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Page 6 Directory: Spiritual
Column 6a- Mixed Bag News. Stories that don't fit a particular category.
Column 6b- MOI article examining and detailing the amazing depth of evil in our world.
Column 6c (below 6b)- MOI article points out that we live in a world of secrets, lies, & FEAR. 
"Evil can only succeed when good men do nothing." WISE UP AND RISE UP! Watch this

       MIXED BAG NEWS (6a)
Stories that don't fit a particular category:

9-19 Ah, what a wonderful world! Harvesting baby parts for profit. Click here

9-4 Even 60 Minutes reports on the use and dangers of RF (radio frequency) weapons. Click here

8-2 Los Angeles: City of Rats. LA overrun by rats. Possible plague. Read this

6-12 Establishment out to get Julian Assange. An assault on truth.   Read this   Read this

4-20 Guess what? Notre Dame cathedral fire very likely arson. Make sure to watch short video.

4-8 Justified! Massive protests in Yemen against Saudi brutality and war. Read this

3-15 Boycott Amazon! Here's ANOTHER reason why.

3-15 Term: Biometrics. Coming too soon to an airport near you. Read this

2-26 Fried G DECEPTION. 5G tower installed as giant church cross. Watch this

2-26 Sheer stupidity. Selfie yourself to death. 259 people already have. Read this

2-16 Clintons behind murder of woman who exposed their child rapist faith healer pal. Read this
Referenced article: Click here

2-16 Avoid Amazon. 2018 US profits: $11.2 Billion. Taxes paid: -0-. Click here

2-16 Wrong doing cover-up. North Dakota trying to permanently seal all government and police records of pipeline protests. Read this

2-5 The history of the NFL, a $17 BILLION, NON profit status, business that pays no taxes. Learn about it's original team owners and how fixing games is completely legal. Watch this

1-23 Oregon to pass "law" giving government  mandatory control over newborn babies. Read this

1-23 Out of whack: Misguided "fans" place priorities on meaningless NFL (No Fairness League) football game. Click here

1-12 Burying truth: Neocons wage war on independent media. Read this

1-12-19 People are disgusting. Joshua Tree National Park trashed and covered with shit. Read this

1-9-19 The US has spent BILLIONS to change the outcome of elections around the world. Read this

1-9-19 More mysterious booms, this time in Chicagoland. Read this

1-2-19 Hidden messages: The 2019 cover of The Economist magazine. Click here

12-18 Surveillance Grid: Jerry Day explains the dangers of smart (STUPID) meters. Click here

12-14 Eleven companies control everything you buy. Read this

12-9 Fifteen drawings succinctly reflect what's wrong with society. Click here

11-17 California fires? Not! It's Directed Energy Weapons or something UNnatural. Click here

11-13 Has Tesla energy technology been revived? Watch this

11-5 Attempted break-in of Assange's embassy residence. Read this

10-10 What a wonderful world. Plan your next vacation to Saudi Arabia and join the fun! Read this

10-3 The Greed of Jeff Bezos and Amazon and the manipulation of Whole Foods. Read this

9-16 Girl voices opinion, refuses to conform. Condemned like Kaepernick. Read this

9-12 Intense censorship agenda marches on. Amazon bans conspiracy truth books. Read this

9-12 In your face gall. Ad campaign ridicules conspiracy truths pertaining to Denver Airport.

9-9 Sick freaks use Aretha Franklin funeral to display their creepiness. Read this

8-30 Proof that California "wildfire" (and others) were caused my , EMF, or some type of weaponry.
* Note the "green screen" effect on the local report video. Reporter in studio superimposed over video footage is not at scene. Click here

8-30 Wear a mask to shop. Retailers plan to use facial recognition technology to "fight theft".

8-24 Guess. Name the evil bastard who has controlled 10 presidents over the last 54 years.

8-21 False security: TSA now using body scanners in subways. Read this

8-17 Wrestle INSANIA! Intergender wrestling pitting women against men is a step towards equality! Read this

8-11 Major CENSORSHIP precedent set! Fakebook, youtube and other use vague excuses to ban Alex Jones/Infowars. Read this

8-11 Rightfully so! Nicaraguan president calls out US for meddling and aggression. Read this

8-11 Clueless front office tech nerds killing Major League Baseball. Read this

8-6 PARENTS protect your children! Dangerous, demented "suicide challenge games" sweep the web and target kids, teens. Read this

7-29 Annual wildfire season rages on. Of course not all are natural. Redmond CA looks like war zone. Read this

6-29 Land of the Giants: Military witnesses tell of 12' giant killed in Afghanistan. Click here

6-28 OH BROTHER, BIG BROTHER! AT&T and NSA SPY HUBS located in 8 major US cities. Read this

6-16 More government and lame stream media lies. Unemployment is far worse than reported. Read this

6-11 Was Anthony Bourdain murdered? Likely.
- Girlfriend Asia Argento's powerful speech:
- Pattern: "suicides" by hanging from a door knob. Read this

5-25 The horror of forced organ harvesting.
Congress legalizes child trafficking! Read this

5-25 Frack attack: Did fracking help cause the Hawaii volcano eruption? Read this

5-18 Read all about it! Human Trash: Scumbag PA state SINator SCOTT WAGNER. Read this

5-14 ATTN ALL SLAVES! Words can, and do, cut your soul. Read this

4-28 More sick shit. TV star Allison Mack in sex trafficking/forced labor cult. Read this
Related: Mack pleads not guilty. Read this

4-21 The truth and history of the amazing plant HEMP. It's a world changer which is why it was derailed by the establishment in 1920. Watch this

4-13 Alexa... just another propaganda tool to cover up truth. Alexa programmed to lie about chemtrails. Boycott Amazon!! Read this

4-4 Online manipulation: "Dark patterns" are used by companies to trick you. Watch this

3-25 Reliable source, EMF presents info on the dangers of wi-fi and 5G. Watch this

3-23 BEWARE 5G. Important info about the danger of 5G. Watch this   
- Cell tower installer/repairman explains "death towers" and cancer alley. Watch this

3-20 Beware the Thought Police. youtube "correcting" facts (censoring) conspiracy truths. Read this

3-17 Workplace indoctrination. Don't be tricked. Outsmart the system. Don't be "voluntarily" duped into being microchipped. Watch this

3-14 Hope is a scam as is authority. The well spoken Max Igan explains. Click here

3-7 Chicken shit censor happy youtube folds when people call their bluff. Watch this

3-4 Utter LAUGHABLE insanity. Transgender boy wins girls state wrestling championship. Read this

3-2 US ally IsraEL led by the evil Netanyahu.
Read this

2-27 Can't buy a home? It's by design. David Icke explains the reasons why. Watch this

2-27 Breaking water. Nestle and Coca-Cola privatize largest water reserve in So. America. Read this

2-21 This tells the whole story. Study: We all are born creative geniuses but the education systems destroys our imaginations. Read this

2-14 Netflix show Travelers exposes the concept of Starseeds. Click here

2-8 Beyond disturbing! New "recycling" technology: liquefied dead bodies to be spread over food crops. Read this

- Any surprise? Study finds violent video games condition brains and diminish kids' empathy.
Read this
- Google and Fakebook inhibits kids' ability to think critically and creatively. Read this

1-23-18 Congress sneaks national biometric ID cards for everyone into bill. Read this

1-22-18 A comprehensive guideline to corporate online surveillance. Read this

12-27 Scary. Why we DON'T want a CASHLESS society in this world. Read this

12-22 To say the least, there's something suspicious about the Atlanta Airport blackout. Read this

12-13 Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) (lasers fired from drones) is the cause of the California fires. Click here

11-23 Thanksgiving: Celebrating the genocide of Native Americans. Read this

11-21 Corrupt, rogue NSA is despicable. Insider Bill Binney explains why. Watch this

11-14 Organ harvesting for profit. Abortion industry sells baby parts. Read this

11-14 Hidden agenda to kill all black people revealed. Read this

11-9 For what it's worth... Cobra's latest update is very positive. Read this

11-8 Is the wicked Saudi Arabia regime being brought down? Click here

11-4 Endless evidence mounts. Bitch Hillary is a wicked mega criminal. Here's the latest. Click here

11-4 You decide. Nobody was killed in Vegas shooting event. Click here

11-1 About face! Trump changes mind again. JFK assassination files finally released by CIA.
Click here

10-31 Biography of George Carlin. Watch this
- Imagine! George was in the military! Watch this

10-24 Sexual perversion rampant! An explosion of outings/reports:
- Roman numerals: How many children did Roman Polanski assault? Read this
- 30 woman accuse Hollywood Director James Toback of sexual harassment. Read this
Note: Alec Baldwin and Polanski in photo. Birds of a feather flock together!
- Pedos in Hollywood? Jeepers Creepers! Read this
- Breaking the silence in the music industry.
- Justin Bieber and Katy Perry come clean?

10-24 Fair and balanced settlement? Idiot O'Reilly pays off Lis Weihl to keep quiet. She's just as guilty.
Read this

10-23 Zero point energy: The Real Deal! Click here

10-20 Bitch Clinton pockets $145 million on US uranium. FBI knew- did nothing. Read this

10-20 Tesla rolling in his grave? Direct energy weapons in use. Read this

10-17 Senile, brain damaged, doped up politicians run Congress. Read this

10-13 Insight on the Vegas staged event/psy op from David Robert Steele. Click here

9-22 Puerto Rico demolished by Hurricane Maria... without power for months. Read this
Related: Direct hit! Hurricane Maria was steered to do most devastating destruction to US territory Puerto Rico. Click here

9-22 Say goodbye to retail businesses as we know them. Read this

9-14 Results/damage from Irma. Click here
Satellites used to enhance/direct Irma. Read this

9-14 New TV show... The World According to Jesse (Ventura). Pretty good stuff. Click here

9-5 Weather Warfare: Mega Hurricane Irma- will it hit US or will it be neutralized? Report:: Read this
Fulford's take: Read this
Galactics won't allow Irma to reach land. Read this  
Time will tell.

9-4 Le Cercle- This group makes the Bilderbergers look like amateurs. Read this

9-1 And ignorant people still vote... Read this

8-23 Look mummy! Noisy cell towers out my bedroom window! Read this

8-23 Total slave control and loss of freedom. Barclays installs sensors to monitor how long employees are at their desks. Read this

8-23 More animal abuse. Dog lovers cringe at Petland lies. Read this
- Do you care? Video from drones provide more evidence of the horrors of farm factory abuse of chickens and pigs. Click here

8-18 Intriguing stuff! Was the hippy movement of the 60's orchestrated by the powers that be? Of course!
Watch this


7-19 Twenty  ex-agents who have exposed the Military Industrial Complex. Read this

7-19 Another one bites the dust. Clinton's whack another one. Body count hits 56! Read this

7-13 Biographer: Tesla was visited by ETs. Read this

6-16 Anything to this? Was Representative Steve Scalise targeted for assassination for attempting to break up child trafficking? Click here

6-16 All suffering on Earth is a business model. Whistle blower banker Ronald Bernard is well worth listening to! Click here
Interview Part 1. Click here

6-2 Notorious Bilderberg Group annual meeting this weekend in VA. List of attendees (creeps). Read this

5-26-17 GOOD! Elephant kills Big Game Hunter.
(This hardly evens the score) Read this

5-26 Last month was the deadliest ever for Syrian citizens killed by US LED air strikes. Read this

5-23 Fox News scumbag CEO dies. Natural death or murder? (let's hope the later) Click here   Click here

5-3 The history and suppression of FREE ENERGY.
Click here

4-21 JFK to 911- Rich Man's Trick. Watch this

4-14 What do you make of this? TWO suns setting in London. Watch this

4-6 More lies, same stale playbook. Chemical attack  lie sets stage for US attack on Syria.

4-2 The very straight forward Gerald Celente is right on target again. Click here

3-31 Don't be fooled by the slick disguise of biometrics! Say NO to "selfie" logins. Read this

3-24 What does this mean, if anything? Record breaking solar wind speed wave of energy reaches Earth. Watch this

3-24 Scumbag Bush illegally destroyed evidence of US crimes while head of the CIA. Read this

3-23 Another child/human sex trafficking victim speaks out. Click here   Watch here

3-22 Thank Goodness... FINALLY David Rockefeller, and/or his clone(s), dead at age 101 . Click here

3-18 HONORABLE Senator Richard Black gets it! He explains the TRUTH about US bogus involvement in Syria, Trump, and Turkey's aggression.
Click here

3-18 Objective summary by ex-employee of Natl Inst. of Standards and Tech (NIST) about lies presented to the public about 911. Watch this

3-18 Screened out! Undeniable proof that TV and computer monitors manipulate the brain and nervous system. Click here

3-18 Brands of bottled water to AVOID which contain FLUORIDE. Read this
3-15 Pressure mounts on EPA to ban fluoridated water. Read this

3-18 Scientist decodes crop circles. Watch this

3-12 Interesting response. Woman asks Amazon's Alexa if it's connected to the CIA. Click here

3-12 Self reflexology on your hands may well reduce or eliminate pain. Read this 

3-12 US has highest vaccination rate in the WORLD but has the WORST health. Read this

3-8 WikiLeaks latest dump "Vault 7"exposes CIA's ability to turn TVs into listening devices, cars into bombs. Click here   Vault 7 compilation.
Click here

3-8 Eyeopening! CDC releases complete (long) list of conte
nts found in vaccines including monkey cells and human fetuses. Read this
Related: CDC accepts millions of dollars from vaccine manufacturers. Read this

3-4 Legendary G. Edward Griffin explains "collectivism" aka "the two party system". 

3-4 US Government agency finally admits fracking causes earthquakes. Read this

3-4 Large amounts of mainstream scientific research shown to be FALSE!! Read this

3-4 catholic church busted again... another mass infant grave found, this time in Ireland. Read this

3-3 Ex-NASA engineer speaks out. Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer. Read this

3-3 Reefer madness! AG Sessions says marijuana causes VIOLENCE, vows to go after states that legalize it.
Read this

3-3 Educate yourself about the Khazarian Mafia and it's powerful cartels. Click here

2-25 Pornography: Weaponized degeneration of the  population. Read this

2-18 Icke Dot Connector: Various and numerous types of control explained. Watch this

2-18 Fear mongering and irresponsible reporting about the DEADLY FLU SEASON. Local news pushes vaccine agenda and neglects to identify "experts" (nurse and "official") Watch this

2-18 It just never ends. Learn about the diabolical DYNCORP. Click here

2-18 "Modern" education is a MAJOR system of deception and mind control. Read this

2-18 Duped! Senator McCain falls for prank phone call from a Russian comedian. Click here

2-15 Situation update from Cobra. Read this

2-11 A #1! Harold Kautz Vella with Ryan Gable talks black goo, morgellons disease and more. Click here

2-8 ALEC. Add this to the endless list of governmental corruption and scams. Click here

2-5 "Predictive linguistics". Clif High reports on upcoming trends for 2017. Click here

2-5 A collection of famous quotes to help you better understand the sinister Jesuits. Read this

2-3 Oh shit! Now they want to put cell towers in neighborhoods everywhere. Read this

2-3 Science: Our emotions, chakras, and auras affect our health and others around us. Click here

1-31 No surprise. Cannabis is safe, DEA is corrupt to the bone. Former top agent speaks out. Read this

1-28 UFO footage over Mexico from yesterday has been removed from the Internet. Also a great shot of a recent UFO in Brazil. Watch this

1-28 PROOF: Center For Disease Control (CDC) knowingly LIED about  mercury in vaccines.

1-11 Report shows weather manipulation responsible for extreme conditions occurring in the US, Click here

1-2-17 Beware the JESUITS! Good background info.
Read this

1-2-17 The history of the Khazarian mafia. Read this

12-31-16 Interesting video of an apparent ET craft neutralizing a chemtrail. Watch this

12-25 Russia did it? US has tampered with other countries' elections at least 81 times! Read this

12-25 A message from your government. Watch this


12-20 Reliable Dutchsinse shows never seen before large wave on energy around Earth yesterday.  Watch this

12-19 Classic Icke talks about "fake news" and the media perception deception. Watch this

12-17 Will Evan McMullins be the next President?
Will the "Russia/Putin did it" propaganda lead to more shenanigans of December 19th? Click here
Click here   Click here   Click here
- Deplorable CIA refuses to hand over "proof" of Russian hacking. Read this
12-17 Alexandra Meadors spews. Keep track of this for accuracy. Read this   3-31 update: It was BS!!!

12-14 Health Watch: A list of 23 must-see vaccine documentaries. Click here

12-14 For what it's worth: Goode and Wilcock End Game Part 2. A history of what is/has supposedly transpiring. Read this    Audio version: Watch this

12-14 GOOD news! Judges dismiss 66,000 arrest warrants against homeless in SF. Read this

12-14 Info to be aware of. The coming war on China. Click here

12-14 Here's another interpretation of the cover of The Economist 2017 cover. Read this

12-11 What is "real"?? Watch this

12-11Stats PROVE vaccinating children has led to a startling increase in autism. Read this

12-11 Criminal cops: cold blooded murder.

12-11 Very strange. Mysterious Earth vibrations from Dec. 8. What is going on? Watch this
- A possible explanation. Click here

12-10 Depressing! The extinction of life on Earth. Humanity is destroying 200 species a day. Read this
Related: Radiation insanity affects sea life.

12-8-16 Why are pedophiles not arrested? Dirty cops and the global ped network criminals protect one another. Corrupt cops abuse power for sexual gain.
Read this

12-5 Victory or misleading BS? Army Corps of Engineers revokes ND pipeline permits. Read this
- Police spying on (Sting Ray) and blocking Internet access to protesters.
Read this

12-2 Strange "weather" in Australia.
Click here   Click here

11-30 Tarot Card interpretation of the recent cover of The Economist magazine.
Read this

11-30 Say no more! The media CANNOT be trusted. Look at these headlines. Click here

11-30 Got it yet? Fracking is BAD NEWS! Click here

11-27 More proof that the main stream media (LAME stream media) is SCRIPTED. Watch this

11-26-16 Boycott the corrupt, propaganda machine, NFL- owned by global elitists. Click here

11-24 Hey!  It's Turkey Day! Gobble this up and enjoy! Click here

11-23-16 Good point! Time to look at things critically and objectively. Click here
- Learn about lie spotting. Click here
A very strong, right-between-the-eyes, believe it or not message to all.

* Taoism: Who can defeat himself? Watch this

How to tell a person's true intent. Control vs. empowerment. Take away the labeling of good and evil and extract the political comments and this is an excellent observation. Read this

3-11-18 How human sexuality and the male/female relationship have been corrupted. Read this

2-15-18 Spoken words have vibrations and frequencies. Words affect our sub-conscience. "Word Magic", the manipulation of language, the construction of words, misuse of the true root meanings of words, and ignoring where common phrases or sayings came from, or what they actually mean, are all tools used by "dark forces" to aid in controlling humanity. It's all plain to see once it's brought to our attention. This article provides numerous examples of "slave code". Word magic is also prominent within the criminal justice (just us) court system, (the criminals run the system!)
Read this

3-26-19 Another perfect example. Anyone in this worl who tries to help is at risk. Click here

12-30-17 DICKHEAD Cheney- one of the most evil jerks and murdering pedophiles on Earth. One of many examples. Click here

3-3-13 Global Elite: The Character Traits of Truly Evil People. Read this
Related: Australian politician exposes Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome. Watch this

* Michael Tsarion: The origins of EVIL.
Watch this

* Man born into a Satanic family recalls
the physical, emotional, and mental
torture he endured as an infant and young child.
Click here and scroll down to Show #17.

Article by Messenger of Information:

First, try to understand that "evil" is a human perception. This article describes this topic from both "real world" and "spiritual big picture" perspectives. Are you ready for this? Fasten your seat belt.

Many of you are not going to want to face this fact or the truth, but the time has come to realize and understand the depth of evil that exists on our planet, in this "reality". You must have courage to accept the truth however unpleasant it is. For then, and only then, can positive change occur.

This information is disturbing but do not avoid it out of fear. Remember, knowledge is power. (More specifically, utilizing knowledge is power.) Keeping your head buried in the sand will not help the situation.

Let's start with how the global elitists/crime syndicate plays the game. First off, money is power (and can be the root of all evil). It is said that a very small percentage of people on this planet own a vast majority of the wealth. Bankers are that small minority! At the top of the pyramid of wealth and control are BANKERS.

The world in which we live is one big con job. Those in power have cleverly deceived us and view all of us as expendable slaves. You see, they deceive us so that we think that they are the good guys when they are just the opposite. 

Greed, control, and world domination are the motivating factors of the dark souls who have planned and perpetrated devious and diabolical crimes against humanity for centuries. 

How do they pull it off? Many souls are just plain evil and selfish. It's hard for decent folks to comprehend, but the reality is that these dark souls believe they are superior. Therefore, they function without conscience and think nothing of destroying Mother Earth or brutalizing the human race. To them, the ends justify the means.

In addition, in order to acheive their depth of control over humanity, a countless number of honorable people have been blackmailed, murdered, intimidated, or bribed in order to suppress the truth about our creation, genuine spirituality and the meaning of life, the history of Earth and mankind, ET existence and their involvement with Earth, and highly advanced technologies that would drastically benefit
all of humanity and allow us to evolve.

Understand this: a very deep level (almost unimaginable to most people)
 of darkness CONTROLS EVERY HUMAN NECESSITY. This includes our spirituality, our health- what we eat, drink, breath, and the so-called medical care we receive, our income, and our children. 

Indeed our many languages cause problems—this was the intention of the dark forces that manipulated human genetic make-up. They eliminated the awareness of every soul’s capacity for telepathic communication and instilled in thought patterns the divergent means of expression that became many languages. The result has been in accordance with that dark plan—flawed communication that causes misunderstandings at best, and at worst, a fertile field for self-serving deliberate translation errors.

Sadly, a severe degree of evil permeates every institution we mistakenly trust, many of which we hold dear to our hearts. Realize that these dark souls are void of respect for human or any life, compassion, or empathy.

Here is a hard hitting summary of specific activity that this satanic global crime syndicate purposely invokes for control and profit: They initiate and fund both sides of ALL wars (and reap HUGE profits), poison our food supply with unhealthy chemicals, and conduct illegal drug trafficing. They also run the corrupt prison system, the global sex slave ring, the global paedophilia ring, and the pornography industry.

The dark side is also responsible for corruption within law enforcement and the hate, destruction, and murder generated by all military forces. They use mind control, perpetrated 9-11, conduct CIA terrorism and other "black ops", rape countries of their natural resources, keep people in poverty (50% of the world population earns less than $2 per day), suppress technology which would benefit humanity, create disease and manmade viruses, keep people in poor health via the medical and pharmaceutical industries, manipulate and destroy economies, slaughter animals with no regard for the sanctity of life, pollute the environment, use weapons technology to control the weather and create man made hurricanes (Katrina), volcanoes (Iceland), earthquakes (Haiti/Chile etc.), and tsunamis (Indonesia), and suppress the truth about our peaceful, loving ET and inner Earth brothers and sisters. Oops, almost forgot... they control all energy sources to the tune of a $200 trillion industry. This, when free, clean safe ebnergy has been available (but suppressed) for over 100 years.

Hogwash! Impossible you say? It is hard to believe until you do your homework. Here's a simple test: Name one thing that world leaders have done in your lifetime that has actually improved conditions and benefited humanity. Why is it that poverty, war, disease, pollution, and famine still exist? The status of the world is stagnant and without improvement because the elitists own most of the wealth and they want to keep us controlled and enslaved. Their aim is for massive depopulation. They have an overabundance of slaves- us! We are using too many resources and it's difficult to control over 6 billion people.

You will discover truth and undeniable proof if you seek it. Just look objectively at this world and it's easy to see who causes the insanity, pain, suffering, and destruction (see article: Who Controls the World?-
Click here).

Ample evidence is already available. Additional truth will continue to surface about these evil elitists who globally control finance, education, the media, the entertainment industry, energy, the military, the medical industry, NASA, the food industry, religions, corporations, governments, agencies, and the justice system.

The global crime syndicate consisting of "World Leaders", politicians, governments, the UN, World Health Organization (WHO) and others, strategically orchestrate and manipulate events. They spew lies via the propaganda media in order to create illusions which justify their brutal actions. Thank God for the Internet and alternative news sources (and now Congress is trying to censor and control the Internet).

Covert CIA operations, military Black Ops, and corrupt law enforcement undercover police protect the criminals and stage phoney events to mislead the public. They are the true terrorists as they start wars, initiate riots at peaceful demonstrations (to silence us), and overthrow governments with fabricated coups to erase opposition and usher in regime changes. Believe it- it's obvious if you pay attention. 

Without a doubt, we've been kept in the dark about the truth of what goes on in this world of insanity. How can this be? There are many reasons.

The media is owned by those who control our world. "News" is nothing more than a propaganda machine of lies and half truths designed to keep us in angst and fear. Observe that mainstream media "news" is rarely positive. And the truth of what actually transpired is purposely withheld from the public. The "talking heads" merrily present the news, never questioning it's validity. Other co-workers are simply unwitting accomplices. (7-27-12 NY Times admits that every major news organization is censored by the government. Read this)

So a simple practice to incorporate is to realize that the opposite of lies is the truth. We know they lie constantly so whatever is reported, believe the opposite of what they tell us.

An oft used tactic is called a "lie sandwich". One piece of truth is surrounded by two pieces of lies or vice versa. By using this tactic, people believe the whole story because it has a ring of truth to it (the lie portion is also believed to be true). Consider Hitler's statement about human behavior: "The more outrageous the lie, the more people believe it."

While the power brokers at the top of the pyramid secretly orchestrate things on a global scale, many of the regular folk aid the evil cause (for selfish reasons). You see, dark forces influence weak individuals who are also enticed by greed and power. This occurs all along the chain as people scramble for control, power, and wealth. This type of behavior runs rampant on world, federal, state, local, military, and corporate levels. It's everywhere in modern society!

Many employees are unsuspecting participants of the system and don't even realize that they are contributing to the evilness. People need work to support their families and it's easy NOT to question questionable business tactics out of FEAR of being terminated for rocking the boat. This situation occurs daily in all institutions.

Also, remember that the depth of evil can also be attributed to intimidation and threats. So many well intended people have been forced into cooperating with nowhere to turn for protection. That's a big part of how evil has permeated this world. So, we must have understanding and offer forgiveness to those who were coerced into assisting.
Another reason for the depth of evil is that the masses have been conditioned since birth not to challenge or question the "system" or "establishment". The status quo is accepted (maybe the masses are just too trusting). Many folks simply believe what they're told or just don't pay attention.

It's not easy but people have not done a very good job of figuring things out.  However, more people these days are seeing through the deceit and are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

A third reason is we've been taught to limit ourselves to the five senses. Most of us want "proof" and will not believe anything if we can't see, hear, taste, touch, or smell it. Thus, many people have closed minds and discard anything considered to be outside the "norm" of what they've been told. Many truths are actually woven into movies and television shows. By doing so, it "discredits" truth as being fictional. Thought of the Day: Don't ignore your intuitions!

So, prepare yourself for the exposure of truths which are being, and will continue to be, revealed. Major truths are forthcoming. They may shock you!

When truths come to light on a major scale, try to have the wherewithal to modify your current belief system. Analyze the information objectively without emotion, and use common sense as well as your gut feelings to discern the truth.

It's your choice whether or not to believe this article. Regardless, you are now aware and better prepared!

The Purpose of "Evil"
Let's analyze this from a spiritual standpoint. This may sound completely backwards, but try to follow the logic. In this world of duality, evil does have a valuable function. Without evil, there would be no contrast to love. Therefore, our experience would be limited.

The extreme magnitude of evil we are experiencing today fulfills a function that stimulates the evolution of consciousness. Consider it a wake-up call to humanity that will propel us into the Golden Age. 

As strange as this may seem, those who are evil are playing a necessary role. Yes, we still want justice and to hold these thugs accountable. But since we actually are all one consciousness, it is best to forgive evil behavior (as we all possess self evil to a degree).

Remember, we all are here for the experience and to attempt to grow spiritually. Dark souls are no different. They may be regressing spiritually rather than progressing by failing to learn key lessons about abuse of power, integrity, or respecting life. So, who are we to judge them?

Keep in mind that we have no idea what experiences, pain, or suffering any fellow human being has had that shaped them to behave in such a manner. We also do not know what another person's life lessons are at the soul level, yet alone our own! 

It is important, yet difficult, to realize that we must all pray for these dark souls, not hate them. Understand that evil people feed off the energy produced by the anger, hate, and fear that is directed towards them by others. Fear is a main tool they use to keep us feeling separated from God. So please refrain from these emotions because they are detrimental to you and our collective consciousness.

Realize too, that dark natured souls also live in fear. Their souls are so far removed from the Light, that they fear returning to it. They know internally that they must face retribution. They are aware that their days of control are numbered. They fear being held accountable for their actions and are fearful of losing their wealth and power.

So, here are some final thoughts: Pray for the "highest good" of those you consider to be evil, remember the importance of forgiveness, do not judge others, and do not live in fear. In the end, love, truth, and oneness will prevail!

- Gandhi: "You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul."


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It never ends! Insider: Rap music industry was manipulated in order to fill prisons for profit!
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An article by Messenger of Information.

Stop! Step back for just a moment and objectively analyze the world in which we live. There's no denying it. We live in a world dominated by secrets, lies, and FEAR.
1-27-18 Other dimensional beings feed off of human fear and anxiety. Read this

When we begin to question what we've been told and actually open our minds to all possibilities, we uncover actualities about our world and all that surrounds us.

As an example, by discovering and accepting truths about the global elitists, how they control our "reality", how we are conditioned and manipulated, everything starts to make sense. When we start connecting the dots, we begin viewing this world from a different perspective.

The challenge for all of us is to educate ourselves by gathering information and gaining knowledge, which leads to viewing the world as it actually exists. The bubble of illusion bursts.

Philosophically, why should there be secrets about anything? Institutions should be transparent if they are genuinely interested in improving our world. We should be sharing information to rid the world of war, starvation, poverty, disease, violence, and to improve life for everyone and all living things globally.

Good news! Ancient secrets and other evidence are finally being revealed. Evidence is surfacing that war is big business! All conflicts are manipulated to insure profits and keep humanity in constant fear. Military conflicts or the threat of war and terrorism (terrorism is fabricated), allow for an excuse for the military, CIA, and DHS to keep secrets. Science, technology, and disclosure about ETs have also been kept secret as to suppress human evolution.

Secrets and secret societies... our world is full of them. Take time to research the Council of Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, Majestic, or the CIA. Search the Internet and you will find a vast amount of information on these corrupt, powerful organizations.

You're also encouraged to research two terms- "compartmentalization" and "NTK"- Need To Know. These two tactics are prevalent in the major institutions, especially the military, and are instrumental in the game of control. These tactics explain why good people unwittingly do devious tasks without even realizing that they, themselves, are contributing to the problem.

(Everything is a lie. E
xcellent! Read this)

Mark Passio on lies and deception.

Watch this

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." Joseph Goebbels- Reich Minister of Proaganda in Nazi Germany 

2-8-19 OUR WORLD IS FULL OF COMPLETE AND TOTAL DECEPTION. PR Firms have been blatantly lying for decades. Why Americans will believe just about anything. Read this

Folks, we've been DUPED- on a major scale. Let's ask ourselves this simple question: Do the following institutions tell us the truth? Governments/politicians, CIA, FBI, DNR, corporations, the military, the media, the medical industry, institutions of "higher learning", religion, NASA, FDA, OR EPA. The answer is no.

The above institutions form and help to control our "reality". And guess who owns/runs the major institutions? The exploiters of our world-bankers (a.k.a. the global elitists/crime syndicate). Let's not omit the Vatican from the list of top criminal organizations.

If we step back and objectively consider this world, we''ll have to candidly admit- it's insane! Murder, violence, rape, war, killing of innocent animals, greed, corruption, pedophilia, division (divide and conquer), lies, secrets, and lack of respect for Mother Earth all contribute to the insanity.

Thank goodness for love, as love is the glue that holds everything together. It allows us to cope with the craziness.

There is overwhelming evidence that ETs exist. This has been kept secret using lies, intimidation, disinformation, and propaganda since roughly the 1940's.

Have you noticed the influx of UFO/ET related shows and movies that having been airing on TV recently and currently? MOI makes this bold statement with conviction and without fear: it's preparation for ET disclosure.

The real questions are...
1) Which government(s) will make the announcement?
2) Will they come clean and be honest (what a concept!) or will they lie again to advance a political and/or social hidden agenda? Wait and watch... it's coming. Update: MOI sources state that no staged false "alien envasion" will be permitted. : ) 


" The mega crisis you and the planet now face involves waking up to the destructive force of old paradigm approaches involving fear. Only when you can see the dysfunctional structures and ways of being for what they are, can you change them. Anything that’s fear based is the polar opposite of what’s needed to create the love-fueled world you seek to inhabit."

We live in a fear based reality. Fear is the main motivating factor for most human beings. Because of fear, people do things they shouldn't, and don't do things they should.

On an individual level, we are manipulated by fear. The list goes on and on... fear of what others will think of us, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of standing up for what is right, fear of war, fear of the economy, fear of the IRS (there is no law that states that citizens are required to pay federal income tax), fear of disease, fear of (contrived) terrorism, fear of weather disasters, and the biggie... fear of DEATH.

Many people fear "death" which is at the root of the problem. If more people simply realized that a lifetime is but a blink of an eye in the big picture, and that life is eternal, the fear factor would disappear.

Let's look at the so-called "leaders" of our civilization. Politicians at every level- world (UN), federal, state, and local are bribed, threatened, or intimidated to conform to "the system". Many who have tried to stand up and do the right thing have been murdered.

Technology experts and scientists are also influenced by fear. Science and technology are much, much, more advanced than what we are allowed to know in the public arena. Why? It's due to suppression of information by the controllers who intimidate honest and innocent people who are trying to help humanity via their research and discoveries.

Because of fear and lack of moral courage, the world is in this jackpot. The "controllers" have done a superb job of keeping "the people" in constant fear and anxiety. 
Watch this 9 minute video.

Understand that fear, guilt, hate, anger and other negative emotions only serve to feed those who control us. These energy vampires need fear to survive. Don't play into their hand. Stay fearless!!

The importance of understanding FEAR. The manipulated state of fear creates our reality. Watch this

Imagine what life will be like when people stop living in fear and start doing the right thing for themselves and humanity on a consistent basis. What a wonderful world it will be!

About FEAR. From Hosts of Heaven:
Remember, there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for what is coming. If you think you are in charge, you will cut yourself off from the flow of information that comes from a higher source. Your own ego is programmed for the survival of your body. It is stimulated by fear. Your meditation practice is the place where you can find a "safe place" in which you need simply to listen. You cannot prepare for something that you don't know will come. You don't know when or where or how you will need to cope with these coming Earth changes. If you are connected to Source, you will be led in what to do. If you are being run by your fear, you will make poor choices, and you will reap what you sow in that you will experience everything that you fear. You will draw it to yourselves through the principle of resonance.

So, then, have we frightened you? That is good. As soon as a fear rises to your consciousness, that is your opportunity to trace it back to its roots and "uproot" it. This is your part of the bargain, your part of the work. If you remember, we defined love as the absence of fear, trust in the Creator, and the willingness to lay down your life for the truth. All of these go hand in hand. You are either in fear or you are in love. You must make this choice over and over again, in each moment that presents. When a birth is taking place, the labor pains come closer and closer together as the moment of actual birth approaches.

As we have said, you have now reached the critical point in which the rate of change will spiral upward exponentially. So remember to breathe. Give your meditation time or "quiet time" the highest priority, so that you can begin to eradicate those fears that you have left. Only those with love in their hearts — not fear — will be lifted. The vibration of fear will not be compatible with the new Earth, Terra. There will be no death, disease, or aging on Terra. All of those things are the result of unexpressed fear.

- Rooting Out FEAR.
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- Transform fear through core issues work.
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