, you can start today without worrying about "how to do it correctly". Customize your own approach or research proven techniques. Making a consistent, daily effort is what counts.

Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit. Many people sit with legs crossed but it is optional. "Mood" or meditation music is also optional.

Before meditating, mentally ask for the white light of protection to surround you. Then ask for a safe and productive meditation and set your intent on the highest possible ideals.

Relax and close your eyes. Breath in and out through your nose. Think positive thoughts of love, peace, appreciation for God and Mother Earth etc. Then simply try to clear your mind of all thoughts.

Your mind will wonder to daily tasks or other trivial thoughts. It's inevitable but that's okay. When you realize your mind is wondering, refocus to clear your mind. A simple technique to use is to focus on your breathing when you catch your mind wondering. Politely ask your thoughts to leave.

While one purpose is to quiet the mind, another is to allow ideas to flow to you. These ideas may involve how to deal with a current or long time situation in your life. With practice, you will be able to differentiate when to refocus and when to accept the thoughts coming to you and explore them.

Immediately after meditating, some people like to write down thoughts that came to them during meditation. This helps them to remember and implement the ideas into their daily life.

Have no expectations, for each meditation session is unique.

Meditation... try it, you'll like it! It will probably change your perspective about life, improve your life, and help our world change for the better.

From Archangel Michael:
Meditation helps to discipline the lower mind and the ego so that you can attune consciously to the musings of your higher mind. It takes patience and discipline to stop the mind chatter that is the norm for those closed off from their higher consciousness. We encourage you to practice active and passive meditation. A decree or affirmation is a prayer with power. It should be a concise, positive affirmation expressed with confidence, and the assurance that it will be manifested in the proper form at the appropriate time. If the affirmation is sent forth with loving intent for the greatest good, you are aligning your will with that of your Higher Self; and universal law will assure that your cocreator thoughts and aspirations will be combined with those by others of like mind. Thus, they will be increased in strength and power. Silent meditation is listening for an answer from your Higher Self, your guardian angel or the Holy Spirit.