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Page 4 Directory: Real World
 Column 4a- Hell on Earth: satanism and pedophillia. Exposes the root cause of all evil we experience. Fundamental facts and recent related stories/ information is included. IMPERATIVE to understand!
Column 4b- Focus on Chump. Keeping a very close eye on "The Donald".
Column 4c- Transhumanism Agenda chronicles the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

The most important thing for you to remember during this time of transformation is to discover who you really are: A soul having a physical experience. Worry not about death; you have experienced it before. Treasure your time in the material with its myriad experiences for soul growth. Discover how to live in the present moment without attachments to the past or worries about the future. In quiet moments listen to the quiet voice of your soul as it guides you through whatever challenges are in the days ahead.


" Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality."
- Michael Ellner  (Folks, it's called "inversion".)


Pedophillia is closely connected to satanism/luciferianism/dark occultism.

SRA= satanic Ritual Abuse

- Annual satanic calendar
(list of date/type/usage).
Click here

- There is a GLOBAL PEDOPHILE NETWORK, (which is linked to satanism). Countless children are raped, tortured, and murdered! Icke: Hundreds of thousands of children go missing annually. Watch this

- The driving force or evil influence affecting life on Earth is likely an Artificial Intelligence virus referred to as the Demiurge or Archons.
David Icke explains. Click here

Learn the 4 main tenents of satanism.
Click here
Read them

- Mustering the Emotional and Spiritual Maturity to Face the satanic Cult. Read this

- Superb explanation of how the luciferian network works throughout society. Click here

- Jay Parker (who uses alias "Neo" in this interview) born into a satanic, Illuminati family details the WORSE THAN HELL physical, sexual, and emotional torture plus mind control he endured as an infant and young child. Great insight into the Illuminati! Click here and scroll down to Show #17.

Jay on the Richie Allen Show. MUST LISTEN! Learn who, what, where, why, and how!
Click here

- Australian Fiona Barrett: satanic Pedophillia Network exposed! Watch this
Naming names (just a few of many): Richard Nixon, Elton John, Ted Turner, Billy Graham.
Read this

- Listen to a special presentation by MOI on
The Secret Teachings radio show. Fast forward to the 2:06:00 Click here

- satanic Hollywood: The Ritual Sacrifice.
Watch this

- Homestead Christ Church child witness gives her testimony. Watch this
Details of the scandal. Read this
4-12-16 Update: As usual, the system protects itself/the cult.
Read this

- 60 Minutes from 1989 on satanic pedophillia. Remember, satanists are found in every walk of life including POLICE! Watch this

- Mark Passio explains satanic symbolism and how it is used to control police and military personnel. Watch this

- Documentary: Real satanism- Exposing the Occult of satan. Pay close attention to the comments of Ken McBride! Click here

- Classic documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" outlines "The Franklin Cover-up", a D.C. pedophile politicians network. Click here

GLOBAL IN SCOPE: Pedophile ring, child trafficking, and satanic ritual murder!!

Support courageous Corey Feldman bring down the Hollywood Pedos.
Donate here

12-7- Rat on the run. ANOTHER catholic pedo
perverted priest/rapist found guilty. Read this

11-16 How your offerings are spent. Vatican doles out $4 BILLION to silence abused victims.
Read this

11-16 Normalizing pedophillia.: France considering age of consent to be 13. Read this

11-8 Get real! ILLuminoti insider Jay Parker paints a REAL WORLD PICTURE on the Richie Allen Show. Click here

11-8 Pedo Watch: Corey Feldman files official police report to the LAPD. Click here

11-1 Perverts Kevin Spacey and Clinton flew the Lolita Express together. Proof. Read this

10-30 Donate! Corey Feldman appears on Good Morning America. Watch this

10-31 Some eras never change. Silent screen STAR: Charlie Chaplin was a pedophile.
Read this

10-31 CIA Agent: CIA procures children for elite pedophiles. Watch this

10-20 Supposed stings lead to arrests of child traffickers. Where's the proof of arrests?
Read this

10-17 Watch the documentary: An Open Secret which addresses pedophillia in Hollywood.
Click here

10-17 Hollywood Exposed- what goes on behind the scenes with adults. Watch this

10-15 Piecing together the Vegas shooting. Insider Cheryl Hersha explains. Click here

10-13 Icke: Tinseltown cesspit. How the manipulative disgusting Hollywood (satanic pedophile cult) controls global human perception. Click here

9-28 Slap on the Weiner. Anthony gets 21 months in jail. Whoopty doo! Read this

9-22 In your face satanic "'fashion show" held at St. Andrews CATHOLIC church. Click here

9-14 WIDESPREAD. 10 Mayors busted for pedophillia- cops and others provide the cover-up/protection. Read this

8-3 The story of child trafficker Poop Francis.
 Click here

7-12 Deathbed confession by Boulder CO judge provides more proof of the GLOBAL SATANIC NETWORK. Click here

7-6-17 Ex Navy SEAL talks openly and in detail about the pedophile ring. Rescue the children! This organization seems legit. Watch this

5-26 Netflix series exposes government child sex ring in Baltimore. Click here

5-26 Ariana Grande- Just another ILLuminati sex kitten/slave. Click here

5-23 Hollywood insider confirms global pedophile ring controls Hollywood. Read this

5-17 ITCCS Update about outcome of April 30 take down of Ninth Circle rituals. Read this
Related: Pope (Poop) absolves over 2,000 rapist/murderous priests. Read this

5-3 ITCCS shuts down several Ninth Circle satanic cult sacrificial rituals. Read this

4-24 Great testimony about the evil Bansters and that a global luciferian//child abuse networkis all very real! Click here

4-21 Richie Allen interview on global satanic  child sex ring. Click here

4-14 UN "peacekeepers" caught running massive child sex ring. Read this

4-13 Montana Catholic diocese found guilty of over 400 child sex abuse cases. Read this

4-12 Proof of a satanic god. Read this  Read this

3-12 Disgusting cover-up continues. Mother of Homestead case speaks out with update.
Click here

3-4 Know this. ALL police and sheriff depts. cover-up (and participate in) pedophilia.
Click here

3-4 Will anything come of this? UK to investigate massive pedophilia ring. Read this

2-28 Pope let's pedophile priests off the hook (as usual). Read this

2-25 Trump claims his administration will combat human trafficking, no mention of pedophillia, global satanic network. Click here

1-30 Courageous and articulate testimony of her SRA experiences from Teal Swan. Click here

1-21-17 Brave Anneke Lucas (53) tells of her 5 1/2 years of torture and rape from age 6-11,
at the hands of the global pedo ring. Click here

12-25-16 Jeff Rense interviews NYC detective who has been investigating the global satanic pedo ring since the 1960's. It's EVERYWHERE!
Click here

12-19 Icke: HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of children go missing every year in the US alone. satanic ritual always linked to pedophillia.
Watch this

12-9 Uglier and more massive than anyone wants to admit or acknowledge: CHILD TRAFFICKING by the numbers. Click here

11-27-16 UK pedophile ring exposed on Australia "60 Minutes". Click here

11-26 Child Protection Services involved with child trafficing. Click here

11-26 Clinton/Podesta global child trafficing and pedophile ring: Overview of PizzaGate.
Click here

11-24 Pedo Watch: Norway: Police crack down on pedophile ring. Read this

8-13-16 Pedo Watch: Catholic church as paid $4 Billion in child molestation law suit settlements. Read this

8-10 Pedo Watch: Girls groomed in Rotherham. Read this

7-31 Pedo Watch: Vatican Finance Chief accused of child sex abuse. Read this
- Scotland: 77 suspects charged for 30 million on-line child abuse images. Click here

6-20 Gates of Hell now open? Breakdown of recent CERN Switzerland tunnel satanic ritual. Watch this

6-4 Totally bizarre Swiss tunnel opening ceremony (ritual). Look closely at the zombie like participants! Click here

6-3 Pedo Watch: NEWS FLASH! Husband of Prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton assassinated. Read this
- Pedophile network- more revealed. Scum Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump?, Prince Andrew. PUTRID- the so called Justice system- beyond corrupt. Read this
- Catholic Church block child sex abuse law reform. Read this
- Learn the signs to watch for of a sexual predator!! Cover-up of 2.5 million sexually abused children in UK... 1 of every 5 children! Click this
- UN soldiers committing widespread child rape. Read this
- Exposed! 6 part series of satanic cult pedophile network! Read this

5-11-16 Are you getting the picture yet? The GLOBAL pedophile network is across the board. CHILDREN are being raped, tortured and murdered. Does anyone CARE?

- Feds find massive amount of child porn on National Security computers.
Read this
- Netherlands another hotbed for pedophilia and child murder. Read this

6-6 Ped Watch: Homestead Scorpio Cult. Children bred and kept in cages to be sacrificed in ceremonies. Read this

5-1 Last day of Beltran Festival! BIG wildfire starts in Alberta! Read this

4-22 Another perfect example of how the satanic cult protects itself via members in key positions.
Read this

4-19-16 Beltane satanic festival is April 19-May 1. Expect a major "fire and human sacrifice event(s) during this time frame. Read this 

Related: 4-21 EXPLOSION in Mexico kills 13.
Read this

2-26-16 No surprise. Reputable victim ousts judge Scalia as a satanic ritual pedophile. Is there any doubt? Read this

      FOCUS ON CHUMP (4b)
           Don't be played like a fiddle.

        TRUMP- Zionist and Israel's boy.
                     Read this (9-28-17)

MOI is apolitical. It is becoming more clear that Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
8-19-16 Beware! Trump is NO DIFFERENT!
Click here

- Objective post election analysis on Trump by David Icke. Click here   

Why are so many people ignoring his character flaws and giving him a pass without scrutiny? His corporations have filed bankrupcy 4 times! Therefore his personal wealth is untouched and that means he's screwed lots of people out of lots of money. Casino owner- a reputable business?

Objective observation indicates that he
IS an insider and NOT anti-establishment. It's just a put-on.

Of course, we can hope for the best and time will tell. Just don't hold your breath.

Let's take a look at his character and his track record. BE OBJECTIVE.

12-22 Basically, the WHOLE WORLD votes against Chump on Israel/Jerusalem issue. Read this
- And he don't give a damn, makes threats.
Read this     More.... Read this

12-22 Billionaires Club loophole in tax reform bill. Read this

12-16 Chump breaks law, signs $700 BILLION military spending bill. Click here

12-13 Chump approves unlimited dumping of fracking waste into the Gulf of Mexico. Read this
- The fracking industry's secret playbook.
Read this

12-7 Capt. Chaos (Chump) increased tension in Middle East. Read this

11-21 Hearsay: Has Trump joined Putin and Xi to take down the Zionist cabal? Watch this

10-10 About face! "Expert" and Chump supporter now admits he had it ALL WRONG (better late than never), calls Chump a traitor. Click here

9-19. Delusional. If you think Chump is different,
watch this. Icke explains the Project For the New American Century and why Chump is just following the long term plan. Click here

9-5 In depth objective analysis about tensions in North Korea leading to a war with China.
Watch this
- Chump approves multi-billion dollar weapons deal with S. Korea. Read this

8-3 Good buddies and traffickers... Eppy and Chump. Read this

5-23 Chump negotiates $350 BILLION weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Read this

5-3 Sick bastards! Chump Commerce Secretary: "Tomahawk missile strike was "after dinner entertainment." Read this

4-27 Chump campaign chairman arrested for child sex trafficking. Read this

4-21 Excellent article. Chumpenstein removes his mask. Read this

4-14 Luke from We Are Change outlines Trump's actions to date... lie after lie. Click here

4-12 Wealthiest White House ever! Chump's top 27 officials worth $1.8 billion. Read this

3-24 Chump's government: military men, weapons contractors, billionaires, and Goldman Sachs. Read this

3-22 Who is Chump's son in law, Jared Kushner? Watch and learn. Click here

3-18 Atta boy Donny! $1 trillion sham. Handing over public assets to private corporations.
Read this

3-15 Watch out for PENCE! Read this
- Consumer protection? Who needs it? Read this

3-12 Drone strikes increase already since Chump took office. Click here
3-15 Chump gave CIA power to authorize drone strikes. Read this

3-8 Deception. Chump takes credit for new jobs created four years ago! Read this

3-4 Proof: Flip flopping liar and Zionist Chump controlled by Israel. Watch this

3-3 War barely averted. Jerk "Mad Dog" Mattis has hard-on for Iran. Read this

2-28 "Mr. Peace" Chump proposes $54 Billion military budget increase. Read this

2-25 Chump change. Chump backs war mongering US military. Read this   Read this

2-24 Insightful! Icke talks about Trump and explains fake news. FF to 25:00 mark.
Click here

2-21 MOI: Fair and balanced. The possible upside of Trump. Comments by Robert David Steele. Click here

2-15 The audacity! Chump expects (tells) Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine. Click here

2-15 Behind the scenes: Israel's man in the White House, Chumps son in law.
Read this

2-11 Dot connector Icke and spells it out for you about Bush, Obama and now Chump.
Click here

2-10 Chump and his liar buddies setting the table to "justify" an attack on Iran. Read this

2-10 It was easy to spot during the campaign and the cheerleading continues. Former Infowars editor: Alex Jones is a seelout for Chump.
Read this

2-5 Why you should be leery of Chump AG appointee Jeff Sessions. Click here

2-3 Icke: Executive Orders are tyranny, abuse of power. Chump's pen is his sword. Click here

2-3 The public is hoodwinked. Max Egan's take on Chump's true agenda. Click here

1-27 Asshole Chump brands HERO Bradley Manning as a "traitor". Read this

1-27 Chump: Israel's man. Read this
And this: Palestine screwed again. Read this

1-27 Chump the humanitarian favors torture. Read this
- Man of Peace Chump aka Warmonger. $1.8 BILLION weapons deal approved. Read this

1-27 The WALL. Mexican President cancels meeting with Chump. Will Chump's construction cronies will be building the $14 BILLION WALL? Read this

1-27 GOLD! Chump's boy COHEN gets $100 payday from Goldman Sachs. Read this

1-24 Water contamination be damned! Trump backs Keystone Pipeline. Read this
Abandon unsustainable fuel sources? Honor Native American Indian land? Nah! Read this

1-24 A good thing? Trump signs order to withdraw US from TTP. Click here

1-8 Double talk back tracker. US Taxpayers, not Mexico, will pay for the $14 billion wall.
Read this

12-11Just what the criminal cops need: more toys/weapons to use on the public. Read this
Related: Cops are dangerous criminals as you will witness in this video. Cold blooded murder in the name of keeping us "safe". Click here

11-26-16 Double talk Donald. Watch this  
Chump praises Clintons  Watch this

11-25 True colors. When Chump doesn't get his way. Does he keep his promises? Read this

11-25 What he really thinks. 8 broken campaign promises in 9 days. Click here

11-25 Association with convicted pedophile "terrific guy" Jeffery Epstein. Click here
- Why is Chump in Epstein's little black book?
Read this

11-11 Hearsay or truth? Is Chump an honorable man? You be the judge. Click here

9-11 Icke and Luke: Trump not the answer, controlled by Israel.
Click here    Click here

Questionable Appointees

Filling the swamp with the same old scum!

* The billionaire President with the billionaire cabinet. Read this

3-24-17 Labor Secretary nominee let pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein off on reduced sentence. Read this

3-18 Lining things up. Deputy Sec of Defense is a defense contractor Boeing man! Read this

1-19-17 Commerce Sec, Wilbur Ross is another questionable choice. Here's why. Read this

12-17 Chump taps Zionist Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel. Read this

12-14 Same old retreads. Perry bad news. PRick Perry as Energy Secretary. Read this

12-14 MORE SACHS! Goldman Sachs man to head National Economic Council. Read this

12-10 See the trend? Chump appoints another Goldman Sachs banker to cabinet. Read this

12-8 Military cabinet, Chump adds former General to head Homeland Security. Read this
Related: Choice of Generals extremely unusual.
Read this

12-8 OK AG named head of EPA. What the hell does this guy know about the environment? Read this

12-2 Who needs a "Mad Dog" in charge of defense (aggression)? Chump does. Read this

12-1 Got a million bucks? Have dinner with Donnie. Pay to play! Read this

12-1 Rothschild boy and Wall Street insider to be Secretary of Commerce. Read this

12-1 Career Goldman Sachs man Chump's pick for Treasury Secretary. Read this
- More on this scumbag. Read this   Read this

11-30 Bush/Chump connection. Dept. of Transportation appointee is a long-time Bush flunkie. Read this

11-26 Internet now on death row. Read this

11-26 Chump appoints CFR member as Deputy National Security Adviser. Read this

11-25 Secretary of Education Click here

Research the DeVos family on your own- scum.

11-11-16 Setting up duped Americans. Chump the Set-up Man. Check out this who's who of lobbyists in his transition team. Click here

Our cartoonist's take on the subject of mobile phones in the household

Transhumanism: the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Artificial Intelligence: is non-human intelligence. the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages and of science and technology.

This section deals with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and the transhumanism agenda. Make NO MISTAKE about it, it's all VERY REAL!


1-13-18 Icke: Changing our DNA, is WI-FI safe?, and the transhumanism agenda. Watch this

1-13-18 SOIL THIS! DUMB underwear. Read this

12-22 No surprise. Virtual reality devices cause harmful side effects. Read this

12-13 Robot A.I. messiah will succeed. Read this

11-28 For your safety of course! AI app tracks your every move. Read this

11-16 Mentally unstable man designed mentally unstable A.I. Read this

11-14 FAKEbook co-founder comes clean, condemns social media. Read this

10-31 Total insanity! Humanoid robot granted citizenship. Read this
- Most people have no idea what's coming... well, what's already here. Watch this
- Keep your F'ING dumbphone away from you infants! New study shows why. Read this

10-20 Oh really? Digital brains are error prone.
Nothing to worry about I guess. Read this

9-4 Get RID of your DUMBphone, feel better and smarter! Read this

9-4 Hi Chip! Corps and gov'ts engineering a world where EVERYONE will be MICROCHIPPED.
Read this

8-23-17 Britain refuses to support ban on killer robots. Read this

8-23 Biometeric face recognition. Who cares!!? You better. Read this

4-13 A mind of its own. Scientists warn that they have already lost control of AI and they don't even understand what they have created.
Read this

4-21 AI creates horrific evil nightmares using children's stories. Read this

4-5 Next billion dollar industry: upgrading humans. Click here

3-31 Pond scum Elon Musk looks to merge human brain with A I. Read this

3-15 CREEPY AND SICKENING! AI has reached the point of no return. Watch this

3-9 Get ready for robots with human flesh.
Read this 1973 movie Westworld. Watch this

2-18 Dehumanization. Tech obsessed modern life: 50% of families now text each other while in the same house. Read this

1-2-17 Machine consciousness debunked by the Health Ranger Mike Adams. Click here

12-25-16 Computers already rule the Earth!
Watch this

12-13 Chips anyone? HR4919 bill allows government to microchip citizens. Click here

11-28 Are vaccines tied into AI, social engineering, and transhumanism? Click here
Dr. Graham Downing explains. Watch this

11-28 A 1-2 punch. AI and biotech. Click here

11-27 Invasion: Google is beh
ind pushing virtual reality headsets in schools. Read this

10-19-16 New Nanobot bio-weapon discovered.
Click here

8-27 AI and media sells people on the wonderful conveniences of being microchiped. Click here

8-16 Welcome my friends, welcome to The Machine! When machines make our decisions. Read this

8-16 Dust sized wireless sensors implanted into the human body. Click here
- The BORG is REAL! Space photos show CUBE. Click here

8-9 Superb info about A.I., energy vampirism, and LOOSH. Read this

6-24 "Crime fighting" robots have instincts for self defense. Read this  
- EU to define robots as "electronic persons".  Read this

6-18 Self-learning robot escape and goes missing for 45 minutes. Read this

6-18 One out of five teenage boys claim video games are their top adventure. Read this

6-6 Relax! Google is working on "kill switch" to prevent robot uprising. Read this 
- What could possibly go wrong? Watch the movie West World from 1973. Watch this

6-3 Dangerous A.I. on Facebook. Read this
- World wide web is a covert government-corporate network. Read this

6-3-16 Robots can now mate and reproduce!
Read this

5-18 Dept. of Defense is building army of A.I. "self aware" killer robots. Read this

5-12 The Synthetic (A. I.) Age. Superb article!
Read this

5-8 KFC introduces its first restaurant run entirely by robots. Read this

5-5 More A.I. addiction aids transhuman agenda. Click here   EXPERIENCE LIFE not artificial reality!

4-28 The transhumanism agenda marches forward. Whether this is a true survey or not, the seed is being planted. Survey: 25% of young adults in UK would date a robot. Read this

4-23-16 FEAR factor caused by A.I.
David Icke discusses. Click here
Corey Goode's intel. Click here
George Kavassilas addresses fear. Read this