Exploring many possibilities. Stimulating deeper thought. Raising our mindset and level of morality.

Be aware, be objective, investigate all possibilities with an open mind, study life's mysteries, break free, improve our world.

Page 5 Directory:
Column 5a- Who's Who: A listing of reliable sources of information and some of their works.
Column 5b- Recommended Videos: Listed by category, scroll down to find your favorite!
Column 5c (below 5b)- Recommended Reading: Listed by FEATURED articles, other articles, and then books. Scroll down to find your favorite!
Montague Keen reminds us, NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. Read this



2-5-19 Long overdue additions:

* Somewhat questionable but...
William Cooper: Click here
- 1992 interview. Click here

* Edward Snowden... NSA whistle blower.

* John Perkins... Author: Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  Website
- Overview of how and why countries are overthrown by those seeking a global empire. Watch this
- Related: Textbook example! Recap of the attempted US take over of Venezuela.

* William Tompkins
Bio: Click here  Died in 2017 at age of 91.

Here is a compilation from the SSP (Secret Space Program) whistle blower.
- EVERYTHING we've been taught are LIES.
Click here  
- Reptilians are spraying us. Click here  
- Reptilians on the moon. Click here   
- On space crafts/ships. Click here
- Who's monitoring us? Click here
- Selected by extra terrestrials. Click here

David Icke (pronounced: Ike)

" Infinite Love is the only truth –
else is illusion." David Icke

Icke is English. A former pro soccer goalie, he joined  BBC TV as a journalist and presenter after retiring from soccer due to injury.

He has done extensive investigation on the Illuminati and global elitists for 20 years and authored numerous books, videos, and  many interviews.

He is probably considered the main person who has exposed the puppet masters or controllers (those who are truly calling the shots on a global scale) and their hidden agenda.
Icke coined the phrase: Problem-Reaction-Solution:
fundamental to understanding the global controllers. Click here

Watch Icke short video clips:

9-11-19 His new book The Trigger, debunks 911 and names who was behind it. Watch this


5-17-19 Excellent interview on London Real. Watch this

2-20-19 Proof he speaks the truth. Icke banned from entering Australia. Read this

12-24 Earth-Saturn connection.... more confirmation. Click here

11-17 We're being (and have been for many years) INVADED. Watch this

6-29 Brilliant! Take a tour of London and learn how the world is really run. Watch this

6-28 How to deal with people who have closed minds. Click here

6-13 The POWER of DAVID ICKE and TRUTH: Absolute proof of coordinated effort by police to censor and stop Icke and others from disseminating truth. Click here

2-10-18 URGENT WARNING! Gender bending chemicals, plummeting sperm counts and testosterone levels. Click here

1-19-18 THE BEST EVER interview with David Icke. Watch it in it's entirety! Click here

11-4-17 The psychopaths who corrupt this world have NO EMPATHY. NONE. Watch this

8-14-17 Monster Inc. Google/youtube, Fakebook, and Amazon are in control. Watch this

12-11-16 What is "real"? Watch this

11-9-16 - David Icke with insight on the election outcome. Click here

8-27-16 Who is David Icke at the soul level? Unique info about Icke's astrology chart and other readings at the end of this interview.
He's a good wise soul for sure! Click here

4-17-16 Icke talks about "Phantom Self" and the demiurge/archon virus. Click here

4-2-16 THE ANSWER!!! Icke has it (41:00 mark)! Trans humanism and the Artificial Intelligence VIRUS!
Click here

- Tell Lie Vision. Watch this

- A # 1! David Icke: The Expansion of Consciousness.
Click here

- Absolutely excellent! Topics include the
universe, reality, who we are, and why we're here. Watch this

- Vital, fundamental information to understand. Make it a point to listen.

- Mandatory! The origin of creation, life, and DMT explained. Watch this

- David describes his awakening. Click here

* How it all started for David. Watch this

* Fundamental to understanding the actuality of this reality, realm, plane, this dysfunctional dimension. Watch this

* David explores conventional wisdom and defines the world as it truly is.
Click here

* Humanity is awakening. Watch this

* Presentation: The Sane Insanity. Watch this

* Evolution defined and keys to changing your life and this world for the better.
Click here

* Understanding the illusion of this physical world. A 10 minute video.
Click here

* For a concise 5 minute explanation of life.

Click here

* Religion vs. Spirituality and the herd mentality explained. Watch this

* The hassle-free zone. Watch this

* The SOLUTION to our Earthly woes- NONCOMPLIANCE! Break the stranglehold of those who run this world. Watch this

* Here's an important concept. Be self aware, change yourself, change the world. Watch this

* MUST WATCH! From 2010?, understanding how money and the banking system are used to control society. FF to 2:00 mark. Watch this

* Absolute truth! "If they can't get to you energetically, they can't get to you physically." Learn this. Believe this. Apply it to your life: NO FEAR! Watch this

* Why some people don't like hearing the truth. If you're in a hurry, FF to 10:35 mark. Watch this

* Satanic bloodlines. It's all quite real.
Watch this

* So who are "they"? Watch this

10-3-13 Fear manipulates humanity and reality. Astrology is a valid science. Watch this

MUST SEE! So much truth exposed, so many people awakened, yet so little positive change. How many times have you asked, "What's the point?" FINALLY, an answer to that question provided by no other than David Icke... da man! How the matrix works and why it WILL collapse. Watch this
Related: Learn about the 100th Monkey Theory. Watch this

5-2 Parasitic entities that feed off human emotional energy. Watch this

Related: Why the deliberate trashing of Earth? Read this

3-24-13 Hopi elder and Icke. Road to freedom.

Watch this

Icke and Igan: The POWER of the HEART.
Watch this

2-13 Icke on Alex Jones. Watch this  
The Archons. Watch this

2-16-13 The importance of symbols. Read this

11-18 The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity.

Intriguing info from Peggy Kane near end of Part 2 thru Part 7. Watch this   

11-8 Saturn and the moon. Watch this

11-1 " I don't know what's coming next. That's what's quite exciting."
This post Wembley event interview is filled with more keen insights. FF to the 21:00 mark and listen to the remainder of the interview. Watch this

9-27-12 Icke on Alex Jones Show Click here

9-11 D
emonic possession, the BBC, and the truth about Syria. Watch this

9-5 Fundamental knowledge on reptilians, Obama, and the NWO.
Watch this

6-20 He's done it again! David Icke is still THE MAN. Find time to watch this interview. Note that his info about the Archons dovetails with Cobra. Watch this

6-1-12 Icke sums it up nicely. Watch this

12-26 Why hasn't David Icke been murdered? Staying fearless is one key. Watch this

10-23 Essential information for the Occupy
Watch this

8-6 The USE of knowledge is power and the importance of non compliance. A collection of sound bites. Click here

7-10-11 On food, cancer, and vaccines.
Watch this

5-14 Brace yourself! The moon is NOT a planet.
Click here

4-27 They live! The moon matrix helps controls us. This is fact whether you choose to believe it or not. Why many people don't want to face the truth. 
Watch this

4-23-11 David explains covert control... dictatorship you cannot see, "the prison without the bars". He also explains what is actually transpiring in North Africa and the Middle East.
Watch this

4-4-11 Interview on Meria Heller Show. Another beauty!
Click here

2-26 Brilliant interview! What to be aware of regarding the Middle East revolutions.
MUST LISTEN for 5 minutes at 20:00 mark!
ruth vibrations are defeating the world controllers who use chaos to cause
FEAR. It ain't working anymore!
Click here 

2-17 No Ordinary Family TV show weaves
shape shifting into storyline. Learn about
this real life phenomenon.
Watch this 

2-4-11 Caller brings up vital points with David Icke on Alex Jones Show. Fast forward to 4:15 mark.
Click here

10-18-10 The PEOPLE have the POWER.

Click here

9-2-10 Listen to your heart!
Click here

8-30 Icke explains "Combing the Mirror".
The only thing you need to know:
Click here

8-8 Interview with Hilliary Raimo.
Click here

7-23 The truth vibrations.
Click here

7-9-10 Point blank- humanity's last chance. Icke on the Alex Jones show.
Listen here

6-29-10 Interview- excellent!
Click here

An insightful, visionary video from 1996. Learn about the hassle free zone and how we police one another. 
Click here

CLASSIC! Big Brother the Big Picture from July, 2008. Click here
- Interview with Alex Jones 10-5-10
Interview- 5-19-10
- Interview- 11-29-09
Interview- 09-09

* Mark Passio

A reformed Priest of the Church of Satan offers firsthand insights of dark ocuultism.

His body of work is a culmination of many years of extensive research and investigation into the nature of our shared reality.
Through his presentations, videos and podcasts, he takes his guests on a journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems which we currently face as a species.

* Occultism & Psychopathy. Click here

* Paramount to understand: Natural Law- the eight principles. Watch this

- ESSENTIAL!! TO BECOME TRULY AWAKENED AND FULLY CONSCIOUS, WATCH THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY! Mark presents: Streetwise Spirituality. An absolute must view for every human on this planet. Click here

To all- Understand Satanic symbolism!
ATTN: All military and police personnel! Former Church of Satan Priest explains how you are OWNED and MOCKED by dark occultists.
Watch this

- DON'T EAT MEAT! Learn meat industry fallacies and why it is IMMORAL! Click here
Click here and go to show #122 for the slide presentation.
Related: PROOF of the number of animals slaughtered each year. Click here

- Perception vs. Truth. Watch this

- Discernment and Judgement. Watch this

2-23-18 THE HYPERCUBE. What is it and what is its significance? Click here   
View an animated hypercube. Click here

8-23-12 150 BILLION
reasons why eating meat is NOT a good idea. What is CARNISM? Eating meat is NOT normal, natural, or necessary. Listen to Show #121. 
Click here

9-9-15 Brilliant Mark Passio: satanists and
dark luciferians want to avoid consequences.
Click here

1-25-15 Mark Passio discusses mind control and dark occultism on Infowars News.
Watch this

4-12-14 Freeman interviews Mark Passio about Satanism. Absolutely vital to understanding how Satanists and Luciferians affect this world. Click here

8-22 Man born into a Satanic family
recalls the physical and emotional torture he endured as an infant and young child. 
Click here and scroll down to Show #17. 

8-20 Brilliant explanation of psychopathic behavior, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and WHY Satanists behave as they do. FF to 28:30 mark.
Download the podcast here.

* Jordan Maxwell

- Excellent! A deep explanation of the elites' Gods and where they draw their power from. Click here

5-22-14 ALERT! Jordan is now 74 years old and has been taken advantage of, and robbed of his identity, website, and rights to his life's work by an unscrupulous webmaster of his (former) site.

DO NOT visit or support ANYTHING associated with To donate to Jordan's legal fund, visit

Your prayers for Jordan are appreciated.

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent Scholar and Lecturer in the fields of Secret Societies, Occult Philosophies and UFO-ology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.
Check out his work regarding astro-theology!

* Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer is the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project.

* Note: MOI trust level on Greer is high however, personal experience with Greer observed a very condescending attitude which is a concern.

1-12-18 Carol Rosin and Dr. Greer layout the history of what has been transpiring over the last 70 years. Click here

* Santos Bonacci

For over 30 years, Santos Bonacci has been researching the ancient works, compiling
and translating them into more accessible terms in his study of AstroTheology.

1-29 Santos Bonacci's Public Statement.
Watch this  

1-31-14 Santo
s Bonacci freed! Listen to details. Click here

12-5-12 Well done! 2012 Crossing Over. A New Beginning. Watch this

* Gregg Braden

For over 22 years, Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining his discoveries with the best science of today, his original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries. Watch:

- Feelings, energy, and consciousness

- The God Code

- The Divine Matrix. Watch this

- Quantum healing of tumor, power of thought and feeling. Watch this  

- Sacred knowledge of vibration. Watch this

- The Wisdom of A Spirituality- Based Science. Read this

- How to affect change in this reality.
Watch this

- About the heart.
Watch this

Deep Truth: Igniting the memory of our origin, history, destiny and fate. Watch this

1-26-12 Something BIG is about to happen.
Watch this

* Alex Jones

5-17-17 As stated below, be very suspicious of Jones. Jones may be a CIA operative. Read this

Jones is a tricky one to figure. What is his TRUE motivation? A crusader for exposing the truth, Jones is a major player. However, he is a fearmonger and negative. The information he provides via his documentaries and the excellent guests on his daily syndicated radio show are unmatched. Use discretion.

Click here:
David Icke On Alex Jones on 3-6-12. 

* Alex interviews the late, great Aaron Russo: Reflections and Warnings. Watch this

3-24-13 Smashing Pumpkins band member Billy Corgan offers insight during Alex Jones interview. Watch this

* Drunvalo Melchizedek
(pronounced: Droon' valo Mel keyz a dek)       

A spiritual leader, he has authored four books and founded the Flower of Life workshops conducted in over 45 countries. He has a close relationship with the Mayans, Hopi  Indians, and many indigenous tribes worldwide.

* 2012 prophecies from the heart.  Watch this

11-4 Update and clarification on the Mayan
and Crystal Skull pilgramage across the U.S.A.
Read this

10-30-11 Interview from 10-28. Three parts.
1- The Mayans and 2012. 
Watch this 
2- Reptilians and Inner Terrestrials.
Watch this
3- Nature of reality, judgement, our participation. Watch this 

1-27 What is about to happen has never happened before. Learn to be in your HEART NOW!
Watch this

12-4 New Drunvalo 30 minute audio interview. Topics: living from the heart, innerterrestrials, and more. Click here

Watch Drunvalo in:

- Something Beautiful
The Maya of Eternal Time

* " Little Grandmother "
              Kiesha Crowther


Initiated as shaman at age 30 Kiesha has been recognized by the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders as Wisdom Keeper of North America.

Introduction of basic info:
Click here

12-17 Latest message from Little Grandmother. Read this

9-17 Message from 9-9-11.
Watch this
On Karma: Watch this

8-8-11 A recent interview. Watch this

2-12 Message for 2011. 
Watch this

12-28 ETs are real, the power of crystals, and beloved animals. 
Watch this

11-20 Excellent life insights. This concisely summarizes everything.
Watch this

11-17 A reassuring November message.
Watch this short video.

* Eckhart Tolle

" An interesting and amusing little fellow!" Spiritual teacher and author of the #1 NY Times bestseller The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at Cambridge and the University of London. At age 29, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life.

At the core of his teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that sees the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our EGO- BASED state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.
A New Earth
What is meditation? Watch this

There are many other Tolle clips to choose from on

* Bob Dean

Gentleman Bob Dean is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, who viewed top secret documents in 1964 detailing ET activity on Earth.

 In 1990, he came forward and is considered a highly reputable source within UFOlogy circles.
Click here to watch this interview.

3-18-12 interview details what he experienced with ETs. Read this

3-8-12 Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean and Clifford Stone. Click here

5-9 A delightful interview from 2-11, Bob presents on-target truths about life. Make it a point to listen.
Click here

* Edgar Cayce
(Pronounced: Casey)

(1877-1945) Known as the "Sleeping Prophet", he would go into a "trance" while laying down. Cayce had no medical training but did over 12,000 readings which healed people with "incurable diseases". He never charged a fee.

Cayce's gave great insight on life and the hereafter. In addition, he made numerous accurate predictions.

There are many books written about Cayce
and his astonishing work.


Scan this column for different topics. Click on link to view video.

* Featured Videos at bottom of column.

Absolutely Important stuff! 

- Classic 1988 movie (documentary) They Live  precisely outlines today's world. Watch this

- Yo Tony! Mobster Tony Gambino knows. JFK, 911, the Vatican and more. Watch this

- Classic documentary describes the actuality of the world. FOUR HORSEMEN. Watch this

* Documentary: Earthings. Make this go viral! Watch this

Watch this

* A Classic. Review this often. Matrix of Illusion.
Reality is an illusion. Watch this

* Watch this over and over again until you understand it. Michael Monk with Lisa Harrison. Click here   Make it a point to visit:

* The documentary EVERY HUMAN should watch- THRIVE. Watch this
Interview with Foster Gamble: Click here

* Changing our world by changing our perception of it. Watch Trance-Formation. Click here

* Watch this interview with a highly evolved
soul- Inelia Benz.
Click here

* 2012- A Message of Hope. Watch this 

* DO be absurd!
Watch this

* "The TRUTH will out." Short clip from TV show The Blacklist gives concise truth about The Cabal. Watch this

- George Carlin on language manipulation. Watch this


* Elephant plays with a smart phone.
* HIGHER LOVE from a very wise nine year old. Nothing is more inspiring than this.
* Autistic basketball player. Watch this
* Birds conduct murmuration.
Watch this
* Crippled man walks. Click here
* Amazing dog Skidboot and trainer.
* A singing ventriloquist. Watch this
* Horse sense. Horse Power! Watch this
* Amazing gorillas, whose only ENEMY is MAN. Watch this
* The woman with 100 personalities. Read this

* Get to know homeless people. Click here
* Elephants, some of the most highly evolved beings on Earth and anchors of Light. 
Watch this
    Watch this     Watch this
* Each one of us can make a difference in this world. Watch this short, inspiring video... Johnny the Bagger. Click here
* HAPPY story of Winter the Dolphin.
* Watch a one winged eagle soar! Watch this
* Heart warming Korean singer. Watch this
* 6 year old boy has magnetic personality! Metal objects stick to his body! Click here
* 16 year old Dylan Elise performs an unreal drum solo.
 Watch this
* Cat and dolphins love on one another.
Watch this

* Carl Palmer's snare drum solo!
Watch this
* Amazing & hilarious 3 year old conducts Beethoven. Watch the ending! Click here
* AMAZING ANIMALS! Polar bears and sled dogs play lovingly. Watch this 
* One person can make a difference.
* Blind boy sees without eyes. Watch this
* Armless man plays piano.
Watch this!
* Life is about attitude- inspirational man with no arms or legs. The INCREDIBLE Nick Vujicic!
Click here

Videos about the hidden actualities of this world. Startling and eye opening! 

* The Story of your Enslavement. Watch this

* Understand the actuality of our world?
George Carlin understood. He explains it in just 3 minutes.
Watch this

* Classic documentary, Loose Change, exposed the 9/11 TRUTH. Click here

* America: Freedom to Fascism

ward winning documentary film maker Aaron Russo exposes the Federal Reserve & IRS. There is NO LAW that states Americans must pay income tax! Click here
ake 3 minutes to learn about America's biggest scam. Watch this 

Ex-IRS agent exposes how the scandalous IRS operates and that income tax is fraud. 
Click here 

MUST SEE. What every American should know about... the Act of 1871. When America became a CORPORATION. Watch this 

Zeitgeist II Addendum- Full Movie 
An easy to understand explanation of our corrupt monetary system and more.
How the monetary system is used to enslave us. Watch the first 20 minutes. Click here

- Zeitgeist I- Full Movie

The Obama Deception
Title is deceiving! This film does not focus solely on Obama.

- Secrets of the CIA  
Very enlightening and disturbing!

- Confessions of an Economic Hitman- John Perkins 
Learn how U.S. corporations and the CIA rape countries for their natural resources.

3-23-11 A message from John Perkins.

Read this

- Provocateurs, shills, and disinformation agents. Watch this

Bohemian Grove. Learn about our Luciferian so called "world leaders" and Bohemian Grove. Click here
View another short video. Watch this
* Bankers and Brain washers. Click here

Conspiracy of Silence. How the system of evil operates... cover-up, murder, intimidation by politicians, media, police, and courts.
Watch this

Mindbending! Bill Ryan recaps his highly controversial and intriquing recent interview with an insider who works for the highest level of the global elites.

The Story of Bottled Water-
an excellent
short video but remember most tap water
contains harmful fluoride.
Click here

Meet the CARLYLE GROUP- an influential and secretive worldwide firm of former high ranking politicians who manipulate industry, government, the military, and world events.
Watch this

Crop Circles. The meaning of crop circles defined. A message to mankind. Watch this

Psywar. A documentary on how society is manipulated by lies and staged events presented via the media and orchestrated by our government and military.
Watch this

Suppressing the Truth: How the Big Boys censor the news. Click here

a 2010 award winning documentary about the corrupt production of natural gas. Click here

Frickin' fracking. Learn more on the dangers of natural gas extraction first exposed in the documentary Gasland.
Watch this

9-23 Global Frackdown- Gas drilling protests held in U.S. and around the world. Read this

Learn about gruesome animal cruelty. After you cry and vomit, you'll never wear fur again! We MUST STOP this and respect all life! Click here. 

* Lab testing does NOT help humanity- it's a form of brutal animal cruelty.
Click here

* The Conveyor Belt. Watch this

* Education- The human herding process.
Watch this

* Terrorism- The truth about terrorism. A
7 minute video.
Watch this

* UFO Secret- Alien Contacts. Watch this

* Out of the Blue- Excellent UFO documentary. Watch this

* Analytical thought: Are all cops criminals?
Watch this

- Learn about STRAWMAN AND SOVEREIGN... avoid paying illegal government taxes.  Click here
Related: Your social security number enslaves you. Watch this

* Open your eyes to the depth of evil on our planet! Former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer exposes The Unlimited Power of Child Protection Services. Click here to view a 6 minute video.

* Schaefer MURDERED! March, 2010

Click here.

* More proof of CPS pedophilia ring!
Click here

* On the global pedophilia ring. 

MUST WATCH: Food Inc. 
A 2009 documentary about the food industry. Eye-opening! Full length video:!
Watch this 
View a short clip of the Producer:
Click here


There are 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, and 2,400 publishers which are ALL owned by THREE corporations.

* Icke: About Tell Lie Vision. Watch this

4-27 Busted AGAIN! CNN/NBC caught faking bogus "measles outbreak" photos. Click here

4-23-19 No escape. Advertising IN THE SKY.

3-25-19 Even music is corrupted! Read this

3-10-19 The media lies... legally. Get to know the Smith-Mundt Act of 2012. Watch this

9-20 They know people are stupid. MORE PROOF TV is FAKE. Weather Channel busted for fake hurricane coverage. Watch this

4-11 More clips of controlled content in local newscasts. Click here

2-23-18 Alan Watts and Wm. Cooper on the purpose of sports and entertainment.

1-31-18 Wikileaks exposes how CFR controls all the Lame Stream Media. Read this

4-27-17 You'll never believe anything on cable news after seeing this! Watch this

11-27-16 More proof that the main stream media (LAME stream media) is SCRIPTED. Watch this

10-15-15 Scripted. How the media is used to mind control us all. Watch this

8-30 More PROOF TV is controlled propaganda. Watch this

7-27 URGENT! STOP WATCHING TV! Learn how language,
the ALPHAbet, and TV are used for mind control to lull you into a false reality dictated by the Satanic Illuminati. Watch this

5-10-13 TEL LIE vison. Another blatant example of CNN caught red handed using psy ops. Folks, they ALL do it! Watch this

* Mind control- The hidden effects of television on the brain. Watch this

* Very interesting! Another example of how close observation indicates events and the news are manipulated.
Read this
Now listen to this newscast. Watch this

* Minimal truth. How mainstream media and "news reporting" really operate. Read this

* Massive censorship at CNN exposed.

Read this

* Time to take an objective look at TV.
Tel-LIE-vision: The Great Hypnotiser.

Watch this

MUST SEE! Documentary: Satanism within the music industry exposed. Watch this

* Mark Devlin: Music of the control system.
Watch this

How the media controls your mind.
By Alan Watt  Watch this

* TV= Mind Control. Watch this

Watch this


" One would go mad if one took the Bible seriously, but to take it seriously one must already be mad." Aleister Crowley

3-30-18 Pope (Poop) Francis: "There is no Hell." Oh really? After thousands of years of the BIG LIE, just like that, he comes clean.
How will the catholick church control its parishioners without GUILT and FEAR as its main tools?? Read this

- Like most everything else, Christmas is a BIG SCAM/HOAX. Icke explains. Watch this
- 36 historic figures with the same story as jesus. Classic documentary explains.
- The occult origins of Xmas... why everyone has been duped to celebrate satan. Read this


- Our pals at the Vatican... REPTILIANS at heart. Here's proof. Click here

- A collection of famous quotes to help you better understand the sinister Jesuits.

- Watch the first segment- about 35 minutes and come to the realization that Jesus is a fictional character.
- Zeitgeist I- Full Movie

- The God Who Wasn't There. A classic documentary exposes the Jesus fraud and religion for the control mechanism it is.
Click here

- George Carlin swears on the bible.

- The 8 Lost (withheld/concealed) Books. Gregg Braden Watch this

* Jordan Maxwell gives a deep explanation of the Gods the elites worship. Click here

* Religious wake-up call. Understand the word ALLEGORY.
Click here  

* Religion vs. Spirituality.
Watch this

Religion is Bullshit!
George Carlin- Hilarious but spot-on!
Jordan Maxwell chimes in.
Watch this

* Here's an important message to followers
of Christianity and Catholicism. Read this

* A Bishop who understands religion.

Watch this

* An eye-opening true story about religion, fearing God, and going to Hell. Watch this
Part 2

* Father Guido Sarducci on the afterlife.
Watch this

Religulous with Bill Maher. A humorous yet poignant documentary on religion. 

* Indoctrination. Religion brainwashing children.
Click here   Watch this

* About Jesus...
Click here

* Learn about astrotheology.
Watch this

* Priest molests deaf boys. Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God.
Watch this

5-7-19 The real lowdown on the Mormon  religious CULT. Mind control, satanic ritual murder and their cozy association with the  catholic church/ Listen here   Listen here

5-7-19 New York: 120 priests accused of child sex CRIMES. How unusual! Read this

2-13-19- Kids AND Nuns prey! Pope (Poop) admits ongoing problem with clergy sexually abusing nuns. Bishop violently rapes nun 13 times. Vatican attempts cover-up. Read this

4-20-13 Interesting insights from the Dalai Lama. Click here

2-13-13 What's behind the Pope resigning?
Click here

12-14-12 To those who believe the Bible: Pope admits Jesus' actual birth date unknown, nativity scene a myth. Read this

6-13 The Vatican is front page news again and again.
Read this   Read this too

5-30 Hatred, division, and judgement. The hypocricy and dysfunctionality of Christianity exposed in 2 minutes.
Watch this

5-27-12 Vatican scandal continues. Pope's
butler arrested. 
Read this

9-15-11 Still in the news: Pope accused of crimes against humanity.
Read this

8-16 Ireland keeps pressure on Vatican, demands $2 billion for Catholick Priest child abuse victims. Read this
Related information from Montague Keen:
Read this

6-2-11 Extensive research proves that
 the Bible has been
Read this

3-28-11 Pope indicted for crimes against humanity! Click here

Pope, Catholick Church in hot water.


Hopi Indian Elders Speak (prophecy)

1-21-12 The ten commandments of the native American Indians. Click here

10-29-11 Fourteen Shamans murdered in Peru.
Read this


* POWDER. A powerful movie: Watch this

* A whale of a story! We are one. We are here to help one another. Please copy and paste this link and spread this short video worldwide.

Watch this

* Scene from the movie The Matrix...
blue pill or the red pill?
Watch this

* Ancient Relics 101: The Crystal Skulls.
Watch this

* The beauty of pollination. Watch this

* Here's a perfect example of what it means to BE LOVE, to live from the heart. Watch this

* Brilliant Mike Tsarion: Make it a point to watch the first 25 minutes (Introduction). Watch this

 * The BIGGEST Game in Town... government CARE and the wealth shell game. Click here

* GET MAD AS HELL! Watch this

* Insider and Producer of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry knew the score. Watch this clip from season one. Click here

8-23 Must see! Secrets of Body Language.

Watch this

8-14-13 NEW! Get with the program! What life is about. Watch this

4-29 Slavery by consent- understanding the human farm. Watch this

4-13 So you think you're having a bad day?
Watch this

4-9 Lower your IQ and become part of the majority. Life will be much easier. Here's how:

Watch this

4-8 A short biography of Albert Einstein.

Watch this

3-31 19-year-old develops technology to rid world's oceans of plastic. Watch the video... this dude is AWESOME! Click here

3-12 Helpful insights from Frank Zappa. Frank comments on: Mankind- Watch this                 Schools- Watch this   Part 2
Churches & taxes- Watch this 
Space exploration- Watch this

3-11 Hey slaves! The economic reality in the US is not all what you think it is. Wealth inequality in America. Watch this

3-10 The TRUTH about HEMP, an extremely beneficial and versatile plant, different from marijuana, and a major threat to corporatocracy! Watch this

3-7 Death and reviewing one's life. Retribution and justice. What it may very well be like.
Watch this   Watch this

3-1 Learn about the Keshe Foundation- free energy technology that exists today.

3-5 Hey slaves! The economic reality in the US is not all what you think it is. Wealth inequality in America. Watch this

2-8 Will someone please explain the insanity of this reality? What the heck is the cosmic purpose of all this rigamarole?? Watch this
Real life is as strange as comedy. Watch this

1-30 A 1959 Mike Wallace interview with Rod Serling. Watch this    Biography- Click here

1-28 Truth in fiction. Twilight Zone: The Obsolete Man. Humanity vs. The State.

1-27 Amazing Mind Reader reveals his "gift".
Watch this

1-26 Today's feel good video. Watch this

1-25 Anyone else care to visit Willoughby? See you there!
Watch this   Ending

1-24 Brainwash Update: Chained by Illusion. Watch this

1-19 Why some people don't like hearing the truth. If you're in a hurry, FF to 10:35 mark.
Watch this

1-19 Touching and heart warming.
Watch this

1-18 Gun confiscation enforced at an early age. Click here

1-17 WATCH THIS! Documentary: Mind Science Kept Hidden. Watch this

1-16-13 What humanity needs to do to the bullies. Watch this
When policemen break the law, there is no law. Watch this

12-28-12  Profound truths in the TV series the Twilight Zone. Watch this episode from 1963. Real technology/quantum energy revealed.
Click here  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5
Martian? What Martian? Watch this

12-24 Life works in mysterious ways. Watch this UPLIFTING video.
Watch this

11-21 Alaje Part 1. Take this to the bank, it's money. Please pass this on. Watch this 
Alaje of the Pleiades in Bimini. Watch this

10-6 The FIX IS IN. How pro sports are rigged and a sham. Click here

8-18 Santos Bonacci: Karma and homosexuality.
Watch this

8-15 G. Edward Griffin explains politics, why voting is useless, and the Collectivist Conspiracy.
Watch this

8-10 Santos Bonacci: Lawful Awakening: Sin and Salvation.
Watch this

Factual history of the U.S.A. Read this

7-27 This says it all. In all you do, follow the example set in this cute one minute video. Watch this

MUST SEE video on magnetic fields.
Watch this

7-4 What the golden ratio sounds like.
Click here

5-11 Taking a look at attachments to your thoughts and belief system and how they affect your life. Watch this

5-2 The healing power of music!
Watch this

Vital! Understanding the difference between dimensions and densities. Watch this

3-30 This is what love is all about! Watch this heartwarming video. 
Click here

3-23 The Illuminated Chakras.
Watch this

3-21 Practical overview of how major arrests will affect our daily lives. FF to 1:45 mark.
Watch this

3-10 Horse sense. See if this video touches you on a deep level.
Watch this

3-10 Learn about the Flower of Life.

2-18 A short message from Jim Carrey.

Watch this

2-16 Here comes the judge! Napolitano talks about being regulated by the good ole US government.
Watch this
There goes the judge! Napolitano's Fox News show gets axed (for exposing too much truth).
Click here

2-14 Consuming kids: The commercialization of childhood.
Watch this

2-12 A real find! Ancient knowledge, consciousness, sacred geometry, all rolled up into one.
Watch this

1-20 A collection of strange sounds heard around the globe.
Watch this

1-9 Judge Napolitano gets it. 

He asks " WHAT IF? ".  Watch this

1-6-12 The Princess of Japan talks about 2012 and the coming changes.
Watch this

12-23 There is far more to life than most people think. What do you make of this exchange? Watch this

12-9 Ain't it the truth?? A clip from the movie Good Will Hunting. Listen closely.
Watch this 

12-8 Insights from Abraham Hicks.
Watch this

12-6 On the topic of incarnation:
Watch this

12-1 Human ingenuity.
Watch this

11-10 Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project.
Watch this

10-29 Coast to Coast AM interview about the fascinating, ancient, and powerful Crystal Skulls.
Click here

10-27 Does the Earth really revolve around the sun? Watch this

10-15 Crisis in the Congo.
Watch this

9-24 Life after death experiences documentary: The Day I Died.
Watch this

9-10 Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take? Great! 
Watch this

9-3 George Carlin with direct and forceful

commentary about life and the American dream. No jokes here. Watch this 

Watch and learn. Carlin: The Illusion of Choice.
Click here
Was George Carlin murdered like so many
others who exposed the truth? Most likely- yes. 
Read this

8-28 The greatest speech ever made.

8-12 MUST SEE! Dr. Dispenza on the brain, body, and emotions. 
Click here

8-9 You are not responsible for other people's feelings.
Watch this

8-7 Dr. Dispenza: Rewiring the Brain. GREAT! 
Watch this

8-6 Sacred Geometry 101 and Metatron's cube.
Watch this

7-24 Never take history or any world event at face value. Are you ready for this one? Was the Titanic (owned by banker JP Morgan) crash an insurance scam? Probably. Watch this

7-21 How Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, and Bill O'Reilly operate to shape public opinion and create division.
Watch this

6-30 Vibration. See the unseen.
Watch this

6-27 What you don't know about Gaddafi and Libya (but should).
Watch this
Why was Libya attacked?
Watch this

6-27 An Open Letter to Humanity.
Watch this

5-22 Three short inspiring videos worth watching.
Click here

5-13 Elegant Universe explains the string theory. Awesome! Watch this

5-12 Mass Control- Engineering Human Consciousness. A classic 4 minute video.

Watch this

5-9 Gentleman Bob Dean interview from 2-11 presents on-target truths about life. Make it a point to listen. Click here

3-20 Sacred geometry- the Fibonacci sequence- finger print of God. Watch this

3-18 Learn about the 100th Monkey Theory.
Watch this

3-10 The Tiny Dot.
Watch this

3-8 In just 8 minutes, learn how to brainwash a nation.
Watch this

2-17 Mark Kimmel speaks in simple terms about the transformation Earth and humanity are making.
Watch this

2-15 Three short videos you don't want to miss!
Click here

2-11 Dr. Blaylock and David Icke
address the deliberate social engineered dumbing down of society.
Watch this

2-1 Highly recommended for everyone. The Shadow Effect- Make peace with yourself, others, and the world. 
Click here 

1-30 Musical commentary by Madeline Spooner in a video titled- Like Sheep.

1-9 A short, cool introspective animation...
The Fly.
Watch this

1-27 The secret of secrets. An easy to understand scientific explanation of what's in store for humanity. Watch this 8 minute video.

11-14 The art of corporate mind control. SNAP OUT OF IT. Watch this

11-6 Here's a cheesy four minute video that may change your perspective on life.

10-23 Award winning documentary Inside Job exposes the economic crisis of 2008 and those responsible. Click here

10-17 Get to know the brilliant Nikola Tesla who invented free, safe, wireless energy over 100 years ago. A 9 minute video.
RELATED: Tesla was murdered. Read this

9-27 Two famous, insightful comics tell it like it is. Watch this

9-25 Hitting the nail on the head. Steven Seagal lays out the truth about our world in 4 minutes. Watch this

9-17 Learn about the vital importance of the pineal gland. Click here
Pineal activation video. Cool!
Watch this

Valedictorian with brilliant insight comments on schooling and the system.

Eckhart Tolle- You are not your illness.

Click here

For a concise 5 minute explanation of life.

Click here

Breaking the illusion of limitation.

Watch this

The WHOLE WORLD is corrupt! Watch this
7 minute video about the ruthless catastrophe caused in Indonesia. When will HUMANITY UNITE and put an end to the madness?

Listed in this order: Feature Articles, Articles, then Books.

Feature Articles:

* In the shoes of the Awakened... What it's like to be an odd ball flake who believes all this crazy nonsense. Read this

* Beckow: A keen comparison of the parameters the light workers must follow compared to the dark forces. Read this  

* An interesting take on NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). All the information contained here may not be 100% accurate but much of it sure makes sense. Click here

* The meaning of 11:11 Click here 
More on 11:11 Click here

* Pyramid Power in action!
Read this

* The Mayan Calendar. 
Read this

* The State of the World.
Click here.

* Synopsis on Social Change: Click here.

* Money is the root of all evil. Who needs it? Read this!
Resource Based Econony.

* TURN IT OFF! Mind control via TV... learn how the power of TV conditions and manipulates us all. Read this


5-3 How to tell a person's true intent. Control vs. empowerment. Take away the labeling of good and evil and extract the political comments and this is an excellent observation. Read this

8-23 Well done! Zen Gardner: Cognitive dissonance or mass disassociative disorder? Read this

Change your BELIEFS, change your world. Click here

3-30 Reality is beyond our perception.
Read this

3-2 Well put. Crossing the threshold.
Read this

2-9-13 Wilcock: More to Super Bowl power outage than meets the eye? Read this   Fulford's weekly update. Read this
2-6 Excellent Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The IllumiNOTi agenda continues. Scroll down to article and link to it. Read this

11-5 Could it be? An intriguing POSITIVE scenario regarding the purpose behind Hurricane Sandy, and what's in store.
Read this
Related: CNN: Stock certificates feared damaged. Read this

10-31 Russian Scientists: DNA is influenced by words and frequencies.
Read this

9-6 Truth hidden in plain sight: Truths in the movie "They Live" explained.
 Read this  
Watch the full movie. Click here 

8-17 Metaphysics 101: Incarnation, sacrifice souls, and soul contracts.
Read this

7-16 Throw this rift into the mix.
Read this

7-4 Former FBI Agent saw angels guarding
crash site of Flight 93.
Read this

6-6 Learn how quantum physics governs all life.
Read this

5-29 Meet Jim Marrs. This guy gets it!

Read this

5-21 Some deep doo: multi-dimensional thinking. See if you can wrap your mind around this. Read this

4-16 Is there sex in the 5th dimension?

Read this

3-7-12 Documents reveal Rockefeller Foundation actively engaged in mass mind control.
Read this

1-22-12 Will there be 3 days (or a period of time) of darkness? Keep it in mind as one of many possibilities.
Read this

12-31 Inelia Benz offers her opinions about
Click here

12-11 Profiting in spirituality.
Read this

12-3 Lots o' good stuff in the December issue of Spirit of Ma'at.
Click here

11-30 A MUST READ! A 7 step guide to Western mainstream media falseifies news to allow for the overthrow of a country and theft of its wealth.
Read this

11-21 TRUE FREEDOM means being allowed to hike naked.
Read this

10-25 A message from Mayan Elder-  Hunbatz Men.
Read this

10-7 Spirit of Ma'at October newsletter.
Click here

9-21 Isn't life strange? World's shortest woman.
Click here

9-2 Spirit of Ma'at September newsletter.
Read this 

8-13 Deep stuff. Multi-dimensional reality and density levels explained. Wrap your mind around this!
Read this

8-4-11 Spirit of Ma'at August newletter. Good one
! Click here

6-28-11 How the Shift will Occur- a viable possibility. Read this

6-25 A profoundly inspiring near-death experience story. Read this

6-2 Spirit of Maat June Newsletter. Read this

5-4 Refresh your memory about the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar and what to expect. 
Read this

4-3 Genuine human sexuality defined.
Read this

3-15 It may help you to be aware of this information. Read this


3-2 Spirit of Ma'at March newsletter.
Click here

2-26 Illuminati sex slaves expose horrifying truth. Be prepared to be disturbed by this eye opener.
 Click here

1-29 The dark cannot and will not succeed. 
Read this

1-22 The Mayan calendar- Dawn of the Unity Wave begins March 9, 2011. How this will affect our world in 2011. Read this 

1-3 Spirit of Ma'at January Newsletter.
Read this

1-2 To skeptics of the Illuminati conspiracy, ET presence, meta-physics, and/or those who think we need oil... Read this

12-23-10 A nice short piece about unconditional love.
Read this

12-17 An interesting explanation of twin flames and soul mates. Read this

12-6 Ascension is a process.
Read this

12-4 Spirit of Ma'at December newsletter-
Click here

12-3 Get to know an HONORABLE politician and his amazing accomplishments. Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker. Read this

12-1 Advice on how to adjust to the changes that are taking place within us. Read this

11-28 We incarnate in soul groups for our spiritual evolution. Read this

11-20 Eight seconds out of time... A wonderful brief story by Steve Beckow that defines the meaning of life. Read this 

11-11 Phase one of 11:11- removing mental distractions.
Read this

11-8 Judges awarding custody of thousands of children to known pedophiles. Read this

11-5 Spirit of Maat November newsletter articles. Read this

11-4 We have now entered the Mayan calendar 7th day... what it means. Read this

10-28 A wonderful perspective on forgiveness. Read this

10-28 Here is a host of spiritual articles brought to you by Enjoy! Click here

10-6 Read the October issue of the Spirit of Ma'at newsletter... numerous intriguing articles. Click here

9-24 Government suppresses aviation technology which would greatly benefit humanity. Read this

9-23-10 Do this when you feel in the dark and powerless. Read this

9-21 Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life- the most comprehensive explanation of creation.
Read this

9-11 Challenge yourself to face and accept universal truths about creation and our current world.
 Read this

9-4 KEY INFO! A deep and detailed message through David Wilcock helps you to understand what is transpiring and what to do. Read this

9-1 Does conspiracy extend to music scale? You bet! This is deep but believe it! Read this

8-18 Great article! Everything is a lie. 
Read this

6-15-10 Sorry to report: Read this to learn how the world is being held hostage from using FREE, SAFE, energy and improving life for all.


10-8-11 Highly recommended! David Icke's Human Race Get Off Your Knees, the Lion Sleeps No More.

MUST READS! Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations for a New Era, Voices of the Universe by Suzanne Ward. 

* A Search For The Truth- Ruth Montgomery

* A World Beyond- Ruth Montgomery

* The Essential Edgar Cayce- Mark Thurston

* A Course in Miracles- Judith Sherbenou

* The Celestine Prophecy- James Redfield

Ego and Mind:
* The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

* A New Earth, Awakening to your Life's Purpose- Eckhart Tolle

* The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life- Volumes 1 & 2- Drunvalo Melchizedek

* Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012-
Drunvalo Melchizedek

* The Law of One series (4 books)- By Ra
If you can mentally digest this complex information, you will understand life. 
Awesome but mindbending!

The Illuminati & ET info suppression:
* Behold A Pale Horse- William Cooper
* 1984- George Orwell

* The pH Miracle- Robert O. Young Ph.D