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Page 8 Directory: Our World
Column 8a- Focuses on the truth that the CIA are the real terrorists and that war is a business. Well intended soldiers and innocent civilians are killed and wounded for profit. MOI is not insinuating that all military personnel are evil, but they are pawns in an evil system which must come to an end.
Column 8b- Globally, police brutality and the abuse of authority are common place. Corrupt & misguided police feed the corrupt Justice system- both revenue generating industries. Citizens are the targets.
Column 8c (below 8b)- MOI article questioning why people trust politicians and a Special Feature.


Definition: FALSE FLAG- Covert operations conducted by governments (military, CIA), corporations, or other organizations which stage events (i.e. 911) designed to make it appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The purpose is to deceive the public to gain support for a hidden agenda. Watch this
A brief explanation of False Flag Operations. Watch this
  Eleven signs of a false flag. Read this

Learn the global criminal elitists PLAYBOOK... understand their deceptive False Flag techniques and how they trick us to justify their heinous crimes against humanity.
Watch this as their operatives stage
 a riot at the 2010 G20 Summit. Another example, similar proof exists regarding Viet Nam. Read this

ATTENTION all police and military personnel, you have an OATH to uphold.
Read this

(Military section at top, Angencies section below)

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Henry Kissinger

- US military personnel and families, are you PROUD of the murder machine you are part of??? ONE MILLION people were KILLED in IRAQ. Get your heads out of your asses and PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS! Read this

MILITARY: Articles, News and Videos

1-8-18 US military = WAR MONGERS. US military in violent conflicts in 76 countries! Read this

- A different historic narrative. HELL STORM: TRUTH ABOUT WW2. Trailer  Excerpt  Excerpt

* Military personnel theme song:
Click here

* War. What is it good for?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN'!  Watch this   Lyrics

ATTN: All military and police personnel! Former Satanic Priest explains how you are OWNED and MOCKED by dark occultists. Watch this

WAR IS AN INDUSTRY and a VERY profitable one. Listen here   Read this

MOI defies you to watch this video and NOT conclude that the US military is 100% SICK and DISGUSTING! Watch this

War is a RACKET. Why is the U.S. addicted to war?
Read this  
Click here

What is the Military-Industrial Complex?

Read this

Who owns and controls the Military Industrial Complex? Read this

George Carlin: We Like War. Watch this

Censored news- Accurate report of the fatalities total in Iraq.  
Click here.

Top Story: US soldiers annihilate civilians, children. Read this and open your eyes to the US war machine. When will humanity learn that there is nothing honorable about any military? Watch the actual military footage. Collateral Murder: Judge for yourself:

Related story: 9-20 Humanitarian hero jailed for exposing video of US military killing civilians. Click here 

Slowly but surely, American soldiers are waking up. Are you? Listen to their testimony. Watch this

This does not include 20.9 billion for Atomic Energy Defense activities, nor 124.5 billion in veterans' benefits, nor 10.1 billion in foreign military aid, nor 44.1 billion in foreign economic aid, nor 7.5 billion in defense-related activities.
The top 100 defense contractors in 2010 only earned about $129.48 billion, based on a rough, approximate calculation -- out of a total Department of Defense expenditure of 692 billion for that year. That still leaves 562.5 billion dollars unaccounted for.
The top five defense contractors for 2010 were Lockheed Martin at $16.7 billion, Northrop Grumman at $11.1 billion, Boeing at 10.4 billion, Raytheon at $6.7 billion and SAIC at 4.7 billion.

Thinking of joining the military? Think again- THINK HARD. Infograph about the horrific and deadly affects of PTSD. Read this

8-2 Honorable Marines... not! 16 arrested with human trafficking and drug charges. Read this

7-10 US Navy and Lockheed Martin officially introduce Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) into warfare (and against civilians). Click here

4-5-The jerks behind Grand Theft Syria.
- Psychopath and war monger John Bolton
sabotaged peace talks. Read this

6-21 Target Iran. US and axis of evil relentless for control of Middle East oil. Read this

6-21 Silence Patton. Outspoken General Patton likely assassinated by US government. Click here

4-5 Why? US DoD order $250 million worth of gas masks. Read this

3-28 US military: the evil empire. Another disgusting act. Read this

3-15-19 David Icke exposes psychopath and war monger John Bolton. Watch this

2-5-19 EVERY US President in our lifetimes is indictable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Watch this

2-5-19 US THUGS bully International Criminal Court preventing justice against US worldwide criminal atrocities. Read this

1-6-19 Pentagon "influences" Hollywood with pro-war propaganda films. Read this

12-28 US military spending compared to other countries. Read this

12-14 President Chump lies again... approves $750 BILLION defense (offense) budget.

12-9 Dead daddy Bush and all living and dead Presidents are war criminals. Read this

11-23 With people homeless, starving, and in poverty, US spends $6 Trillion on war since 9/11. Read this

10-17 Pentagon's devious DARPA genetically modifies insects as bioweapon to spread agricultural viruses. Read this

10-10 What could possibly go wrong? DARPA creates tech that allows troops to control robots with their minds. Read this

10-3 Run-a-way train! Insane military pushes AI weaponry and transhumanism way too far.

7-29 All in cahoots politicians approve $717 BILLION defense (OFFENSE) budget. Read this

7-14 War on Drugs = TOTAL HOAX. US military admits guarding/assisting with opium trade in Afghanistan. Read this

6-29 Military witnesses tell of 12 foot giant killed in Afghanistan. Click here

6-23 Even in "non wartime" US military currently drops a bomb every 12 minutes.

6-20 What's WRONG with this picture? Senate approves $712 BILLION military budget as millions of people face poverty. Read this

5-31 Hey TAXPAYERS! Pentagon can't account for $21 TRILLION! Read this

5-25 New DARPA program plans to patrol cities with drones. Read this

5-18 Destroying our planet: US military WORLD'S LARGEST POLLUTER. Read this

5-18 Gaza massacre. US "ally" Israel murders 60 and wounds 2,700+ Palestinian innocent protesters. Read this   Hypocrites! Read this

5-5 Liars! US military, as usual, spins lies about covert special operations worldwide. Read this

4-25 Israeli snipers ordered to shoot to kill Gaza CHILDREN (and they gladly do it!)

3-2 Bogus demonization of Russia and Syria continues. Pentagon admits it has NO EVIDENCE. Read this
Fact check: No Sarin gas used by Assad.
Watch this

2-10-18 Real world Terminator. The insanity of Artificial Intelligence CyBORG soldiers, coming soon to a war theater near you.

1-5-18 Pure evil. How our asshole military poisons our water. Read this

12-16 Q: Where have all the troops gone? A: To unknown places. 44,000 troops gone missing!
Click here

11-16 Hey soldier boys, you've been USED! No cannabis medicine for you! Read this

11-4 Dept. of Offense: Cost of "war on terror"... $250 Million each day for 16 years. Click here

11-4 Absurd Bullies. US military refuses to leave Iraq- even if asked. Read this

9-28 Scum bags. Surgical my ass! US air strike kills dozens of innocent people and they know it. Read this

9-28 US sabotages liberation of Syrian city.
Click here

9-22 US wars of aggression. Senate approves $700 BILLION budget for WAR MACHINE.
Read this
Related: Israel (as always) and Ukraine haul in big paydays. Read this

8-26 Former CIA vet Kevin Shipp outlines the Shadow/Secret government and the Deep State. This will blow your shit away!

7-30-17 DEFENSE my ass! US military opens $11 BILLION base in South Korea. Read this

7-21 And no one CARES... US DOD admits to losing (stolen from the people) $6.5 TRILLION. Read this

7-13 Sick bastards. Pals at DARPA and Raytheon build super soldier robot. Click here

5-26 Past month was deadliest ever for Syrian citizens killed by US LED air strikes.
Read this

5-1-17 Disgusting. Israeli minister: " Time to assassinate Assad." Click here

5-17 Terrorist admits to taking part in staged chemical weapons attacks in Syria. No surprise, western media silent. Read this

4-21 What's this tell you? UN blocks investigation of ALLEGED Syrian chemical attack. Read this
- Madman? Assad interview. Does this man seem irrational and evil or honorable? You decide. Watch this
- Syrian citizen: "The majority here love Assad.
Everyone here knows the US staged the chemical attack." Read this

4-14 US drops 21,000 pound bomb on Afghanistan. Read this
- Wikileaks: "Mother Bomb" dropped on US tunnels built by CIA. Read this

4-13 X-22 Report: Nice recap of what's going on in Syria. Deep state pushing for war. Click here

4-7 David Icke offers insightful analysis about Syria on the Richie Allen Show. Click here

4-7 Putin: US plotted air strike before "chemical attack" occurred. Read this

4-7 Stale playbook! US lies to justify attacking Syria! Former UK Ambassador to Syria TRASHES official story about "chemical attack". Click here

3-24-17 Par for the course. 30 innocent people dead as US led coalition bombs school.
Read this

2-28-17 US admits using radioactive weapons in Syria. Read this

12-7-16 75th anniversary of the FALSE FLAG that created WW2... Pearl Harbor. Click here

4-14-13 Chemtrails are real. Another whistle blower testifies- an ex-miltary bio-environmental engineer. Watch this

2-11-13 Record numbers of US military and Veteran suicides... over 20 per day. Read this

11-30 Bradley Manning Trial: Whistle blower hero gives details of how US military detained and treated him. Read this
Video leaked by Manning: Collateral Murder. Watch this

11-30 Sweden now arming the world. The neutrality that never was. Read this

11-10-12 Victims testify in Afghan massacre case. Read this

9-27 A TRUE US- Iran history lesson.
Watch this

7-31 Your tax dollars at work. $80 Billion fighter jet is flawed.
Read this

7-27 Syria: Washington's latest war crime.

Read this

7-16 Revisiting the murder and cover-up of Pat Tillman, murdered because he was going to expose the truth about an illegal war and the opium trade.

Watch this   Read this   Watch this   Watch this

6-6 This STINKS- literally! The absurdity of our military and how your money is being wasted on ridiculous weapons against contrived enemies.
Read this

4-25 US soldiers are victims of ruthless business practices by Halliburton (Ex-CEO Dick Cheney).
Watch this

4-24 What to make of this? Super top secret US unmanned aircraft crashes. Read this

3-11 US soldier opens fire on Afghan CITIZENS, kills 10, maybe more.
Read this

2-15 What's the real deal with Iran?
Watch this
Does this article support the above claim?
Read this

2-2 Attention all patriotic Americans who support the military... Watch this and Read this

1-15 The U.S. government and military lies, and lies, and lies. Iran is not our enemy.
Watch this

1-13-12 Are you proud of the US military? US soldiers piss on corpses. This is the least of their atrosities.
Click here

1-7-12 Iraqi tortore scandal reaches highest levels of NATO.
Read this

12-20 It's time for PATRIOTIC AMERICANS to open their eyes. The U.S. killing machine has slaughtered more than 10 milllion people since 1945. 
Watch this 4 minute video.

12-17 Congress passes $663 Billion war machine bill. Read this To create a breeding ground for hatred and people like this.

12-16 Hero Bradley Manning's trial begins today. This case could have huge implications.
Read this

12-4 CIA and US military involved with lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan.

11-28 50% of Israeli army draftees refuse to serve. Ah, non compliance is a good thing!
Read this

11-7 US quietly assumes military posture in Africa. Read this

10-20 America's secret DRONE bases.

10-5 Poll: 1 in 3 Vets see Iraq/Afghan wars
a waste.
Read this

9-23 Rumsfeld and others endorsed SICK torture.
Read this

9-12 Libya occupied by the NATO Invaders.
Read this

8-8 US troops do NOT protect our freedom and it is a good idea to stop thanking them.

8-5 Interesting. Judge allows Army Vet to sue Rumsfeld.
Read this

8-1 Censorship of war casualties.
Read this

7-19 No withdrawl. 15,000 troops ("diplomats!") to remain in Afghanistan.
Read this 

6-23 Lame Obama speech on troop withdrawls is unacceptable.
Read this

6-20 UN admits Libya civilian/child deaths.
Read this
Ron Paul: People are tired of US warmongering. 
Read this
U.S. stole $17 billion from Iraq oil money during invasion. 
Read this
6-10 Face the TRUTH ABOUT WAR. Iraq war veterans come clean about killing many innocent people. Click here

6-9 Activists stage protest at military base to demand a fair trial and the release of hero Bradley Manning.
Read this

5-26 Report: Actual US death toll in Gulf wars: 73,000+. How the government lies about casualties.
Read this

5-12 Here we go... just as predicted by MOI. US war machine uses phoney OBL story for justification to attack Pakistan.
Read this

5-7 People power! Unprecedented action by the people ends wrongful torture of hero Bradley Manning.
Read this

5-5 More truth revealed about secret technology the government keeps from the public. ALLEGED bin Laden raid exposes new helicopter.
Read this

3-28 US soldiers kept Afghan body parts as trophies.
Click here

3-8 How the elitists and military view innocent civilian murder. Sec. of Defense calls 9 murdered Afghan boys a "set back". What compassion! Pray for world peace. 

2-27 How the military uses its personnel as vaccine guinea pigs. Watch this horror story.
Click here

2-25 US Army illegally ordered psy-ops on politicians to provide military with more troops and funds for war.
Read this

1-21 Doping up the U.S. combat troops.

Read this

12-29 The inhuman conditions of hero Bradley Manning's detention. He has not been convicted of any crime.
Read this

12-26 Are you getting the picture? War is an industry. Congress approves Defense Dept. budget of $725 billion.
Read this

12-20 Vets protest for peace outside White
House. 131 arrested. 
Read this  
12-21 Follow up report: News blackout on war protest at White House as polls show people want peace.
Read this

11-23 Your tax dollars at work. Learn how to rape and torture at the US military's "School of Assassins". 
Watch this 

10-26 Highest ranking military officer from 1997-2001 reveals: "Iraq war based on a series of lies." 
Click here

10-24 Think only soldiers die in war? Think again. Report estimates 122,000 innocent Iraqi civilians murdered by US troops.
Read this

10-21 After service, war veteran deaths surge.
 Read this

10-7 The 10 minute video the US military doesn't want you to see.
Watch this

10-4 US soldiers investigated for killing civilians for sport, government trying to cover up. ALL WAR is CRIMINAL.
Read this

9-29 US pilots killing civilians and loving it. 

Watch this

9-15 Vets sue CIA, Army for testing toxic chemicals on troops without consent.
Read this

9-2 Soldiers brainwashed into hatred. Will you dismiss this as just an isolated incident or realize that all war must stop? Read this 

8-26 Are you a terrorist? Click here

8-25 Inhumane rights? U.S. military to test ray gun weapon on inmates. Click here

8-23 U.S. betrayed Iraq... Americans leave
Iraq worse off
. Read this

8-23 U.S. Military assault on Iraq's Fallujah worse than Hiroshima. Read this

8-22 Iraq exit: Rebranding the U.S.
Click here

7-24 RETHINK WAR. Hate filled U.S. soldiers terrorize, kill innocent people. Watch this

3-20 Medicating the Military.
Click here.


How the US war machine (Pentagon) influences and controls Hollywood. Sickening! Watch this 

The 10 minute video the US military doesn't want you to see.
Watch this

US pilots killing civilians and loving it.
Watch this

Even the soldiers are waking up! Hear 4 minutes of comments from a very articulate Iraq War Vet.
Click here.

U.S. supported Israeli murder of DEFENSELESS Palestinians MUST STOP! Click here to view a 6 minute video.

              CIA, NSA, FBI:              News, Videos, Articles

- CIA coined the term "Conspiracy Theory" in 1967 with specific instructions on how to discredit and cover-up the truth. Click here

11-12 It never ends. US/CIA plot coup to overthrow Bolivia. Read this

9-19 The mad scientist who pioneered the CIA's mind control experiments. Click here

9-4 Our pals in the intelligence (STUPIDITY) agencies have been protecting child sex trafficking rings for a long time. Read this

8-7 FBI wants conspiracy theorists designated as domestic terrorists! Read this

6-12 Black cube: Out of control Israeli PI company. Watch this

4-13-19 Proof: People can be (and are) programed to murder without knowing or remembering. Click here

1-27-19 The FBI's diabolical plan to create a nation of suspects using DNA. Click here

12-9-18 The end of privacy began in the 1960s.

3-4-18 The low down on CIA sanctioned MK ULTRA and Monarch Mind control. Click here

1-13-18 Five real CIA MK ULTRA (mind control) experiments. Watch this

10-31 NO ETHICS in ESPIONAGE. CIA procures children for pedophile elites.
Watch this

10-20 CIA wants to delay for 25 YEARS the release of 3000 never before seen documents of JFK assassination. WHY? Jerks! Read this

9-22-17 LIARS! Wicked CIA: Oswald files "gone missing". Read this

3-24-17 Scumbag Daddy Bush destroyed evidence of US crime while head of the CIA.
Read this

Perception management/Psy Ops: Trayvon Martin never existed. Read/watch this

SANDY HOOK/Boston Bombing NEWS:

4-24 More on staged events and crisis actors. This is a bit hard to follow but you'll get the gist of it. Click here

4-18 Perception Management: "Dead" Principal from Sandy Hook School Shooting, rises from dead to become a "witness" at the Boston Marathon shooting. Watch this  

2-19 Sandy Hook HOAX. Look at this tough, vicious, Rambo-like mass killer! Are you KIDDING? This kid would faint at the sight on popping a pimple on his face! Click here

2-17 The Invisible Man: Nobody can account for Sandy Hook "shooter" Adam Lanza over the last 3 years! Watch this

2-1 The Nexus of Tyranny: The strategy behind Tucson, Aurora, and Sandy Hook. Read this

1-19 Sandy Hook truth exposer, Professor Tracy attacked by network media. Were crisis actors used? FF 24:30 Watch this

1-16 Sandy Hook staged event being exposed BIG TIME. See through the lies. Watch this  Watch this  Read this 
Watch this

1-14 Evidence continues to mount proving Sandy Hook was a psychological operation of perception management. It WAS a staged event.
Watch this

1-12 Professor disputes accuracy of the main stream media's Sandy Hook story. Watch this

12-17 Sandy Hook: Two newscasts that reported there was a second shooter. 
Watch this    Watch this

Sandy Hook and Aurora massacres discretely forecast in Batman The Dark Knight Rises movie!
Watch this
A better look at Sandy Hook on Batman map. Watch this

12-16 Sandy Hook an obvious staged event! MOI knew it would only take a couple of days for loopholes in the official story to appear, and more truth will continue to be exposed.
Just as with the Batman massacre, there were actually multiple shooters and there is a connection to the LIBOR scandal in both staged incidents.
Watch this
REPOST: PROOF people can be hypnotized to murder and become mind controlled assassins. Click here

12-15 Who REALLY killed the Connecticut school children and why? Read this
Learn about MK Ultra, mind controlled assassins. Watch this

12-15 Torture is unacceptable. Senate Report: CIA torture does not produce significant intelligence. Read this

12-9 Confirmation that you are being watched by alaphabet agencies. All emails are captured and all phone calls recorded.
Watch this

11-10 CIA Director Petraeus resigns.
Read this

8-7 Learn about the world's scariest drug... Devil's Breath. Incredible! Used by the fine folks in Black Ops. Watch this

8-5 The real story of what happened in the Colorado Theatre Shooting.
Read this

7-6-12  Who's responsible for spraying chemtrails? The CIA owned Evergreen Int'l Airlines. Read this  Website

12-4 CIA and US military involved with lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan.
Read this

9-2-11 CIA and European governments to be held accountable for the countless crimes they commited? Read this

6-30 American government, CIA, and military play a major role as terrorists of the world.

Read this

5-26-11 Of course! MIND CONTROLLED
Tucson shooter found mentally incompetent to stand trial. Pray for him!

Read this

2-13 CIA officials involved in abuse rarely reprimanded, often promoted.
Read this

12-31 CIA declassified documents confirm mind control used for sexual abuse and covert operations.
Read this

10-20 CIA sues former employee for publishing book.
Read this

10-4 Phoney war on terror. Sources report CIA operative Osama bin Laden died in December, 2001. Click here

9-22 Polish urged to probe CIA prison acts.
Read this

9-17 CIA conducts false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan, kills civilians.
Read this

9-10 Business as usual, CIA, torture ruled above the law. Read this

7-24-10 CIA is beyond redemption. Agency
should be closed.
Read this


Secrets of the CIA  
Very enlightening and disturbing!

- Confessions of an Economic Hitman- John Perkins 
Learn how U.S. corporations and the CIA rape countries for their natural resources.

Here's a little secret: Terrorism is  mythical.

The Pakistani ISI is a CIA front and controls
terror cells at the discretion of the highest levels of the U.S. military-industrial complex.

There is a great need to perpetuate the mythical war on terror in order to maintain the pretext for the geopolitical genocide currently being undertaken by globalist advances into the middle east “rogue” (independent) nations.

As our governments assert that they are doing everything in their power to dismantle the global terror network, the reality is the exact opposite. The criminal intelligence networks assembled it, they sponsored it and they continue to fund it using our tax dollars. As any good criminal should, they have a middleman to provide plausible deniability. That middleman is the ISI and the military dictatorship of Pakistan.
Watch: Al Qaeda does not exist. 


Ever notice that EVERY TIME a cop MURDERS someone (usually the weak), the cop is found innocent of any wrong doing?

How to become a cop. Click here

Police personnel theme song: Click here

ATTN: All military and police personnel!
Former Satanic Priest explains how you are OWNED and MOCKED by dark occultists.
Watch this

Click here

* Analytical thought: Are all cops criminals?
Watch this 3 minute video.

* When should you shoot a cop? Watch this

 * We repeat! Cops are thieves! Absolute evidence. Watch this

11-4 No accountability... none! Typical slap on the wrist for murderous cop. Guilty police department pays NOTHING as unjust "maximum" settlement is covered by insurance. Read this

10-14 Completely UNACCEPTABLE. Nearly 300,000 U.S. kids age 12 or younger have been arrested since 2013. Read this

9-26 Why we should all love the police... because they handcuff and arrest 6 year olds to keep us all safe! Click here

8-15 Cops caught using fake blood during Philly shooting. Watch this

8-2 Cop/court system insanity! 79 year old women jailed for feeding cats. Read this

7-10 Criminal cops at it again. Innocent man tasered and pepper sprayed. Click here

6-21 Another example of policing for profit. Cops reject town's demand for illegal ticket quota. Read this

6-8 So true! Shut up or go to jail on bogus charges. Police state muzzles anyone who dare oppose the state. Read this

6-4 Criminal cops at it again. This time in Cleveland... strap defenseless woman into chair and pepper spray her face. Watch this

5-28 Cops: the REAL criminals and very rarely held accountable. More sickening evidence.

4-23 IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE! Chicago's top cop admits "Yeah, cops look the other way" while fellow cops break laws. Read this

4-17 Or else! Cops = extortionist criminals. Here's proof. Click here

4-8 ATTN travelers! TSA police state REAL ID campaign marches on. Beware! Read this

4-5 Thug mentality, irrational behavior SWAT cops kidnap three children. Read this

2-21 Forced patriotism, the control system, and overzealous idiot cops. This story has it all! Watch this

2-8 They deserved it: The REAL reasons four Houston cops got shot last week. Read this

2-2-19 Voice prints. Gee, then why don't we have a perfect crime free society? Read this

1-23-19 Coming soon to a police station near you: the "DNA Magic Box". Read this

1-21-19 TWISTED. Tasers are lifesaving devices. How the sick, immoral system works. Click here

11-30 Extreme police state to the enth degree: Why do these jerks keep developing this shit? Is it really necessary? NO! Read this

9-22 Typical. Cops use special app to conceal evidence. Read this

9-20 Grand jury finds cops covered up major child sex abuse by priests in PA. Read this

9-16 NYPD coppers busted in major prostitution and gambling ring. Read this

8-26 Cops use intimidation and brute force on innocent (BLACK) man. Watch this

8-26 Mom investigated by cops and CPS because daughter walked the dog. Read this

8-16 Our finest! Cops with nothing better to do bait poor people into stealing. Sick bastards!

7-24 Scary shit. NY to start using facial scanners at toll plazas. Read this

6-16 Police and FBI honorable? More proof they are NOT! Read this

5-25 Good cop rescues puppies from car trunk.
Brainwashed bad cops harass/arrest man who knows his rights. Good cop    Bad cops

5-23 Police State schools- Cops storm school with drawn guns, traumatize students teachers while searching for absent student. Read this

5-18 No integrity, no decency. Cops will do anything. HUMAN TRASH politician has cops shake down poor families. Read this

5-5 Milwaukee cops murder mentally ill man by tasering 18 times, not charged. Click here
- News articles: Read this   Read this

5-2 Recruits expose Austin PD for instilling mindset that cops are at war with the public. (This is NOT an isolated case, it's widespread!) Read this

4-21 Sick bastards. Fired cop says "cops get off on causing people pain." He also exposes "policing for profit." Click here

4-13 Like everything else, it's a business. This says it all about the mentality of cops and police departments. Click here

4-4 Above the law: The system protects criminal cops. Police violence is out of control with no accountability for cops who MURDER citizens. Watch this

3-11 Watch cops protect pedophiles. The most disturbing video you will ever watch.
Click here

2-27-18 Do you get it yet? For many, many years, globally, cops have covered up pedophilia, participated in it, and protected the child abuser murdering criminals who perpetrate it. Read this

2-21-18 Cops don't PROTECT any citizen! Cops refuse to investigate holistic doctor targeted for murder. Read this

2-8 Police Departments to share your license plate data. Read this

1-23-18 Unacceptable! Police brutality is out of control. Handicapped man tasered. Watch this

1-5-18 To serve and to protect (their dark owners). Killer cops murder citizens at staggering rate. 2017 US totals released.
Read this

12-27-17 Read what these perverted, twisted, sick cops did to a teenager. Read this

12-13 License to kill! Once again cop guns down at point blank range a helpless/defenseless man.
Watch this

12-13 This says it all. Police FORCES are run by criminal scum bags. Cop gets in hot water for doing a good deed. Read this

8-23 As always... above the law. Low life criminal cops in Gilroy CA get away with sexual misconduct. Lawsuit filed
. Read this

8-23 State police take over $100,000 to protect corporate interest from protesters against pipeline. Read this

8-3-17 "Until the batteries wear out" Scum cop repeatedly tasers defenseless 18 year old.
Watch this

4-27-17 More proof cops are PSYCOPATHS! Illegal search of 900 students. Read this

12-25 Cops needlessly taser 91 year old Alzheimer stricken woman. Watch this

12-11 Criminal cop: Cold blooded murder.
Watch this

12-8-16 Corrupt cops abuse power for sexual gain. Read this

5-17-13 Double standard. Another fix is in to protect criminal cops and the system. Man faces 75 years in prison for recording cops/judge.
Watch this

3-17-13 Excellent! The automotive police.
Watch this

1-28-13 Another example of the corruption within ALL police departments, the "justice" system, and medical industry and how they are in cahoots. This is the norm folks!

12-9 Honest, retired NYC Detective knows how corrupt police system operates.
Watch this

12-4 Out-of-control cops at it again! Two
unarmed suspects murdered by 137 police rounds! Police Department silent. Why is it that cops are allowed to police themselves?
Watch this

11-30 Another positive cop story but what's the world come to? Cop touted as HERO for simply offering a kind gesture to another human being. Isn't that what all cops (and all of us) are supposed to do?? Read this

11-28 Refreshing! Score one for the good cops. Cop stands his ground and does what he's supposed to do. Watch this

10-1 Once again, just the tip of the ice burg. Crime lab scientist arrested for providing false evidence.
Watch this

9-27 To serve and protect... the Cabal.
Watch this

9-13 Brave student confronts militarized
cops on college campus. Click here

8-15 Police Harrassment for filming on public property. Know your rights. Watch this

8-4 Love it! Farmer crushes 7 police cars with tractor! Click here

7-9 Cop still employed despite felony conviction for kicking a seated, handcuffed woman in the head. Click here

7-2 It pays to know your rights. Law student befuddles ignorant cop.
Watch this

5-28 ELIMINATE TASERS. Pregnant woman zapped 3 times by criminal cops. Click here

1-24 Oh brother! Rather, Oh BIG BROTHER!
You're being watched, for your safety of course.
 Watch this   Watch this

1-13-12 LA Sheriff powerfully sucker punches a special needs woman in the face.
 Watch this

12-29 To serve and protect.... who? Criminal cops taser man to death.
Click here

12-4 Good Cops and Movers refuse to evict 103 year old woman. Click here

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* Sheriff Richard Mack

A Constitutionist, Mack is truly a courageous good guy. For those of you who are concerned about taking back our country, Mack's mission points out that County Sheriffs are America's last hope... and short of divine intervention, he is probably correct. Visit his inspiring site.

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WHY TRUST POLITICIANS? (8c) (MOI Article follows below posts)

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8-7-10 To support the view of this article, watch this 10 minute video which explains that over 90% of bills are passed secretly, without debate or a VOTE! Click here

Why do people count on spineless, untrustworthy politicians to solve our problems (when politicians are the people who create them)? All politicians are part of a corrupt system. Even if well intended, the corrupt system will not allow them to do honorable acts.

Most politicians (lawyers) cannot solve problems (even if they are sincere about doing so). They simply are not qualified. They do not have the technical or scientific background or knowledge to solve the world's problems.

In addition, politicians as a rule are selfish cowards... unwilling to address wrong doings in society. They simply fall in line with the system. Most of them are interested only in themselves, their power, and their wealth. They lack moral courage and will not jeopardize tarnishing their false honorable reputation nor risk the chance for re-election. Also, they are easily bribed and/or intimidated.

Once we understand the game, we realize that politicians are not interested in our well being. They are interested in maintaining and extending the status quo, for they are the beneficiaries.

The Dirty Baker's Dozen. (13!)

In our lifetimes (or throughout history), have politicians, effectively accomplished any of the following:

1) Reduced poverty?
2) Improved education?
3) Stopped illegal drugs from damaging our society?
4) Sustained peace for any length of time?
5) Secured our borders and enforced immigration laws?
6) Controlled government spending?
7) Convicted corrupt government officials?
8) Eliminated abortion from our society?
9) Held honest elections?
10) Assisted with providing citizens with affordable OR FREE energy?
11) Reduced crime?
12) LOWERED or eliminated TAXES?
13) Listened to the people whom they supposedly represent?

The sad thing is we have the technology and resources to drastically improve our world (not just the U.S.!).

Why does mankind continue to put its faith in politicians? History proves time and time again that politicians cannot be trusted to significantly assist in advancing civilization.

Let’s stop the trend and start by trusting no politician. Politicians and UNELECTED "officials" are not the answer to our problems, they are one of the major CAUSES of our problems!

The only REMOTE chance for legitimate change is to vote for INDEPENDENT candidates for there is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Reject the political system. It's a con. Realize that we have a one party system. Presidents are selected, not elected.

Thanks in great part to politicians, just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.


UPDATE: March 20, 2012 Manzullo lost his bid for re-election. : )

The following is from a 18 years in office, career politician. This is his response to a letter written to him in October, 2010 asking him about his knowledge on 11 specific topics. MOI would love to offer commentary but will refrain. You're on your own as this speaks volumes by itself.

Response letter received 12-14-10:
Thank you for contacting me about a number of issues that concern you. It is good to hear from you.
First, you expressed concern about the possible dangers in fluoride in our nation's drinking water.  Approximately 60 percent of the U.S. drinking water supply is currently fluorinated.  Many people believe that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.  A few European countries have fluorinated their water in the past, but some have stopped the process because of conflicting scientific studies regarding whether or not fluoride causes certain illnesses.  However, depending on where you live, water supplies are regulated the local, county or state level.  The federal government does not make the determination to add fluoride to a local water supply. Therefore, I suggest you bring your concerns on this issue to the attention of a local water authority official.
Regarding vaccinations, and specifically the swine flu vaccination, there is a wide range of evidence that is being debated in the medical community regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  Although vaccinations can cause problems and illnesses in some, I agree with most medical experts that it is important to vaccinate our children, as vaccines are much more likely to help rather than harm a child.  In fact, vaccines have been so effective that many people now don't even know what many diseases look like (such as smallpox) or what problems the diseases can cause.
You also raised concerns about genetically modified foods, or GMOS.  Because of the widespread adoption of genetically-modified corn, cotton, and soybean in the United States, legislation has been debated in the past regarding the supervision of this practice.  You may be interested to know that I voted for the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (Public Law 110-85), which, among other provisions, requires that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to produce a report on environmental risks associated with genetically engineered foods.  In addition, the legislation required the Institute of Medicine to conduct studies to assess the overall safety and quality of genetic testing. Since then, no legislation affecting GMOs has been debated in Congress.  Please rest assured that if any pertinent legislation comes before the House on this topic, I will certainly keep your views in mind.
Regarding "chemtrails," some believe that white trails left behind commercial airliners high in the sky are actually filled with chemicals that may be used for weather control or population control.  It is my understanding that accusations regarding the true content of these trails began to circulate after the United States Air Force published a paper in 1996 titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.  This paper discussed ways in which the weather could be manipulated by humans for the purpose of warfare.  Weather manipulation has been successfully practiced on different occasions in the past.  However, I have seen no evidence that white trails from commercial airliners have anything to do with "chemtrails."  In fact, "chemtrails" maybe confused with normal contrails, which are formed when hot high-pressure jet exhaust gases mix with rarefied cool air.  In a process similar to cloud formation, the water present in the jet exhaust freezes quickly, forming a white haze.  Contrails and "chemtrails" are also different than the grayish "vapor trails" sometimes seen when flying low with flaps extended.  These are formed of liquid water from compression of moist air under the wing.  On days when cirrus cloud formation is occurring, there is more moisture in the upper atmosphere, and consequently, contrails may linger longer before evaporating.  Since cirrus clouds often precede a general overcast or haze, the casual observer could easily assume that the contrails have caused the overcast, or become the overcast.
About the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I disagree that the FDA is more concerned with the profits of the pharmaceutical companies than the health of the individuals it is supposed to serve.  Because the FDA's general approach is that pharmaceutical chemicals are suggested as the first-line treatment of diseases, many herbal products have shown promise in studies but have not been studied by the FDA.  However, throughout my tenure in Congress I have never seen evidence that the FDA is abandoning the health and well-being of Americans to progress business profits.  I do believe it is important the FDA consider and study herbal supplements as well, so they can consider the safety of those products as well.
As you know, The Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is a facility located on a small island off the coast of Long Island in New York.  It opened during the Cold War in 1954 for the purpose of testing biological weapons that could have been used against America's livestock.  The official mandate of Plum Island is to protect America's livestock from animal diseases.  In 2003, the facility transferred from the control of the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), fueling speculation that their mission is actually something more sinister.  However, this transition occurred because the legislation creating DHS mandated the transfer. I have seen no evidence that the PIADC is doing anything other than their stated mission to protect the health of livestock on farms across American from foreign disease agents. 
The Bilderberg Group is an informal group of high-ranking officials from both the public and private sectors that have met annually since 1954.  They are named for the hotel in the Netherlands where they first met.  The first meeting in 1954 was intended to promote "Atlanticism" and garner cooperation amongst Western nations on political, economic, and military issues against the Soviet bloc during the Cold War.  The group meets each year in a hotel with no press allows to allow frank and open discussion.  However, the "off-the-record" approach has resulted in suspicion about their activities.  However, many informal groups meet without any press coverage (such as the World Economic Forum that meets in Davos, Switzerland every year) so I do not agree with the rumors about this particular group.
Recently, the topic of taser use by police officers has become an issue of concern.  Like you, I am concerned about law enforcement using violent means on citizens.  However, I believe tasers, if properly used, can be a good alternative to guns, because it is extremely unlikely that a taser can fatally wound a person.  However, law enforcement is generally regulated at the state or local level, so the decisions about taser useage by police officers is likely made by each individual city or state, not the federal government. 
The BP oil spill was a tragic event, and I had the opportunity to travel to the Gulf Coast and saw firsthand how the resulting oil spill is severely threatening the health of the precious wetlands, wildlife and fisheries in the Gulf.  You inquired about the use of Corexit, which is the dispersant chemical used in the aftermath of the oil spill.  Corexit is designed to break up the oil slicks but the toxicity of the chemical is still a concern.  However this particular oil spill dispersant is also one very effective and proven method of minimizing the impact of a spill on the environment.  Major tests at both Louisiana State University and the University of Miami have clearly showed that Corexit can effectively protect the environment.
I do support military action if warranted.  I believe the war in Afghanistan is necessary for our national security and to preserve the long-term peace.  We must remember that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were conceived and launched from Afghanistan.  I do not believe that we should let that nation fall back into the failed state it was before 9/11 or allow al Qaeda to re-establish terrorist training camps under a hostile Taliban regime to attack our homeland or our allies and possibly destabilize nuclear-armed Pakistan.  In fact, most Members of Congress of both political parties believe it is important that we give the President's plan for Afghanistan a chance to succeed.
Lastly, I believe the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a trustworthy source of intelligence.  There have been problems in the past but fortunately, our democratic system enabled Congress to enact a series of reforms that curtailed the worst abuses of the past.  It's a delicate balancing act, however, because some of those reforms went too far in the other direction and curtailed our human intelligence gathering capability, which resulted in the U.S. relying too much on high technology for our intelligence.  This is one of the reasons why the 9/11 attacks happened because we were not able to put the dots together in time.
Thank you again for contacting me about theses issues.  I appreciate hearing your views on these matters.  Best wishes.

Donald A. Manzullo
Member of Congress
Illinois 16th District