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Column 9a- STAY AWARE! Health Watch- the latest on important health related issues. 
Column 9b- MOI Article: The 3Ds- Duality, Division, and Distractions. 
Column 9c (below 9b)-  Chronological Posts Archive from 2016, 2015, 2013, and 2012.

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"The body is the temple that houses the soul."

Got cancer? Know someone who does? Watch The Truth About Cancer. Click here
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Dr. Joseph Mercola

- Is the FDA the most dangerous agency in America? You decide.
Click here  
Brilliant Constitutional Attorney- Johnathan Emord exposes the corrupt FDA. Click here   Click here

- What is the leading cause of death in the U.S.? MEDICAL DOCTORS! 780,000 people die annually caused by treatments given by MDs. Watch this

Make no mistake health care is an INDUSTRY. These statistics prove it. Read this


11-12 GREAT! Mother put her five kids on 30 day "tech detox"... gets positive results. Read this

11-12 Documentary promotes meatless, plant-based diet. Watch this

9-4 Poisoning our world: Glyphosate is worse than imagined... it's everywhere! Read this

8-22 DUMB (smart) phones manipulate your brain cells. Click here

7-25 Just the start. 5G related injuries reported in Switzerland. Read this

7-16 Mmmm mmmm good! Nearly all bottled water contains microplastics. Read this

7-16 Typical! Judge slashes Monsanto victim's payout by $55 million. Read this

7-8 Interesting take on societal manipulation towards casual sex. Read this

6-25 The 100 year history of the diabolical SICK CARE INDUSTRY. Read this

6-12 Ask yourself: Why is the government so Hell bent on vaccinating the population? It's NOT for public safety! It's a multi-layered covert agenda.

5-28 Extremely knowledgeable doctor explains the drawbacks of vaccines. Watch this
- Robert Kennedy Jr. chimes in with excellent info. MUST WATCH. Watch this

5-17 Time to look in the mirror. How's your ADDICTION to your cell phone? Watch this

4-27 Don't buy the lies! NBC/CNN caught red handed using photo shopped photos to push the bogus measles outbreak and forced vaccine agenda.

4-23 No sex for you! Lack of intimacy at all time high. Read this

3-30 How and why douche Bag John Rockefeller created BIG PHARMA. Click here

3-30 Highly regarded Immunologist: Unvaccinated pose NO THREAT to other people. Click here

3-13 WHO churns out more flu vaccine lies, promoting forced vaccine agenda. Read this

2-26 Circumcision is a BAD thing! Read this

2-26 Hidden Agenda: Mandatory vaccines.

2-26 Cow's milk makes bones weaker. Read this

2-26 Beware food additive calcium chloride in pickles, olives, salad dressing and more.

2-21 Focus on Fried G (5G) The major threat to life. Watch this
- Strike back and rock the boat. Click here

2-13 The Food Industry: What they don't want you to know. Watch this

2-13-19 Study reveals chemo treatments kill many people, not the cancer. Read this

2-2-19 Measles outbreak? BULLSHIT! Bogus propaganda pushes agenda to force vaccines on people. Read this

1-12-19 Poisoned: Now oranges are found to be unsafe to eat. Here's why. Read this

12-28 Excessive screen time harms kids brains.

12-20 Documents reveals how Monsanto and EPA bury cancer research. Read this

12-18 Here's proof vaccinated people spread diseases. Click here

12-14 Dept. of Justice admits the flu shot in the most dangerous vaccine. Read this

11-30 Gross parasite paradise: AT LEAST 80% of all Americans have rope worms that steal all your nutrients and cause disease and ailments. Rid yourself of these worms by taking Mimosa Supreme.

11-30 Make it a point to watch this documentary!
"Biosludged" our evironment is completely contaminated by corrupt government and EPA.

11-27 Impossible suicide by self BLUDGEONING! Advocate for lower drug prices brutally murdered, police claim suicide. Read this

11-15 Insightful article on how bleached flour food products cause heart disease. Read this


10-10 CDC pushes flu shots they admit are only 36% effective. Read this

10-10 Warning! 5G network uses same EMF waves as used by Pentagon for crowd control. Read this

10-3 Believe it (even if it's not true)!! Ten ways sex heals your body. Read this

9-22 Argentina: Decades of GMO crops causing monstrous child deformities. Read this

9-9 Microwave popcorn bags dangerous to your health. Read this

9-9 Exposing 13 main corporations that make up big pharma. Read this

9-2 Excellent! Learn the difference between narcissist, psychopath, and sociopath. Watch this

9-2 Buy FREE RANGE! Egg industry abuses chickens and uses misleading terms like "cage free" as a marketing ploy. Learn the difference between caged, cage free, and free range. Watch this   Watch this   Happy/healthy chickens: Watch this

9-2 Renowned docter slams medical education and say we have an epidemic of misinformed doctors.

9-2 The corporate takeover of organic food.

8-21 Monsanto (all all chemical corps) must be stopped. How GLYPHOSATE is ruining your health and KILLING ALL LIFE on this planet.  Watch this

8-17 Stupid meters! Undeniable proof that "smart" meters cause massive changes to the heart.

8-17 Disrupted child: Documentary addresses adverse effects technology has on children.

8-16 Nuff said! Global survey: 3 out of 4 doctors and scientists would REFUSE chemo treatments for themselves. Read this

7-18 Wear glasses or contacts? Restore your eye sight naturally using the Bates Method. Click here  Click here

7-9 School bans cell phones. Result: Kids happier and more well adjusted. Read this

6-23 The surprising truth about food and "flavor".

6-20 WARNING! Major purge off the internet of natural health remedies. Read this

6-8 Factual microwave radiation research all people should be aware of before embracing 5G!

5-31 Skinny and fit- what a concept! America in the 60's. Look at all of these photos- NOT ONE fat or obese person. Click here

5-28 Pepsi lies AGAIN. If you value your health, avoid Pepsi products. Here's why... Read this

5-28 Even Newsweek warns of the dangers of 5G, Wi-Fi, and cell tower radiation! Read this

5-25 Stats prove increase in autism has skyrocketed as child vaccinations have drastically increased. Read this

5-25 How to spot mini 5G cell towers in your neighborhood. Read this  View these photos

5-14 Keep your eyes on this. Court ruling may end water fluoridation. Read this

4-8 Frequency Armageddon on body, mind and emotions provided by 5G. Watch this

4-7 Simply disgusting. Destroying a culture via diet. How Coca-Cola corporation has invaded Mexico and is ruining the country via junk food. Read this

3-17 The bottled water scam. Boycott Nestle and others. Here's why. Read this

3-17 Smart (STUPID) phone addiction or brainwave entrainment? Read this

3-14 Beware! Another warning of the dangers of the 5G grid. Read this

3-7 Screw chemo and radiation! 17 NATURAL CURES for CANCER. Read this
- CDC autism/vaccine post below under Dangers of Vaccines
- Emitting radiation: Dangers of 5G (fifth generation) cell towers, wi-fi, and stupid phones. Read this

2-27 Another reason to become vegetarian. US meat rated as FILTHY. Read this

2-21 Murdering holistic doctors. Dr. who exposes truth about vaccine damage to kidneys is targeted for murder. Read this

2-17-18 There's NOTHING smart about Smart (STUPID) phones! US Naval report proves it. Take the 2 day Stupid Phone DETOX challenge! Watch this

2-10-18 Plain and simple: The medical establishment does NOT want you (or anyone) to be healthy. Read this

1-31-18 Quick! FAST. The miraculous power of fasting.
It heals your body inside and out. Read this

1-27 Try to reduce your exposure to harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). Click here

1-23-18 Believe it. Your cell phone is a psychotronic weapon of mass mind control. Read this

12-28 Pass it on! DEATH BY MEDICINE documentary. Click here

12-27 STOP harming yourself and your children! Cell phone safety warnings now mandatory!
Read this     Related: Read this

11-14 100% CONFIRMED. Study: Cancer is a man-made disease. Read this

11-8 Hi yah! Chuck Norris sues BIG Pharma. Kick their asses Chuck! Read this

11-1 Busted. BIG Pharma billionaire arrested for conspiracy and bribery of doctors. Read this

10-24 Profits come first. Avoid UNethical Universal Health Services hospitals and facilities. Read this
- List of all UHS locations. Read this

10-24 Don't be a dunce! Another study shows cell phones are unheathy... here how. Read this

9-27 New article on the danger of flu shot- the greatest fraud in medical history. Read this

9-1 One MILLION kids under age 6 on psychiatric drugs in US alone!! Read this

8-25 Cancer cured 80 years ago with vibration and sound by genius Royal Raymond Rife. Here is the story. Read this

7-12 CHEMO SPREADS CANCER throughout the body! Read this

7-12-17 How to remove dementia causing aluminum from your body. Click here

5-26 Parents! Danger! Big Pharma pays off families $142 million for vaccine injuries. (Excellent charts within article) 27 shots within babies first 15 month- rubbish! Read this

5-10 Remarkable 1930's invention by Dr. Royal Rife healed many ailments and cured cancer using sound and vibration. Of course he was a threat to the establishment and was silenced. Click here

4-21 GULP it down! Diet soda is poison... here's why.  Read this
- Yummy Starbucks Unicorn drink. CRAP! Read this
3-31 Cancer tumors destroyed safely using sound waves. Click here

3-22 Dr. Rima explains that ALL vaccines are unsafe and that nanobots are in vaccines! Click here

3-4-17 Fourteen health benefits of apricots.

12-11-16 Stats proving vaccinating children has led to a startling increase in autism. Read this

12-1-15 Apricot seeds (B-17) HEAL CANCER! Read this  Watch this

3-23-14 Marijuana (THC) eliminates cancer tumor cells. 5 minute video. Watch this

8-30 Don't eat it! 10 secrets the processed food industry doesn't want you to know about. Read this

5-31-13 ADHD has never been proven. It's a fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction. Watch this

4-17 Antidepressant DRUGS- the true source of random and mass shootings and violence.

3-30 Monsanto wrote their own protection act. Criminal politicians in congress are accomplices.
Click here

3-22 Add this to the endless list: Wireless internet technology (Wi-Fi) emits radiation, causes numerous health problems. Watch this

3-10 Don't be fooled by Mr. Vaccine, Bill Gates' smooth propaganda. Recognize his twisted hidden motive. Watch this

3-5 ANOTHER SCAM! Grocery loyalty cards document what you eat so insurance companies can raise your rates or deny claims. Read this

2-17 The (bogus) antidepressant epidemic.

2-16 Shaken Baby Syndrome often just a cover for for children who are brain damaged by vaccines.
Read this

2-1 Doctors KILL 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related  deaths combined! Read this

1-27 So you think you're FREE? You're kidding yourself. Beware of DUMB meters! Click here

1-15-13 ZAPPED! Our electromagnetic energy fields are under constant radiation bombardment. Protect yourself. Read this

1-18-13 Lethal injection: The story of vaccination.  Watch this

12-20 Major eye opener!! This says it all about the unconscionable act of drugging children. The brave doctor of Adam Lanza, alleged Sandy Hook shooter, speaks out against psychiatric drugs. Watch this

12-9 Eat it 'til you glow. Here's another PRIME reason NOT to eat meat! Read this

11-25 Breast screenings: 1.3 million women wrongly treated, suffer unnecessary surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. Read this

Related: ATTN ALL WOMEN! MAMMOGRAMS CAUSE CANCER! Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization caught in mammogram propaganda fraud.  Read this 

11-21 Gum chewer? Nutri-Sweet user? Why aspartame is so dangerous to your health. Click here


* Vaccines Cause Autism- 
Click here to read.

* New documentary: Shoot 'em up: The Danger of Vaccines.
Watch this

3-30 Highly regarded Immunologist: Unvaccinated pose NO THREAT to other people. Read this

2-26 Hidden Agenda: Mandatory vaccines. Read this

2-13 Under Oath: World's leading expert admits to being an atheist and developing vaccines containing many fetus parts. Watch this

2-13 More testimony! Government medical expert confirms link between vaccines and autism.

2-13 Science confirms measles vaccine causes and spreads measles! Read this

2-2-19 Measles outbreak? BULLSHIT. Phony propaganda pushes agenda to force vaccines on people. Read this

1-30-19 ONE good guy. AZ State Senator introduces bill requiring a full list of ingredients and side effects to be provided before any inoculation.

12-20 Asshole Bill Gates funds development of microchip implants to automatically give babies vaccines. Read this

3-7-18 BUSTED! CDC caught red handed manipulating data which links autism to vaccines. Read this

10-20 New study: Flu shot makes people more vulnerable to flu infections. Read this

10-20 Conflict of interest! Center for Disease Control (CDC) owns 56 vaccines within the $30 BILLION vaccine industry. Read this

5-26-17 Danger parents! 27 shots within first 15 months. Read this

3-12 US has the highest vaccination rate in the WORLD and has the WORST health. Read this

3-8-17 CDC releases complete (long) list of contents of vaccines which includes monkey cells and human fetuses. Read this

12-14-16 A list of 23 must-see documentaries about vaccines. Click here

10-26-12 Autism and Vaccinations: Will your Pediatrician tell the TRUTH? Read this

9-10-12 Say NO to flu shots. CDC fear mongering is just another lie.
Read this

6-14 Check out this propaganda site, discovered on a BILLBOARD. Hard sell on baby vaccines. Sick!
Click here

6-1-12 ATTENTION young mothers! Read this before you allow a doctor to vaccinate your children. Click here

10-23-11 What's in vaccines? If you don't know what these ingredients are, why would you put them in your body?
Read this

7-27-11 Children vaccinated at gun point. Please pray for the highest good for Bill and Melinda Gates.
Read this

7-23-11 David Icke explains infant vaccines and abnormal deaths.
Watch this

6-13-11 Mr. Vaccine Bill Gates, at it again! He funds MORE CHILD VACCINES in Britain
Read this

4-20 Autism/Vaccine CDC researcher indicted for fraud and money laundering. Read this

3-10 Japan halts vaccines after child deaths.
Read this

3-8 "Mr. Vaccine" Bill Gate's $10 billion scam.
Read this

2-27 Against vaccines? Sign this petition.
Click here

2-19 Pioneer of Merck's vaccine program admits, and 60 lab reports confirm cancer causing & other viruses found in vaccines. 
Click here

2-2 Int'l Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda and offers a myth busting report!
Read this
1-18 "Mr. Vaccine" Big Brother Bill Gates wants all babies ON THE PLANET registered for vaccines.

Read this

1-14 Research continues to expose dangers of Gardasil vaccine. GUARD YOUR CHILDREN from Gardasil.
Read this 

12-10 Flu vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO all exposed in one article!
Read this

12-12 Study verifies: NO value in ANY flu vaccine.
Read this

12-11 H1N1 vaccine linked to 700% increase in miscarriages. Seasonal flu shots also dangerous.

Read this
10-18 Swine flu jab may cause deadly nerve disease. Read this

10-13 Landmark court case may allow people to sue vaccine makers.  Read this

9-23 Say NO to ALL vaccines!
GUARD your daughter against Gardisil.
CNN Investigative Report:
Click here
Cheerleader's life ruined by flu shot. Watch this

9-23 Swine flu vaccine= infertility.
Read this
9-20 Center for Disease Control (CDC) falsifies reports about H1N1 vaccine related miscarriages. 
Read this 

9-18 Ah-huh. Court awards family $1.5 million for daughter's vaccine related autism health issues.
Read this! 

9-18 Research proves Vitamin D better than flu shots.
Read this

9-9 Annual flu death stats exaggerated by Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Read this

9-8 Research proves flu vaccines are a scam. Big Pharma's lies exposed again. Read this

9-7 Ask yourself: WHY is U.S. government spending $2 billion to push vaccines on the public? Read this

8-31 Vaccine deaths skyrocket. Cover-up implodes. Stay aware! Read this

8-29 Australia bans flu shots. Are you getting the picture? Avoid vaccines! Read this

8-26 Stay away from vaccines! Flu shots linked to narcolepsy! Read this 

8-24 Notice: Flu plan scandal ahead. Important swine flu update. 
Click here

7-28 WARNING! H1N1 vaccine included in upcoming seasonal flu shots. Click here

* More evidence that vaccines CAUSE AUTISM (and other diseases). Read the new book by renowned Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Callous Disregard- Autism and Vaccines- The Truth Behind A Tragedy. This brave British doctor has been slandered with a smear campaign to discredit his work and suppress the truth- which only further proves he is correct and is a major threat to government and Big Pharma. The world needs more men like him! Parents- protect your children! NO VACCINATIONS!


Watch this 12 minute mini-documentary: The Fluoride Deception. Riveting!
Click here

Absolute proof fluoride damages cells.
Watch this

Cancer expert Dr. Dean Burke testifies to congress in 1978 "fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical."

Investigative report about the Mellon Institute and fluoride. Click here

3-17-18 Not at all good. Study suggests that fluoride is bad for the pineal gland. Read this

1-18-12 New research: Fluoride linked to the leading cause of death worldwide- heart disease.
Read this

10-4-11 Learn the facts about the dangers of fluoridated water. Watch it being added to the water supply.
Click here

9-19 Big Civil Rights group opposes water
Read this

4-19-11 New York officials continue to lie about dangers of fluoride.
Read this

2-10 Positive news! Calgary City Council votes to end use of fluoride in tap water. Read this

12-9 CDC and EPA caught withholding truth about toxic drinking water. Read this

11-10 The battle against fluoride in water rages on.
Read this

10-16 The case against fluoride, toxifying the tap.

Read this

9-8 Move over fluoride, you have company. Herbicide atrazine also contaminates our drinking water.
Read this

8-7 Another story on the use and danger of fluoride in tap water.
Read this

8-6-10 Poison tap water EVERYWHERE. Learn about the Fluoride Deception.
Read this

* 6-23-10 Fluoride hazardous to your health. Drink filtered water only!
Read this


FACT: The FDA does NOT test any drugs for safety, nor does it require the pharmaceutical companies to do so
! 200.000 people die each year from prescription drugs.

No surprise. FDA and the drug industry are
in cahoots. RIVETING!
 Watch this 
Watch this

Poison the population for pretty profits!
Nine out of the top 50 most profitable Fortune 500 companies in 2010 were pharmaceuticals – and they add up to a total of 64 billion, 924.6 million dollars in profits. Read this
3-30-19 How BIG PHARMA started. Douche bag John Rockefeller was at the core. Read this

7-19-12 Big Pharma's massive bribery network.
Click here
Has your doctor received drug company money? Search by name or enter your state. Click here

2-28 Monsanto nailed again!
Read this 

2-27 Study: Pasteurized milk linked to cancer.

Read this

2-26 Why the medical establishment will never find a cause or cure for autism.
Read this

2-8-12 Curing cancer without chemo. A 5 minute video.
Watch this

2-8-12 If you or someone you love has cancer, you owe it to yourself to watch this. Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business.
Watch this  

1-20-12 Cancer drugs make tumors more aggressive and deadly. Read this

6-29-11 Pfizer drug tests kill 11 children in Nigeria. 
Watch this

5-19-11 Scientists cure cancer but Big Pharma will have nothing to do with it.
Read this

5-5 Corrupt FDA approves 50% of drugs without data on the safety or effectiveness of the drug.
Read this

5-1 Armed agents invade nutritional supplements company in FDA raid.
Read this

2-5 Nutritional Pharmacist Ben Fuchs gives health tips and discusses dangers of pharma drugs. FF to 3:00 mark
Click here

12-24 Modern medical science smashed! Placebo based drug tests invalid!
Another FDA/Big Pharma sham. Read this

10-30 One million US children misdiagnosed with ADHD and unnecessarily medicated.

10-22 Proven, all-natural cure for cancer has been suppressed since the 1930's.
Read this 

9-29 Comedians point out hypocrisy of the War on Drugs and how Big Pharma wants everyone on drugs!
Watch this 

9-25 Take action on 3 important health bills in Congress affecting the availabilty of vitamins and supplements. Read this  

9-9 Sales Rep exposes the truth about the ruthless pharmaceutical industry! Watch this!
Click here

9-3 Psychiatry and Big Pharma push behavioral drugs.
Read this

8-19 New study: 85% of new drugs are "lemons" and pose health risks.
Read this


* MUST WATCH: Food Inc.  A 2009 documentary about the food industry. Eye-opening! FULL VIDEO! Watch this

* Food Inc.- a 2009 documentary about the food industry. View an interview with the producer:
Click here

* POWERFUL and thought provoking speech may turn you into a Vegetarian! Watch this
includes transcript.

* The Conveyor Belt. Watch this

* Think organic food is healthier? Think again. The USDA's Organic Deception. Read this

6-25 Staggering. US faces major widespread crop failures. Read this

4-25-18 Does this alarm you? Soon you will be tracked via the food you eat. Read this

4-4-18 Food Industry: What they don't want you to know. Watch this

11-15-12 Verified NON GMO food products.
Click here

10-7 When will the insanity come to an end? Epicyte: Contraceptive Corn. Watch this

9-26-12 Homeland Security is working for Monsanto. Read this
Monsanto's number one lobbyist- Barack Obama.
Read this

7-16-12 Corrupt FDA spied on its own disgruntled scientists' emails. Read this

6-26 Politicians must go. House to allow Monsanto GMO crops in US despite strong opposition
Read this

5-22 IL Dept. of Ag destroys bees and
keeper's records which proved Round-up kills bees. Read this
Big Ag/Monsanto corrupt university research programs. Read this

5-13 Beekeepers in Poland win ban against Monsanto's GMO corn. Click here

2-24 Pasteurized milk 150 times more contaminated than raw milk. Dairy cows abused. Click here

2-23-12 Seattle to create nation's first food forest. Free food park! Read this

1-21-12 Farmer feeds GMO corn to pigs, they all become sterile. He loses his farm.
Watch this

12-15-11 Town grows all its own vegetables, improves civic life/ reduces crime.
Read this

11-23-11 Is Xylitol (sugar substitute) safe and effective?
Read this

10-20-11 Another lil' secret revealed. The meat you're eating was probably GLUED TOGETHER and is a health hazard.
Watch this

7-30-11 Another positive sign! 270,000 organic farmers sue Monsanto. Read this

7-24-11 One victory! Hungary destroys GM corn fields, distributing GMO seeds to be a felony.
Read this

7-22-11 What is GMO? Ask Monsanto. Watch this 6 minute video.
Click here

6-13-11 FDA finally admits that chicken meat sold in the USA contains ARSENIC, causes cancer.
Read this

4-19 Ireland joins Japan, Egypt in banning GMO foods.
Read this

2-12 Four best methods for off-the-grid food production.
Click here

1-23 You have been lied to. The truth- butter is GOOD for you.
Read this

1-18 In the corrupt food system, farmland is the new gold. Read this

1-12 Aspartame out, NEOTAME in and it's worse.

Read this

12-6 One step toward victory. Judge orders genetically modified beet crop destroyed. Read this

12-21 Typical sneaky Senate passes fake Food Safety Bill S510, goes back to House for final vote. Take action!
Read this

12-11 Take action AGAIN to stop Food Bill S510. Slick congress is up to their same old tricks.
Read this

12-2 Senate passed Food "Safety" Bill S510 may (will!) die in the House of Reps.
Read this

11-4 Yahoo!? Diabolical corporate giant Monsanto seems to be crumbling... and not a moment too soon.
Read this

10-24 Antibiotics in meat pose public threat admits FDA.
Read this

10-22 Study proves aspartame causes cancer. Learn about the political history and its FDA approval. Read this

10-20 Artificial baby milk. How safe is soya?
Read this

10-14 Learn the dangers of genetically engineered foods.
Click here

9-22 Food fascism- How multinational corporations control the world's food.
Read this 

9-12 Egg recall is a facade to push tyrannical food safety bill S510. Read this

8-25 Kellogg's boycott having impact against genetically engineered foods. Take action!

8-23 Millions of eggs recalled. Learn about the FDA's actual agenda. Read this

8-19 Gulf seafood unsafe despite another government lie.
Read this

8-14 Senate Bill S501 would make it illegal to grow, share, trade, or sell homegrown food. Take action!
Read this

8-9 Wheat shortage may lead to food shortage, price increases.
Read this

7-30 Be aware of harmful chemicals in food and water.
Click here

7-27 Seven secret ways we are being poisoned.

Read this

7-14-10 MORE proof. New study confirms aspartame is dangerous.
Read this

Research links genetically modified food to long term sterility. Click here

Food Matters Watch this 3 minute video.
Click here.

New 'safety plan' would control what you eat.
Click here

7 Food Products Banned in Europe, Still in U.S.
Click here


9-7-12 Baking Soda: Many healthy medicinal and other uses. Read this

8-8 Study: Chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth.
Read this

8-2 Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed using words and frequencies.
Read this

7-9 The Cancer Report exposes the cancer
INDUSTRY- treatments kill more people every year than any war in US history. Provides alternative therapies. Watch this

5-30 Another sham. Media continues skin cancer scare by vilifying healthy natural sunlight and vitamin D. Read this 

4-25-12 The Tapping Solution. Tap your way to emotional good health. Watch this

11-2-11 Yippee! Smart meters being REMOVED!
Read this

8-4-11  We have the power to heal... naturally!

Watch this

8-4 Physical or emotional Ascension symptoms you may be experiencing. Read this

7-31 How a physician cured her son's autism.

Watch this

7-16-11 Mass psychosis in the U.S.A. Americans doped up! Read this

7-10-11 David Icke on food, cancer, and vaccines.
Watch this

5-27-11 Health care police state. How Child Protection Services (CPS) kidnap children for child trafficking. 
Read this  

5-27 TV and computer screens can be used to manipulate your nervous system. Read this

3-15-11 Bummer: Honey bees still on the decline.
Read this

3-6 Dirt! The Movie explores vital importance of soil. 
Click here

3-5 The truth about ADHD: Children are
diagnosed and drugged for profits. Read this

1-8 The FDA is now going after Vitamin C.

1-7 Report rates best and worst bottled water.
Read this

1-6 Leaked document: EPA knowingly approved bee killing pesticide. Read this

12-6 Don't drink bottled water. Worldwide water conspiracy: Global elitists steal our supply of drinking water for profit and also add harmful chemicals.
Click here 

11-30 Body scanners even more dangerous than Feds admit. Read this

11-12 Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil/toxic content in Gulf seafood.
Read this

10-31 Study: Girls now reaching puberty at age nine. What are the causes and the impact? Read this

10-26 Radiation: Are cell phones a harmful to your health addiction? Read this
and other health related articles.

10-5 Why the government has a thirst for taking your (and your baby's) blood sample.
Click here

9-27 The lethal dangers of CT Scans.
Read this

9-12 MRI dye can kill you. Read this

9-9 FDA censorship of nutritional science threatens health of all Americans. Read this

9-6 Humanity under siege. Global elitists want depopulation.
Read this

8-28 Positive news! Breakthrough will produce higher yield, disease free crops.
Read this

8-2-10 The serious health risks of radiation treatments.
Read this

7-14-10 Round-up weed killer kills human cells- investigate Monsanto!
Read this

7-8-10 You are not your illness. 
Watch this 5 minute video.

6-24-10 World Health Organization (WHO) is at it again.
Read this

Report: Reality Reversal- Ritalin Boosts LEARNING?!
Click here 
Duality, Division & Distractions (9b)
(An observation by MOI)

We live in a world of duality, one of polarity. We also find ourselves in a world based on division, which is promoted by those in power.

As a preface to this article, let it be stated that our goal as a race is to unify. Duality will eventually fade away but it is our job to dissolve division and join together in unison.

Our "reality" offers us a chance to seemingly live in a universe apart from everything. Our life on Earth provides a place where we can experience life without knowing "everything" (the true meaning of life/what truly goes on around us) while being an INDIVIDUAL! Notice - in, divide, and duality are root words inside of the word "individual".

Let's briefly delve into analyzing these two topics.

Step back and notice that we deal with opposites in this existence. Almost everything in our world has an opposite.... love-hate, good-bad, left-right, male-female, right-wrong, truth-lies, black-white, up-down, on-off, hot-cold, positive-negative, etc. etc.

This scenario allows for "free will" choices. Many of these opposites have middle ground however. For example: Right-middle-left, male-child-female, black-grey-white, positive-neutral-negative, win-draw-lose. This may be symbolic of the Trilogy. The number three appears to play an important role in the mystery of life. If this is true, than one can see the important of BALANCE, finding middle ground. MOI feels finding balance is one of the main purposes of life.

So, be aware of duality. Just keep in mind that duality is necessary for us to gain spiritual growth. For if there was no evil, how would we know the meaning of good? If there was no suffering, how would we learn compassion?

The old saying "divide and conquer" rings true. Observe and understand how division affects our existence in a negative fashion.

From a religious or spiritual standpoint, the "fall of man" apparently occurred when humans decided that we could do better without God. Ego was formed. Therefore the "separation" between man and God occurred. We've been paying the price ever since. That's why humanity needs to (and will) reconnect with the Infinite Creator as we continue to realize and respect that we are all one.

In our "real world", our daily lives, in this physical world, division is PROMOTED (by design) by the media, institutions, and via our egos. The ego says we're (I'm) right and you are wrong.

We are conditioned to accept this dysfunctional thought pattern and behavior. To name a few, the following "groups" are pitted against one another:
- Conservations vs. Liberals
- Republicans vs. Democrats
- Gays vs. Straights
- Men vs. Women
- Rich vs. Poor
- Young vs. Old
- Ethnic group vs. Ethnic group
- Religion vs. Religion
- Country vs. Country (That's why patriotism is actually a bad thing. Remember... we're ALL HUMANS.) It may be a good idea to view ourselves as Humans, not just Americans. Think in terms of humanity and world unification; the whole world, Mother Earth, and all living things as our community.

So the message of the day is: UNITE! Unite with God, (the Source, the Infinite Creator, the Great Spirit) and unite with your fellow man. Stop division and separation!

For more information on the ego, the human mind, and human behavior, review Eckhart Tolle's works on 
Page 4

It's important to understand on a philosophical, "big picture" level that society is kept distracted intentionally. Why? So we don't have time to stop, think about, and evaluate what's going in the world. The powers that be have set it up so that most people don't have, or find time, to explore true spirituality and the meaning of life.

Through our "slave race" condition, we are forced to work which occupies a great deal of time.

In addition, the plan to breakdown the family unit has worked masterfully. Combined with the stress of a constantly fluctuating economy, both parents are forced to work. Those with children lead lives like hamsters on an exercise wheel. It's a life of non stop activity between work, school, church, and the other activities. Remember, we're human BEings, not human DOings.

Sports- a huge distraction. As a former sports fanatic, MOI now views sports differently. The emphasis on high school, college, and professional sports is ridiculous. From women's hockey to the World Cup to Arena football to Major League Baseball, millions of face painted fans pack stadiums and arenas
to passionately follow something that is rigged, greed based, and meaningless. Meanwhile, millions of people are starving, politicians are criminals, the environment is being trashed, and animals are being slaughtered.

Other entertainment forms are designed to contribute to the distractions too. Hollywood, TV, and rag celebrity magazines distract people's attention with shallow, unimportant garbage.

Then of course, there's the constant distraction of negative stories by the propaganda based news media (for those who even bother to watch the news). It's an endless spew of bogus crap designed to keep us in fear and anxiety. Now that's a major distraction!

Unfortunately for us all, many people are oblivious to what's important. They allow themselves to be distracted and their priorities are backwards!

MOI is not insinuating that people should totally avoid a sporting event or an occasional movie. Please just realize the game that's being played on a much bigger and important stage. Be aware of the reality of the situation, and try not to play into it as much.

We all have a choice. We can either change our priorities, pay attention, get involved, and change the world for the better, or stay in the dark and be part of the problem. Which do you choose? 

    MOI Posts History (9c)
              2016, 2015, 2013, 2012


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5-11 Studies prove fluoride causes cancer. Read this
Watch the Fluoride Deception (13 minutes). Click here

5-10 Cobra squashes rumors about the "New Republic". Read this

5-10 Another great documentary about satanism. Pay close attention to the comments of Ken McBride! Click here

5-8 TRANSHUMANISM Agenda Watch: KFC introduces its first restaurant run entirely by robots. Read this

5-7 Mark Passio presentation on Tesla and how his misused technology brought down the twin towers on 911. Watch this

5-6 Goode: Inner Earth Beings ready to openly reveal themselves to humanity! Read this

5-5 More A.I. addiction aids transhuman agenda. Click here
EXPERIENCE LIFE not artificial reality!

5-5 Bilderberg Group tied in with hotel pedophile ring. Read this

5-5 Ben Fulford's weekly intel report. Pope to be forced to resign. Read this
5-5 More truth about Bitch Hiliary. Excellent piece outlines her criminal history. Click here

4-30-16 Be on the lookout for BLACK chemtrails! Watch this

4-30 Example 3,494: Cops are criminals. WI cops shot hostage without warning, leave him to die. Click here

4-30 More info about MK-Ultra mind control, the CIA and LSD. Read this

4-30 Pedophile Hastert is just the tip of the iceberg. Read this

4-28 The transhumanism agenda marches forward. Whether this is a true survey or not, the seed is being planted. Survey: 25% of young adults in UK would date a robot. Read this

4-27 Great basic overview: America is a corporation, not a country. How we've been tricked and enslaved. Click here

4-27 Fulford report: Those weren't natural earthquakes, Japanese underground military bases hit. Read this

4-26 Hey! Positive news! Major fracking pipeline in NY gets derailed. Read this

4-26 No surprise. Lawsuit against Ex-FDA Commissioner claims she was corrupt as Hell and paid off Bitch Clinton and Obama. Read this

4-24 For beginners: "How the world is run" 101. David Icke explains the fundamentals.
Click here

4-24 Jordan Maxwell on the occult and off-world entities. Click here

4-24 Preston James- Unprecedented Access and how the control matrix is being dismantled. Read this

4-23 Death of Prince: A compilation of theories. Read this
Icke reflects on Prince- beyond normal.
Click here

4-23 FEAR factor caused by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
David Icke discusses. Click here
Corey Goode's intel. Click here
George Kavassilas addresses fear. Read this

4-23 Chemotherapy killed 16.3 million since 2000. Read this

4-23 The DANGERS of cell tower signals.
Read this

4-22 Another perfect example of how the satanic cult protects itself via members in key positions. Read this

4-17 Is Benjamin Fulford a fraud? It's possible. You be the judge. Read this

4-17 Insight and testimony from David Shurter, a survivor raised in a satanic/luciferian family. Watch this

4-17 Arcturians: Interesting material for consideration about God, religion, and looking within. Read this

4-16 NASA ADMITS spraying lithium chemtrails. Read this
- Deutsche Bank ADMITS it rigged gold prices. Read this
- Wells Fargo MegaBank ADMITS robbing US citizens and defrauding the US government for decades. Read this

4-16 Natural News: The 20 biggest cancer lies. Read this
- DeNiro: Let people see VAXXED and decide for themselves.Read this
- COSTCO moves to increase ORGANIC food supply. Read this

4-16 Get to know the term GROUPTHINK.
Read this

4-14 Goode and Wilcock expose the Dark Fleet and more on reptilian beings. Read this

4-14 Fulford's weekly intel post is positive. Read this

4-10 Understanding mind control: the purpose and people behind it, different techniques and types of control. Read this

4-9 Bilderberg Group annual meeting set for June 9-12 in Dresden, Germany. Click here

4-6 Cobra: Key Goddess vortex in Syria needs our help again. Read this

4-6 An interesting take on the Khazarian Mafia. Read this
- Intel disses Sphere Beings. What to believe?! Read this

4-5 Wilcock: The Panama Toilet Papers. What's this REALLY all about? Read this

4-4 Dr. Michael Salla: "Hidden Hand" reveals ET factor in illumiNOTi control of Earth. Questionable aspects in the theory and don't discard Icke just yet! Read this
Somewhat related: another reference to Lucifer. Read this

4-4 Fulford's weekly post: War in Turkey to end Kharzarian mafia rule? Read this  Related: Read last paragraph Read this
- From last week : Timely! satan worshipers being exposed for all to see. Read this

4-4 Former Bush top military official confirms that war is a racket based on corporate interests! Read this

4-3 Temple of Baal (satan) structure reproductions debut in New York and London on April 19. Read this

3-26 The Killer Grid: How the population is manipulated using advanced technology and weaponry. Click here

3-26 Be aware of the "Voice of God" technology. Click here

3-25 Cobra planetary update. Encouraging!
Read this

3-25 Nixon advisor admits: "War on Drugs" was to criminalize blacks and hippies. Read this

3-23 Old 2011 video re-used in "Brussels bombing" lame stream media "news footage"! Click here   

3-23 Spot-on! 1981 movie "My Dinner with Andre" paints accurate picture of for an awakening world. Watch this  Full movie

3-23 New video special effects allows for high level of deception on TV news. Click here

3-23 Fulford video update. Hard to believe- Vatican and Britain have turned over a new leaf? We'll see. Click here

3-22 Zen Gardner chats with David Icke. Splendid! Do you have "intuitive knowing" yet? You can. Click here

3-20 Recent Hathors' message: Destabilization. Read this

3-19 Ex IRS Commissioner admits paying income tax is VOLUNTARY! Click here
No law exists that states you must pay income tax. Watch this

3-17 Information about other weather control techniques (engineered storms and super charged storms) and electronic war fare on the west coast. Click here

3-17 A tad bit humorous article: "What is going to happen to the cabal after The Event?"
Read this

3-17 Pretty good. Piecing things together. Intel overview. Read this

3-15 Keshe Foundation- satanic pedophile intel update. Listen! Interpol investigating network. Click here   Website

3-15 The numbers don't lie. Quite obvious... criminals protecting criminals. Study: 96% of the time, cops are NOT prosecuted. Read this

3-8 Cobra: first stage of Ascension Plan revealed. Click here

3-7 Birds of a feather. Think Trump is different from the others? Read this

3-7 The power of the mind and chi (energy) . Japanese Master demonstrates. Click here

3-6 "Sex Kitten" mind control programming. Watch this
- Superb explanation of how the luciferian network works throughout society. Click here

3-2 Benjamin Fulford's full weekly report.
Read this

2-28 Things are getting VERY interesting. Will the satanic ritual global pedophile network be the straw that breaks the camel's back for the cabal? Read this

2-27 Richie Allen with another splendid, non-graphic interview. This time with Sandra Fecht, a woman with great insight. Click here

2-27 Sick and depressing. Screw artificial intelligence/virtual reality! Read this

2-26 No surprise. Reputable victim ousts judge Scalia as a satanic ritual pedophile. Is there any doubt? Read this

2-21 On the money? Interesting intel about global financial reset. Read this

2-21 Very insightful and helpful guidance from the Arcturian Group. Read this   Another good message. Read this

2-20 Declassified KGB Nazi maps confirm existence of Antarctica subterranean civilization. Click here 

2-20 Was George Carlin murdered? Likely.
Watch this

2-18 Important situation update from Cobra.
Read this

2-18 EXCELLENT! This lady gets it! Sofia Smallstorm interview on how we consent to out own enslavement and much more. Click here

2-17 General Dunford, Admiral, and SC Judge Roberts avoid assassination attempts.
Click here
Deep Source Intel Situation Report. Read this

2-17 Ex-Top Secret clearance, US Naval Officer UFO Whistle Blower about to play a tune, release 1000's of files. Read this

2-16 Ted Talks: AYAHUASCA a.k.a. DMT a positive mind altering natural brew. Graham Hancock: Click here
Take a little trip. Click here

2-15 Looks like Scalia was murdered. Fulford's report includes intel on the New Republic and Vatican. Read this
Summary update: Read this
Remember, he pledged his allegiance to Rome, not the US constitutional republic.

2-15 Don't fall for it! Demonizing Russia and where it is planned to lead. Click here

2-13 Cosmic Disclosure: More info on inner Earth, the Law of One, and how creation works. Read this

2-13 Update on Burns, Oregon situation from Judge Darby. Click here
- Feds terrorize local citizens of Burns.
Click here
- Hillary Clinton and Oregon Governor in cahoots to grab uranium and gold. Read this

2-13 Rumors or legitimate intel on what is going on globally behind the scenes? Read this

2-11 Recent Mike Harris interview of Ben Fulford. Click here

2-11 Fair elections? Yeah right! How about corrupt, criminal, stolen, rigged, elections. Bingo! Click here

2-11 Examples of how the Lame Stream Media easily manipulates voters. Watch this

2-10 A Very interesting take on creation from a computer based perspective. Read this

2-10 (as usual) There's more to the story. Burns, OR/militia conflict truth being exposed.
Watch this    Watch this

2-9 Fulford's weekly report. Read this
Wilcock comment's on Fulford Report. Read this

2-9 More proof. satanic ritual abuse is a stark reality, as is the FACT that a satanic cult rules the world. Read this

2-7 Learn about Rothschild Zionism- the jerks behind money and war. Click here

2-6 The brilliant Jordan Maxwell unravels a deep explanation of the elites' God....aka Zeus, a demonic being. Click here
Related: The evil, controlling beings/force we face and how to defeat it. Read this

2-6 BUMMER! Astronaut and courageous truth revealers Edgar Mitchell dies at age 85.
Read this

2-4 Don't fall for the Zika virus hoax! Read this

2-1 Fulford: Full report: The Empire STRIKES OUT. Kharzarian mafia is failing. Read this

2-1 How medical fraud is destroying your (our) health. Read this

1-31 The CIA coined the term "Conspiracy Theory" in 1967 with specific instructions on how to discredit and cover-up the truth. 
Click here

1-31 Judge Anna explains US history and the diabolical court system. Americans free at last? Read this

1-27 NEW! Chemtrail and HAARP forecasting website! Click here

1-27 Here's a nice overview of what has been, and is, transpiring to defeat the global Kharzarian mafia. Read this

1-23 True or false? No way to verify this world changing intel but it certainly is possible that much of it is true. Read this

1-19 Fulford: details of the global revolution continue. Full article. Read this

1-15 An Icke classic explains the difference between Jews and Zionists. Learn the US politicians/officials who are Rothchild Zionists. Click here

1-13 Interesting. Idaho militia initiates peaceful negotiation with FBI, Sheriff, and militia in Burns, Oregon. Click here

1-13 Fulford: World revolution continues to unfold. Read this
Wilcock comments of Fulford intel. Read this

1-12 Global commerce has come to a halt.
Read this

1-12 Feature film unravels conspiracy of holistic doctors deaths. Click here

1-11 Cobra with a situation update. Read this

1-10 Corporate greed led to massive menthane gas disaster in Burbank, CA... won't be sealed until March. Read this

1-9 In your face CARTOON taunts and threatens us about the Illuminati! Click here

1-7 Get it yet??? Cops are criminals and the "criminal justice system" is run by criminals. Police field drug test kits test positive almost every time! Click here

1-6 Very, very good interview with David Wilcock starts at the 3:00 mark. Find time for this one! Click here

1-4 No accident! L.A. methane leak biggest disaster since BP Gulf oil planned disaster. Click here

1-4 Fulford: Full article. Big push to end mafia rule this year. Read this


1-4 Chicken shit Boy George Bush cancels trip to Europe to avoid arrest. Read this

1-3-16 Cobra update. Read this

1-3-16 Another natural cure for cancer.
Read this

1-1-16 Weather controlled. 17 million people face flooding. Click here


12-30-15 Fulford complete weekly post.
Read this

12-30 How the Vatican created Islam. Read this

12-30 How big oil conquered the world.
Watch this

12-26 Nice news: Protecting Animals. It's a start but not nearly enough. Click here

12-24 Missing 13th Amendment found. The  entire criminal justice system is FRAUD, illegal, and unlawful. Read this

12-24 Let's see if there's anything to this. Court ruling: Bush administration can be sued for crimes during war on terror.
Note: No date on the original post makes this suspicious.
Click here

12- 24 Fulford's full weekly report. Read this 
Cobra's 12-20 Solar System Update. Read this

12-20 The Rothschild owned The Economist Magazine 2016 cover. Interpret it carefully. Click here

12-20 Understanding staged events and "active shooter and terror drills". Click here

12-16 Is it possible that this will bring down the diabolical BAR ASSOCIATION? Click here
- Judge Anna continues her pursuit, calls for US Marshals to arrest Congress and President. Read this

12-16 Six minutes of David Icke from 2010. He states 2016 is likely the year for change, not 2012. Click here

12 16 Fulford's weekly FULL report from 12-15-15. Read this   
ll report- audio version. Click here

12-13-15 Solar System/Planetary update from Cobra.
Read this

12-13 Just a matter of time before Scum Hillary is busted? Read this

12-13 Was Pearl Harbor a staged event?? Most likely. Click here
- Helping people understand Staged Events. More evidence. Read this

12-13 MOI has never been certain about the validity of Neil Keenan. Let's have faith there is something to this. Read this

12-12 Everything's crashing (financial markets). We've heard this before. Let's see this time.

Read this

12-8 This week's Fulford Report in its entirety. Read this

12-7 Sobering analysis about Putin and BRICS being part of the same old globalist (cabal) agenda. Read this

12-7 Insightful message from Max Igan- A Storm is Coming. Click here

12-6 War is good for business/profits.
Read this
- How precise are so-called "precision weapons"? Read this
- 250,000 already dead in Syria. US, France, and Britain now joining in to "bomb ISIL" or sabotage Russia from getting the job done? Read this
- You can help! Visualize this over Syria AND Iraq! Click here

12-5 Unbelievable? Reptilian Dick Cheney recently murdered 46 children. Believe it. Global child trafficking network must be stopped!
Click here    More from Tory Smith Watch this

12-5 More startling absolute truths about chemtrails. The chemtrail flu. Read this
NASA scientist admits chemtrails are real and exposes flight facility. Click here    Watch this

12-5 David Icke: What it's really all about. The truth about the global warming/climate change scam.
Click here

12-5 San Bernardino staged event shooting exposed. Click here   Click here    Click here

12-5 Beware the danger of the new flu shot.
Click here

12-5 the real ISIL black market oil scum bucket king pin: Bilal Erdogan. Click here 

12-3 MUST VIEW! Finally, up close photo evidence of chemtrail spraying equipment and aircraft. MOI has observed chemtrail planes for years using high powered binoculars.
The planes are ALWAYS plain WHITE. These photos verify it.
Click here

12-1 More good news! Fulford update FULL ARTICLE: Read this    Cobra update: Read this

11-30 CBS News Investigative Reporter exposes how LAME stream and social media brainwash the public via deception and lies. Click here

11-29 Excellent, short, easy-to-understand article. Six Truths about the War on Terrorism. Read this

11-29 David Icke explains the situation in the world and the push for WW3. Click here

11-29 Dr. Steven Greer expose' webinar from Nov. 21, 2015. Click here

11-29 Tom Henaghan intel. Today's post.
Read this

11-25 Flash! David Wilcock: Disclosure Showdown: The War for the Truth. Read this
- Fulford (full article); Khazarian mafia take down accelerating. Read this
 - Interview: Cobra and the Red Dragon Ambassador together. Click here

11-25 Update on mysterious activity/explosion at CERN particle collider. Click here

11-25 ARMED robocops provide "security" at soccer game. Check this out. Ridiculous.
Click here

11-22 EX CIA chief: Criminals Bush and Cheney concealed intel before 9/11. Read this

11-22 Insightful question! Why don't terrorists EVER strike, politicians, world leaders, public officials or the pope? Read this

11-22 Reality check. PROOF: US created/support terrorists trying to overthrow Syria.
Click here

11-21 Classic Carlin from 1988. Click here  

11-21 Interesting info within Star Trek episodes. Click here

11-17  Fulford weekly update (full article).
Click here
  Cobra update. Click here

11-16 What's next? Decipher the cover of The Economist magazine to find out. Paris attack was forecast.
Read this

11-15 Intel report from Heneghan. Read this

11-15 Open Letter to general Dunford. Must read! Click here

11-15 More about the real reason behind Paris attacks. Read this


11-14 No surprise here. Clinton's top Hitman says Clintons are evil beyond imagination.
Click here

11-12 Divided loyalties inside the Pentagon. Military brass is waking up to the fact they've been duped and used. Read this

11-11 - Fulford: Bush Sr. negotiating surrender! Click here  Full article: Read this
Very good! Fulford radio interview from 11-3-15. Click here
- Related: Nuke missile launched off coast of CA. Click here 

11-8 German Reporter reveals all news is manipulated by governments and intelligence agencies. Click here
- HELP THESE PEOPLE!! Most horrific criminal action by police and FBI on innocent people. Click here
- ABSOLUTE MUST READ for EVERY HUMAN! Uniform Birth Number. (read all related links too) Read this

11-8 MOI welcomes new source of intel- Tom Heneghan. Intel on Russian plane crash and more. Read this

11-8 Doesn't look good... murder? Founder of RT News discovered dead in DC hotel. Read this

11-5 Here's what's going on in Canada. ITCCS investigations- while valid have yielded no concrete results yet. Read this

11-5 Our hero? General Joseph Dunford gets grilled by wimpy Lindsey Graham. Fulford says Dunford is the man. You be the judge.
Watch this

11-5 Is there really any doubt that vaccines are manufactured to purposefully be harmful? More evidence. Watch this

11-4 Transhumanism- stage one. Cell phones. It's so easy to spot, for those who have eyes to see. Read this

11-2 Coming to a head? Fulford's weekly report. Read this

10-29 Healthcare fraud! Respected Expert: "Perhaps half of all medical science is false." Read this


10-29 FAWNominal and Uplifting! THIS is what life is about. CARING and living from the heart. Click here

10-27 POSITIVE POWER OF PYRAMIDS! Results of Russian Scientists studies. Read this
10-27 Corey Goode with Part 1 the Secret Space Program (SSP): Read this

10-26 Ben Fulford's weekly report: Richard Armitage must be apprehended. Read this

10-25 "They control everything." New movie SPOTLIGHT exposes Catholic Church's global paedophile ring. Watch this

10-24 Bummer! Three Dog Night's Corey Wells dies at 74. Read this  Watch this   
Watch this version

10-23 A simple message from Dr. Steven Greer. Watch this

10-22 Syria update: Russia continues to kick ISIL ass. Read this  
- Cobra: Proxy Galactic War in Syria. Read this 
- Truth about Syria, Russia, US and ISIS.
Read this
-Russia using ET supplied weapons in Syria? You bet! Read this

10-20 This week's Fulford: Watch this  Read this

10-19 Dr. Steven Greer, May, 2015. Watch this  
Sept, 2015 Watch this  

10-18 Got cancer? Know someone who does? Watch The Truth About Cancer. Click here
Related: Chemo treated cancer patients die sooner than untreated. Read this

10-18 Thanks to Russia, ISIS is on the run!
Click here  Continue this visualization! Click here

10-18 Thoughts to ponder about food and sex from the Arcturians. Read this

10-16 Children (and adults) becoming HUNCHBACKS due to addiction of smart phones. Read this

10-16 Human Lab Experiment: Dangerous toxic LITHIUM is being sprayed over Oregon.
Read this

10-13 It IS happening! satanic global crime syndicate being brought to their knees! Fulford: Read this

10-8 PROOF that Oregon shooting is a HOAX. Watch this

10-7 Very detailed intel from Cobra! Read this
10-6 Fulford: Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumbles. Read this

10-1 A very good explanation about what's going on in Syria. Watch this 

9-29-15 Warning from Keen: Read this  

9-29 Jam packed report from Fulford: Read this

9-23 Wilcock: Spontaneous Ascension.
Read this

9-22 Benjamin Fulford's weekly post in its entirety/ Read this

9-20 Montague Keen: THIS IS IT. Brace yourself and be ready between now and the end of the month. Read this

9-21 Simon Parke's Sept. newsletter. Stock up! Read this

9-21 Passio breaks down the meaning of the seeing eye pyramid. Click here

9-20 The cowardice of pope francis and his agenda for his u.s. visit this week. Read this

9-20  An interesting video about a 2013 TV pilot, CERN, and 9-23. Click here
9-15 The HEAT is ON. Pope shortens U.S. visit. Read this

- Classic documentary exposes the Jesus fraud and religion for the control mechanism it is.
Click here

9-14 Fulford's full article from last week.
Read this   Today's excerpt: Read this

9-10 US/China war continues with chemical factory explosion in China. Click here

9-10 Recent Corey Goode intel. Read this   Radio interview: Click here

9-7 Lots of proof Allison Parker shooting was yet another hoax/psy op. pushing for gun control Click here   Click here   Click here   Click here   Click here

9-6 Montague Keen: What September holds. Read this

9-4 Fulford's weekly post. Read this

9-4 New Agenda 21? POOP, oops Pope, to roll out Agenda 2030 at UN. Don't be fooled.
Read this

9-4 GOOD! Russia to pass a law to dump the US dollar. Read this

9-4 Harmful effects of TV on the brain. Read this

9-4 Dutch discovers more disaster creating technology being used against Earth and humanity. Click here

9-2 Short video: Passio on the FALSE RELIGIONS of authority and money. Click here

8-29 Sept. 23-27: A Call to Action to stop the war criminal known as Pope Francis. Read this

8-29 Do you know prisons are a PRIVATE CORPORATION? Prisons to sue states unless they get more inmates for FREE LABOR.
Read this

8-29 Recent posts:
- An interesting read- Who are the Allied Forces? Read this

- Fulford update from 8-19 about China blast (cyber warfare). Read this

- MUST SEE Veronica Keen interview on
LEY LINES!! Click here

- Apricot seeds heal cancer! Read this  
Watch this

8-29 Sept. 23-27: A Call to Action to stop the war criminal known as Pope Francis. Read this

8-29 Do you know prisons are a PRIVATE CORPORATION? Prisons to sue states unless they get more inmates for FREE LABOR.
Read this

8-25 Wilcock: Terrifying Global Events- Triggers for Mass Awakenings? Read this

8-25 China retaliates in WAR with US. Read this
Previous post: 8-20 US ALREADY at war with China. Examining the Tianjin explosion.
Read this

8-23 Finally! The Pillars of Light appear!
Click here
Explanation: Read this   Click here   Click here

8-9 ALUMINUM is causing dementia in far too many people, bees, and whales. Listen here

8-9 David Icke: The Arrogance of Ignorance. Click here

8-9 Cop Watch. Do not TRUST COPS. Four cops arrested for torturing youth camp children.
Click here

8-9 Revisitng fluoride. The Nazi Connection: Fluoride is about control. Click here   
Click here   Click here

8-8 From where does money come? The fraud of bank credit. Read this

8-6 Cobra update. More good news. Read this

8-5 Fulford: Nuclear terror plot thwarted. Mass arrests on 8-8?? Click here    Read this

8-5 You just can't get too much Mark Passio. 7-16 interview's a dandy! Click here  

8-5 Corey Goode with Part 2 of his briefing. Very interesting! Read this 

8-5 EXPLOSIVE: Reason behind why holistic doctors are being murdered. Click here

8-2 "They Live" star Roddy Piper dead at 61. Natural death or murder? Thanks Roddy. We pray for your highest good! Watch this
They Live clip: Watch this
8-1 Nation's first fast ORGANIC food drive is so popular it has people lined up through the doors. Click here

8-1 The real Dick/War Criminal and Halliburton are suing the Iraq war veterans they poisoned.
Read this

8-1 Carl Jung on synchronicity. Read this

- World's FIRST anti-propaganda Search Engine! It bans government and corporate disinfo.
Click here

7-7 Fulford: Greek vote continues pressure on western oligarchy to surrender. Read this

7-5 More good news! Info packed Planetary Update from Cobra. Click here
- Greeks referendum vote is official: NO! Read this

7-5-15 Meet Simon Adkins and hear his take on things. Click here    
Short overview of interview. Click here

5-28 David Icke: Fundamental to understand.
Click here

5-26 There are NO WAR HEROES! Hell on Earth: revisiting WW2. Pure HATRED. Do NOT honor the military! Hell Storm the documentary.  Watch this
5-24 Keen's weekly post. Pope to visit US on 9-24. Read this
Related: ITCCS asks cops to arrest Pope.
Read this

5-17 A nice little article with tips on how to try to discern truth. Read this 

5-7 The TRUTH about the ISRAELI MASS MURDER MACHINE. Click here

5-4 Are you open minded? You better be. Complex potential truth of Earth's history. View this outline from David Wilcock's recent seminar presentation. Click here
Related: The Cabal explained. The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 "Royal" Families.
Read this

5-4 Great article! Israel/Rothchild empire is under attack! Read this

5-4 Fulford's weekly behind the scenes update: Chaos in the US. The Fed is dead. Read this

5-2 Extremely important that everyone understands the information contained in this article! The USA is a CORPORATION. Read this

4-28 Benjamin Fulford's weekly report.
Read this
Fulford: US Corporation is BANKRUPT. Read this  Related: Jade Helm military ops and WALMART. Read this

4-28 Health Watch: Why TRUST doctors?
- Cancer fraudulently diagnosed for PROFIT.
Read this
- 10 vaccine facts everyone should know.
Read this

4-28 FBI admits fudged forensics for decades. Read this

4-26 This Arcturian message strikes a chord. Read this

4-26 Dementia treatment breakthrough in 2017? Read this

4-20 May Day! 13 Days of preparation: Dark Occult April 19- May 1. Read this

4-20 The 80 people with as much money as HALF OF HUMANITY! Read this

4-20 Government is THEFT. Read this

4-15 A 4 pack of short videos:
- The latest from Little Grandmother: Big changes. Click here
- Agartha: The Hollow Inner Earth. Click here
- The Fibonnacci Sequence in all its glory.
Click here

- Agartha: The Hollow Inner Earth. Click here
- Airplane passenger films UFO orbs. Click her

4-13 PRIME COLLECTION of recent posts:

12 Cops are CRIMINALS. Need MORE proof? This cop admits it. And of course the department LIES and protects him- as always. Click here

4-9 As it should be! Smile! Millionaire builds free new luxury condo village for people of his hometown. Click here

4-4 William (Bill) Cooper knew- straight forward and blunt. Cheesy TV show (no Internet then) but his statements were on target. Click here

4-4 TWO GREAT Twilight Zone episodes offer deep insight.
The Hunt aka What the Hell? Click here
The Obsolete Man. Click here

4-4 An interesting article about duality.
Read this

3-31-15 Fulford: World Federation just about in place. Read this

3-31-15 Keen: The TRUTH about Ireland.
Read this

3-25 The brave, long time exposer of truth Cathy O'Brien explains CIA MK Ultra mind control. The same clowns are behind it (Ford, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) Click here

3-24 Review: Jeff Rense- A reminder about DUMBS. (Deep Underground Military Bases). Click here

3-23 Our friends, the Clintons. Bill Clinton Rapes. Watch this
The Clinton Conspiracy. Watch this
Bill and Hillary- Pure Evil. Watch this

3-22 The convoluted, damn near impossible to figure out, diabolical system that has enslaved Americans. True history.
Read this

3-17 Fulford: Get ready! All signs point to cabal rule is ending.
Read this  Wilcock comments: Read this

3-16 Keen: The history of Ireland and Irish Wisdom revealed. READ THIS

3-15 A very well written and viable scenario of the history and status of Earth. Read this

Click here

3-15 Here is Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM from 2-25-15 at the 40:00 mark. Click here

3-15 Time to fine tune your truth detector. Are we being duped again? Consider this and the links. Read this

3-15 Truth in plain sight. TV humor used to discredit the truth about the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller circa 1981. View this spot-on excerpt. Click here

3-15 Classic Star Trek. Watch this episode carefully. Click here 

3-11 Got the chemtrail FLU? Diabolical Chemtrail Crimes: Learn about the nano-fibers and other contents of chemtrails. Click here

3-11 An interesting article about TRUTH and DISCERNMENT. Read this

3-11 A world WITHOUT money is very possible and practical. This is how it's done! Read this

3-10 Fulford reports about a soon-to-be Black Swan event. Read this

3-10 Keen: Ireland is the key. Send love and light to London. Read this

3-10 Read Cobra's latest. Forgiveness necessary! Read this

3-2 Fulford/Wilcock report: VERY INTERESTING.
Read this

3-1 Montague Keen: London ley lines are important. Read this

2-24 Fulford: CIA under lockdown, cabal pockets still remain. Read this  Repost: 1-10 Rothchild owned The Economist magazine cover for 2015. Examine it and decode the symbolism. Click here

2-23-15 Documentary on the axis of evil, the Jesuits.
Watch this

2-21 For those of you who haven't yet, meet Tom Kenyon and check out his website. Watch this  Website

2-21 Cobra with intel on the Dragon family/history. Read this

2-17 Fulford weekly post. Momentum to defeat cabal intensifies. Read this

2-15 REPEAT, REPEATEDLY: I DO NOT CONSENT. Keen with a solid message. Read this

2-13 Interesting. Putin threatens to release satellite evidence of 9/11, proof of US government complicity. Read this

2-12 AVOID CHEMO! Study: Chemo cancer patients die sooner than if left untreated. Odds of getting cancer has increased from 1 in a 100 to 1 out of 3. Read this

2-9 - SHIT IS hitting the fan! Lots of it! Fulford's weekly message. Read this

2-8 Montague Keen's weekly message. Read this

2-7 New info surfaces about chemtrails from whistle blower pilot. INVISIBLE chemtrails now being sprayed. Click here

2-7 Big time evil in Saudi Arabia. Watch this

2-7 Israel's (Zionists) control over the U.S. Learn about "The Pledge". FF to 12:30 mark. Click here

2-2 Fulford: Progress continues to be made against the cabal. Read this 

2-2 Makes sense! Chemtrails are coal ash!
Click here

2-1 Veterans' Today: George Bush Sr. (MOLECH) Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress.   Read this
- List of famous satanist, pedophiles. Click here
- Bohemian Grove, George Bush, and satanism.   Read this

2-1 MAN- a short animated video which is an accurate depiction of our unacceptable behavior. Watch this

1-29 Meet Marcus. Click here

1-24 Crop circles and sacred geometry.
Watch this

1-24 The Ambassador talks with Ron Van Dyke.
Click here

1-18 Pray for those in Nigeria! Massacre must be stopped. Click here

1-18 Save the Rainforest. Boycott Doritos.
 Watch this

1-18 A thought provoking message about trust and blind faith from the Arcturians. Read this

1-17 The brilliant Max Igan- excerpt from a recent radio interview about the status of the world.
Click here His website: Click here

1-17 What will it take people? Open thy eyes! Disgusting cops sexually molest woman in family court. Watch this

1-17 Homeless, orphaned children chained to posts in preparation of Pope Francis visit to the Philippines. Read this

1-17 Forty four reasons cell phones cause cancer. Read this

1-13 Are you paying attention? Criminal cops STEAL money. Folks, this is common. ALL cops are thieves and thugs. Watch this
Related: Good news! Asset seizure by local/state police banned! Read this

1-11 Minnesota Mom arrested for saving son's life. TAKE ACTION! Call these santanic bastards. Click here
1-11 Kevin Annett video update/2015 New Year message. Click here
Interview from 12-9-14. Click here 

1-10 Rothchild owned The Economist magazine cover for 2015. Examine it and decode the symbolism. Click here

1-10 Mind control and satanism in Hollywood. The horrific story of a 1968 Playboy Playmate. Read this

1-8 The Ambassador makes strong statements.
Click here
Ron Van Dyke with a message for the Pope.
Click here

1-5 Keen: Jesuits caused a problem in December delaying the Light plan. Dark lost space battle and will exit via Ukraine. Read this

1-5 Skepticism dissected. Short video for unawakened naysayers. Geoff Byrd's The Tenth Man. Watch this

1-5 Old but relevent. Biggest military computer hack of all time! Man hacked U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, DoD, and NASA, in search or free energy technology, found evidence of ET technology, ET "officers" and more. Read this

1-1-15 Italian documentary blows the lid off of the secret war of chemtrails. Click here


12-29-14 David Wilcock with a new interview. Main topics: targeted assassinations, new ET intel. Click here More Wilcock: Click here

12-28 Montague Keen's weekly message.
Read this

12-23 Help! Wayne Co. Ohio Humane Society is BAD to the bone. Corruption and cruelty at its worst. Click here

12-23- WHO OWNS AMERICA?? Watch this   Part 2

12-21 Be a divergent (mind)! Draw your own conclusions based on presented/available information. Watch this

12-23 Understanding the Archon effect continued. More from Robert Stanley. Click here

12-17 Exposing what lies beneath the dead bodies of bankers and what lies ahead for us. Read this

12-6 We CAN do it! Acts of kindness help change this world. Watch this

11-30 Montague Keen's weekly update. Christ came to Earth but not Jesus. Read this

11-30 What is a Human? Also, who are "they"? Mind control techniques. International Best-Selling Author, retired MD, and previously acting Surgeon General of Finland, Dr. Raundi Kilde interview. Click here

11-28 More breaking news from Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Click here

11-28 Example for all countries! Sweden: only 1% of trash ends up in landfills! Click here

11-28 Be aware of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) radiation health risks, especially to children.
Click here

11-23 Montague Keen: Read this The key to our enslavement is children's sexual energy. Learn about ley lines! Read this

11-23 Truth IS stranger than fiction! COMPLEX and MIND BLOWING! There is so much more going on that we know nothing of or understand. This is like the movies Terminator, The Matrix, and Manturian Candidate all rolled into one! Rothchild family member discusses her life, torture, the elite, the Vatican, and ETs. Watch and read these in sequence.
1) Click here
2) Read this
Click here
4) Related: Underground bases and ETs.
Read this

11-22 Jefferey Jaxen speaks about hemp oil, GMO's and why he thinks the game is up for Monsanto. Click here

11-18 Courageous Kevin Annett provides update on Canadian child trafficking including judges and archbishops. Click here

11-16 Montague Keen: To repeat... NOTHING is as it seems! Read this

11-15 Proof positive! HAARP + CHEMTRAILS = POLAR VORTEX! Great diagnosis and explanation. Click here

- People can no longer use the LAME cop out "What can I do about it?" Each of us can make a difference!
Read this

- Red Dragon Family Ambassador interview with Q&A from 11-5-14. Click on "Latest Show". Click here

11-15 Max Igan: The state of the world is beyond ridiculous. Governments are war criminals. Let's arrest them. Watch this

11-15 An interesting lil' diddy from Jim Carrey bout the illumi-nutty. Watch this

Watch and read this!! Foster Gamble: Is the value of money about to change? James Gilliland ~ The Awakening And Healing Of Humanity & Earth. Click here

11-9 More good stuff from the Ambassador of Red Dragon Family. Click here

11-9 Montague Keen's weekly message.
Read this

11-9 Now THIS is GOOD NEWS! CA votes to release non-violent prisoners. Read this

11-2 A serious warning from Montague Keen.
Read this

11-2 A recap of David Icke's 10 hour presentation from last Saturday in front of 12,000 at Wembley Arena. Click here

11-1 This is how it's done! STAND your ground. Make them stop and THINK what they are doing. Watch this
- Rancher Bundy stands his ground. Watch this

11-1 Boycott the Red (double) Cross: a corporate fleecing operation. Just another scam!
Read this

11-1 YOU! ME! ALL OF US....Powered by quantum mechanics biology! Read this

- Reliable info! Red Dragon Family Ambassador interview. Click on "Latest Show"
Listen here

10-31 The Hathors with a urgent message and a helpful sound meditation. Click here

10-31 Kevin Annett video global and ITCCS update. Click here

10-31 The corporate controlled media and their brainwashing techniques. Read this

10-31 Just the tip of the iceburg as to what technology exists. Portable water powered generator. Watch this

10-29 Fulford: The battle for planet Earth is reaching a climax. Read this

10-29 Learn about the highly deceptive court/"legal" system with Kurt Kallenbach. FF to the 42.00 mark. Click here

10-27 What is love? Read this

10-27 Word games used by politicians and "officials". Click here

10-25 Aluminum poisoning may trigger Alzheimer's disease claims professor.
Read this

10-24 This may be HUGE! Proof the corporation known as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA no longer exists! Read this

10-24 Wednesday night's interview with the Red Dragon Family Ambassador was attempted to be hacked BIG TIME. Watch this

10-20 Fulford: Multiple sources report Dragon Family take over of the Federal Reserve Board. Read this
Radio interview referred to in the above video.
Click here
(To hear the Ambassador, fast forward to 32:00 mark)

10-18 Proven: Conspiracy (truths) Theorists more sane than naysayers! Read this

10-18 Cops admit that they think they're above the law. Watch this

10-14 Boycott evil Monsanto and their GMOs... not very easy to do. See this long list of all Monsanto companies. Read this
Monsanto reports $156 million loss in 4th quarter. Read this

10-14 German journalist and author admits to, and exposes, extensive media propaganda (outright lies). Watch this

10-14 Is it real? Seems so. The history of NESARA. Read this
(National Economic Security & Reformation Act)

10-14 Unacceptable! Half of the world's wild animal population has disappeared over the last 40 years! Read this

10-13 The EBOLA SCAM. Proof the virus is spread via VACCINES GIVEN BY THE RED CROSS, not person-to-person.
Four main REAL reasons behind the Ebola scare. Read this

10-13 Fulford: Weather warfare is taking place. Who really controls the evil global crime syndicate/cabal? Read this

10-9 Debt = Slavery. Learn about the monetary system established in the US by the bankers. Thank the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, JP Morgan, Paul Warburg and their offspring for all the wars and misery suffered in the world. Watch this

10-9 Health watch: Alzheimers disease linked to pineal gland calcification from fluoride in the drinking water. Read this
Earthing: the magical healing art of Mother Nature. Read this

10-9 Short Infowars interview with Ex CIA agent. Watch this
Another 3 minute excerpt. Watch this

10-8 LIST of UNDERGROUND BASES (86) in the U.S. Read this
(Most or all of them have been reported to have been cleared)

10-6 Fulford: White Hats must make key strategic move now. Read this
Related: Interview with Scott Bennett.
Watch this

Related: RT usually seems reliable but....Video footage of supposed typhoon in Japan. Real or psy-op? Watch this

10-4 Testimony about craft and Greys from dying CIA officer. Watch this 
KGB film of Greys Watch this

10-4 ITCCS update: Suspicious death of police officer.  Read this

9-30 Benjamin Fulford with a lengthy weekly report, full of much info. This world is truly insane! Read this

9-30-14 A Michael Tsarion gem from 2010. Talk about well spoken! Lengthy but worth your time. Part 1... Watch this

9-29 Arrests made! 30 children saved. ITCCS/Interpol and police make more real headway to bring down satanic network in Vatican, monarchies, and Cargill. Kevin Annett explains. Click here 

9-29 BINGO! See if this strikes a chord with you. A message from the Arcturian Group.
Read this

9-29 Quantum physics: Nothing is solid and everything is energy. Read this

9-29 Bought journalism: CIA pays western media for spin and bias. Watch this

9-26 David Icke with encouraging words.
Click here

9-26 Isis and the CIA- connected at the hip.
Watch this

9-23 Keen and Fulford's weekly messages. More promising intel! Click here:  Keen   
Cabal surrender is imminent. Fulford

9-23 BOYCOTT THE NFL... A $97 BILLION NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. Commissioner Roger Godell 2013 income: $44 Million dollars. Read this  Read this

9-23 We are tampered with and deceived on every level, even music scales! Watch this

- Pope admits that Christianity is fake.
Watch this
- Vatican admits that Jesus is NOT returning (he was just drunk when he aid it). Read this
- LOST (omitted) BOOKS of the bible. Watch this
- Advisor to Pope exposes bible fraud.
Read this
- The bible is not infallable. What is the church trying to hide? Read this
- Christianity/Catholicism in free fall decline.
Read this
- George Carlin: Religion is Bullshit!

9-21 Awesome! Man does random check on cops. Watch this

9-21 Who believes WHO (World Health Organization)?? 15 Syrian children die from measles vaccinations. Read this

9-21 Hillary Clinton aide blocked pedophile investigation. Read this  Testimony of pedophile victim exposes major pedophile network in Australia. Read this

9-21 Playing both sides of the coin. Understanding ISIS. CIA trains both sides. Read this

9-21 Scotland's independence vote supposedly fails: Corruption and vote fraud. Read this
Video evidence of vote count tampering:
Watch this
More video evidence: Watch this
UK in panic mode over Scotland. Read this

9-21 More proof (from 1969!) on the hidden agenda against humanity, Watch this

9-21 Florida prison system succumbs and fires 32 guards after many inmate deaths. Read this

9-16 Kevin Annett assassination attempt! ITCCS.ORG 

9-16 Mystery streak of light over western states. Click here

9-16 Criminal US cops continue their piracy extorting $2.5 BILLION from Canadian travelers. Watch this

9-16 Damn sure the truth about the Israeli slaughter of thousands of innocent Palestinians from a former soldier. Watch this

9-16 BANNED! (but not in the US.) Learn these 6 harmful ingredients of which you are likely unaware. Read this

9-16 Chicken farms systematically feed doses of antibiotics to flocks. Read this

9-15 Fulford: Nazionist losing, EU surrendering.

Read this

9-14 Montague Keen's weekly message. " It is time to make a new start and enjoy life on Earth, not just endure it." Read this

9-13 The US dollar and geopolitics: The real reasons Syria and Russia are being targeted. Watch this

9-12 Long list of virologists mysteriously being killed or "suicided". Read this

9-12 Honest cop leaves force due to co-worker harrassment after testifying against other corrupt cops. Watch this

9-12 Icke: The true background on the war in Syria. FF to the 4:00 mark. Watch this

9-10 Hospitals... Steer clear of them! Read this

9-9 MOI likes today's channeled message from Sheldan Nidle. Read this

9-8 Fulford's weekly update: No mass arrests but some untimely deaths may have meaning.
Read this

9-4 David Wilcock response to Fulford 9-2 update. Read this

9-4 Military Attorney resigns in protest of US torture of prisoners, and military court "dog and pony show". Read this

9-4 US creates chaos in Libya. 11 jets stolen.
Click here

9-1 Check out this site thoroughly! Click here See David Wilcock's latest comments- Click here and scroll down. Read Open Letter to Agents of the Crown! Click here

9-1 Are we close to the positive breakthrough? Fulford's weekly report seems to indicate so!
Read this
Wilcock comments from last week. Read this

9-1 Night video and day time photos of UFO over LaCrosse WI. Click here

8-31-14 NEW video and article! Urgent update about Kevin Annett's trip to Ireland/Europe. Click here

8-31 David Icke- OPEN YOUR MINDS to accept and understand the actuality of what is transpiring! Please spread this to the unawakened. Watch this

8-31 Jeff Rense- a short excerpt of recent interview. Telling it like it IS! Click here

8-30 US aid to Israel.. the REAL DEAL.
Watch this

8-30 Expert: AIDS and EBOLA are man made.
Read this

8-30 Getting the picture? Murderous Criminal Cops continue their barrage, shoot unarmed white teen 16 times. Click here

8-26 Fulford's global update: Cabal is a dieing lion. Read this

8-26 Irish Senator is right on with his comments about human rights and his condemning of Israel and the US! Inspiring! Click here

8-21 Gotta love reliogion! Rich TV Evangelist Con Artists- a BILLION DOLLAR industry. Jesus is Lord! Amen! Watch this

8-21 Hey people! Do you understand?? Cops are the BAD guys and are OUT-OF-CONTROL! Criminal cop threatens to kill Journalist with a machine gun in Ferguson, MO. Watch this

8-21 Drought? The engineered incineration of California. Read this

8-20 Shoot to kill criminal cops. Autopsy reveals unarmed Brown was shot 6 times! Ever notice that cops are rarely held accountable for their unlawful brutality?
Read this

8-19 Kevin Annett and Common Law Grand Juries making significant progress; this time against satanic ritual sacrafices. Watch this

8-19 Predictive Programming: Let's look at Robin Williams apparent suicide. Watch this  

8-19 Dark occult numerology. Be aware of it! Watch this  Watch this too

8-17 A lengthy message from Montague Keen.
Read this

8-17 As always, well said by David Icke. Listen and pass it on. Click here

8-17 An insightful message by the Arcturian Group. Read this

8-10 Montague Keen's uplifting weekly message. Read this

8-10 If Ebola is not just a fear mongering psyop, and it is a real virus, there is a treatment for it, and here it is. Read this

8-10 Spot-on! The elite TV news anchor, center of the psyop (psychological operation) and propaganda. Read this

8-10 Cars can run on gas fumes/vapor alone.
Watch this

8-10 Organite protects you from chemtrails and EMF (electro magnetic frequencies). Watch this

8-5 Benjamin Fulford with an interesting perspective on recent history of the ongoing battle for this planet. Read this

8-5 Snowden reveals scale of US aid to Israel.
Read this
Related: UK Foreign Office Minister resigns over "morally indefensible" Gaza policy.
Read this

8-3 Weekly message from Montague Keen. Get a good chuckle out of the first paragraph... just imagine the reaction of those on board and the cabal! Read this

8-3 LOVE is the ANSWER. Understanding what LOVE truly is. The Acturian Group explain LOVE in detail. Read this

8-2 It's SO IMPORTANT to understand that PSYCHOPATHS run this world. Help others to understand this! David Icke explains the definition and it's impact on society. Click here

8-2 Listen to David Wilcock's recent radio interview... The Global Initiation. Click here    On Coast to Coast AM July 31, 2014. Begins at 11:00 mark. Click here

Revisiting "Paul is dead".  
Watch this  Watch this    Watch this

7-31 Will this make YOU CRY too? It should make us all weep. Click here

7-31 The above post is evidence of a wave of transformational change. Read this

7-31 Flight MH17 cover-up of failed false flag.
Click here

7-31 Mr. Vaccine- Bill Gates, at it again.
Read this

7-29 Missle? What missle? Downed Malaysian jet... this news report was pulled by the BBC. Watch this

7-28 UK will try to delay VIP paedophile revelations. Ah-huh- makes sense. But maybe, just maybe, they won't get away with it this time. Come on truth vibrations! Read this

7-28 The AWAKENING continues! Global protests against Israel's murder of Palestinians. Click here
Israel Army members refuse to fight in Gaza.
Read this

7-22 Fulford: Boy George Bush, Netanyahu, and others to be arrested soon. Read this
7-22 Ten outcomes from last week's BRICS Summit. Read this

7-22 UNACCEPTABLE! Israel's slaughter in Gaza/Palestine must end NOW. Fletchette bombs being used on innocent people.
Read this

7-21 Montague Keen's weekly message from 7-20. Read this

7-21 Six reasons to question the official story of the downed Malaysian flight in Ukraine.
Read this

Bizarre account of plane crash bodies.
Read this

7-16 Woman tries to make citizen's arrest on Dick Cheney on live C-Span broadcast. Producer cuts to black. Watch this

7-15 Gotta LOVE IT! This one's a real beauty! Fulford's weekly behind the scenes report. Cabal on last leg. Read this

7-13 Believe it and spread the word. Satanists and psychopaths are behind all that ails this world.
Proof of satanists. Read this  Can ("world leader") psychopaths be cured? Read this

7-13 BE AWARE! Eleven tactics used by main (lame) stream media to deceive the masses. Read this

7-13 Kevin Annett on Alex Jones from July 9, 2014. Global elitists paedophile ring continues to be exposed. FF to 1:57:00 mark. Click here

7-13 Lindsey Willians... full of propaganda shit or on-target? We'll have to wait and see (from December 2013) Click here

7-9 MUST HEAR! Exquisite speech from 2012 by Sacha Stone: Address to our International "Leaders". Click here 

 7-8 On the threshold? Fulford's weekly report contains promising news. Read this

7-7 The POWER of Common Law Grand Juries!
Watch this Visit: National Liberty Alliance.
Click here

7-7 Montague Keen weekly message.
Click here

7-5 The depth of the illusion is amazing. No doubt about it... "Michelle" Obama is a man. Watch this   Part 2

7-4 Ever heard of Jim Willie? Check him out and try to follow all of this. Very interesting! Click here

7-4 The Hidden Secrets of Money. Fundamental to know. Watch this

7-4 Shots in the Dark. Documentary on vaccines. Watch this

7-4 Fulford's weekly report. Read this

6-28 More on ISIS:
The goal of ISIS: Start WW3. Watch this
Their global takeover map. Read this
What does the acronym ISIS actually mean?
Read this

6-28 Greenpeace and two other groups join forces, fly airship over NSA to protest illegal spying. Read this

6-26 Frank Zappa "GOT IT". A man ahead of his time who figured it out and was outspoken. Watch these Zappa interview videos. He died at 54....hmmmm- murder?
Beware of Video News Releases (VNR) pointed out in part 1. Watch this   Watch this


6-24 Fulford: Big plays by Rockefellers and Rothchilds in Ukraine and Iraq (ISIS) have Putin/Russia on the defensive. Read this

6-24 GREAT commencement speech by Jim Carrey. Humorous yet with profound insight. Watch this

6-22 Icke explains "terrorist" groups and ISIS.
Watch this
More on ISIS...
White House will launch air strikes anywhere.
Read this
Splitting up Iraq, it's all for Israel. Read this

6-22 Potential upcoming False flag: craigslist ad in Houston seeks CRISIS ACTORS for July 4th. Read this

6-19 Important information from Cobra about ISIS. Sneaky Cabal at it again! Read this

6-17 Benjamin Fulford's weekly report. 133 nations banding together leading to a big announcement? Read this

6-17 Alex Jones with a splendid speech.
Watch this

6-16 Montague Keen: Something's brewing on June 20 and 22. (Summer solstice is June 21) Read this

6-16 Toxic lead being sprayed in the skies. Read this

6-15 BREAKING NEWS. Another dispicable story. 800 Irish babies ritualistically dismembered and decapitated by Catholic Church, Dutch and Belgian, royal families (Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult ). George Soros involved. Children drugged and hunted down for sport.
Kevin Annett interview. Watch this 
More: Read this     Read this

6-15 Very interesting. David Rockefeller's son, Richard, dies in plane crash on Friday the 13th.
Click here

6-11 A classic Twilight Zone: To Serve Man. Accurate except for the ending? Hilarious!  Watch this

6-10 Finally? An information packed report from Ben Fulford. All the signs point to positive change looming. Read this

6-10 Planetary situation update from Cobra.
Read this

6-10 Keen's weekly comments. Take action!
Read this

6-8 An insightful message from the Arcturian Group. Read this

6-7 Are you a Wanderer (FF to 15:00 mark)? David Wilcock, the incarnation of Edgar Cayce? Watch this

6-7 Benjamin Fulford's weekly "behind the scenes" update. Read this

6-1 Montague Keen: Ireland's the key. Read this

6-1 Report: All cars since 2008 can be remote controlled... sometimes used for "clean-kill" assassinations. Read this

6-1 Truthseeker on RT Truthvision! People are much more aware of false flags and psychopath "leaders". Watch this

5-31 Listen to a fine interview with Kurt Kallenbach and George Kavassilas. Put on your thinking cap! Click here

5-29 ETs and the Vatican. Watch this

5-25 MOI likes this message from the Arcturians. Read this

5-25 CNN news report on 911 that aired only once. No plane hit the Pentagon. Click here

5-23 NBC News reports HAARP closing. A positive sign
(there are numerous HAARP stations globally)?
Read this

5-20 Benjamin Fulford's weekly report.
Read this

5-20 We are all here to WAKE UP! Watch this

5-14 Fulford's weekly report. More chatter about mass arrests. Read this

5-7 Oklahoma earthquake warning issued. Are "they" letting us know their plan in advance? Read this

5-6 Must watch video of a first hand account of the Bundy land grab! The TRUTH! Watch this

5-5 MIND BOGGLING! Watch as much of this as you can. The galactic history and history of Earth. WOW! Click here

4-22 Fulford's weekly report. Things are getting hairy. Something has to give! Read this

4-22 Montague Keen's weekly message. Note: Project Blue beam is a cabal "Negative aliens take over the world  invasion" false flag plan. Read this

4-17 More good stuff from Gregg Braden.
Click here

4-14 Fulford: Cabal cornered, petrodollar on last leg. Read this

4-14 Montague Keen with an encouraging and inspirational message. Keep working on Rome and the Vatican! Read this

4-14 An excellent "behind the scenes" update from Neil Keenan. Read this

4-14 Another sign the tide is turning? US Justice Dept. recommends Albuquerque cleans up its police force. Read this

4-14 Santos Bonacci on the difference between birth (death) certificates vs. certificates of live birth. Also, learn about promisary notes.
Click here

4-12 Freeman interviews Mark Passio about Satanism. Absolutely vital to understanding how Satanists and Luciferians affect this world. Click here

4-+12 More evidence BRICS is bringing down the cabal.Russia and China to end US dollar and introduce new currency. Read this

4-8 Fulford's weekly report. Cabalists are cracking! Read this

MUST READ. David Wilcock's anticipated article detailing the defeat of the cabal.
Read this

4-6 MOI likes the content of this message from Hilarion. Call on Angels and get involved!
Read this

4-1 Benjamin Fulford's weekly report. Admitted by high level sources: Jesus is a fictitcious character. Read this
Mentioned in article. Earthquake in Yellowstone. Read this
Related? 8.2 Earthquake in Chile. Read this

3-31 Icke: The Schism People. FUNDAMENTAL TO
UNDERSTAND THIS. You may wish to skip over the music and photos BUT watch the Icke content! Watch this

3-25 Rousing great news from Ben Fulford.
Read this

3-23 David Icke- The X Factor. Yep! 4 minute video. Watch this

3-23 Russia and China partner to bring down cabal. Read this

3-21 Seems like Putin is a good guy... standing up to the cabal. Many countries now standing up against these global criminals! Read this

3-18 Ben Fulford weekly report with more great news! Read this

3-18 Fire sale on US Treasury bonds may be a strong indication the breakthrough is actually upon us. Read this

3-18 IMPORTANT! Help needed with Vatican ley lines. Montague Keen explains. Read this

3-12 A well done short video by Geoff Byrd about harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) devices (cell phones &  towers, smart (dumb!) meters, etc.) and solutions to minimize the effects. Watch this

3-11 Another phony psy op? The Malaysian plane disappearance distraction. Read this

3-10 David Icke Dot Connector Series. Fundamental info! Episode #8. Watch this

3-6 Must watch. Whistleblower Karen Hudes, past Senior Council for 21 years for the World Bank, names names and tells it like it is. The global crime syndicate is going down, soon. Watch this
Read about the Green-Hilton Agreement.
Read this

3-4 This will uplift you, make you smile, and give you hope. Watch this

2-27 WE HAVE THE POWER and the Cabal is on the run! Here's another sign. Click here

2-26 What is IGNORance (FF to 42:00 mark)? What is TRUTH? (58:00 mark) What is NATURAL LAW? (1:34:00)
Mark Passio knocks it out of the park AGAIN. Get to know his exceptional work. Watch this
His site: What on Earth is
Link here

2-23 Planets, ETs and Reptilians. Watch and learn. Freeman interviews Swerdlow (2007). Watch this

2-21 EXPOSED! Wall Street's secret society- the 1%. Article names people the public has no clue about. Read this

2-21 Man with perfect credentials investigates and concludes that Sandy Hook was a staged event and no one died- a major cover-up.
Watch this

2-17 Montague Keen's weekly message." Pray that only the truth will resonate with you and that all the propaganda will become blatantly obvious to all."
Read this

2-17 The bitter TRUTH about SUGAR. Read this

2-13 Current state of affairs Alex Jones and David Icke converse. Watch this

2-12 More positive news!!! From Ben Fulford:
Read this
From Sheldon Nidle: Read this
Bilderberg plans exposed via Daniel Estulin: Read this

-12 Introducing... Freeman! This guy has been around awhile but MOI just discovered him. Another highly intelligent source of info. This confirms that the world has been controlled by Luciferians. Great insight into Free Masons. Highly recommended 2009 video. Watch this
Recent Freeman on Red Ice Radio. Click here

2-12 Icke: The Moon Matrix. Watch this
They Live! Watch this

2-9 Montague Keen with a positive yet matter of fact message. Read this
2-4 More weather manipulation. Fake, tainted snow? You bet! Conduct your own test.
Watch this    Watch this

1-31-14 GREAT! Learn about the science and technology that exists this very moment to solve many problems of the world. Thunder White Cloud speaks.
Watch this

12-15-13 Santos has a new radio show Friday nights on Revolution Radio. Listen to his debut show!! Click here

12-1 The Secret Covenant. Read this

11-17 The honorable Jordan Maxwell: Vatican Secrets. Awesome! Fundamental info for all! Watch this
11-11 FUNDAMENTAL material. Learn about the BIRTH Certificate from Jordan Maxwell.
Watch this
Admiralty Law : Word controlled humans & the law of money. Watch this

10-3 Short video explains how humanity is manipulated by FEAR which affects this reality and how astrology is a valid science.
Watch this

9-18 Stay positive! Scientists prove thoughts affect reality on a personal and global level.
Read this

9-17 Activate your PINEAL GLAND. Read this

9-16 What life is ALL ABOUT. The Law of ONE.
Read this

9-11 Basics Review: A fundamental lesson. The Mystery of the Federal Reserve. A five minute video. Watch this

9-8 World's leading expert, Dr. Barrie Trower exposes microwave weaponry, micro chips, biological weapons, and cell phones and how the population is  being mind controlled and manipulated with illnesses. WATCH THIS

8-30 Confirmed by quantum physics: Universe is comprised of energy and information.
Read this

8-30 Wrecking the Earth. Gas fracking has grave radiation risks. Read this Fracking causes fish die off. Read this

- Gas fracking explained in just 5 minutes.
Watch this


10-3-13 FOUL! Before you make any donation, you best do your homework on the "charity" organization. Many are scams. Look at these ruthless scumbags!
  Watch this
America's 50 WORST CHARITIES. Click here

5-22 Wake up! Boston Marathon was a martial law exercise. Watch this

5-22 The satanic sexualization of children and society. Watch this

3-23 One of the world's most wanted war criminals turns himself in. Read this

3-8 Update: Is Canada REALLY dissolved or is this just another hoax that holds no water?
Read this

2-25 IS THIS FOR REAL? IS THIS THE FIRST MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH? Final verdict: GUILTY! Pope, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime Minister found guilty for crimes against humanity and sentenced to 25 year prison terms.
Watch this

3-10 The TRUTH about HEMP, an extremely beneficial and versatile plant, different from marijuana, and a major threat to corporatocracy!
Watch this

3-4 The QUEEN is sick! Aw, poor baby.. a reptoid with a bad case of gas!
Watch this

2-23 Sad state of affairs. The 25 (and growing) most miserable places in the world to live. 
Read this

2-11-13 Shocking surprise! Pope RESIGNS.

Click here


12-1 Arrested and caged. The absurdity of how children are treated in this dysfunctional society. Best obey kiddies or else!
Read this   Drug them to cause their behavioral problems and then put them in a a padded cell. Watch this

10-31 Hurricane Sandy: Wes Annac's comments are well put.
Read this

10-31 Hurricane Sandy planned and created? 1997 simulation of a real hurricane in 1938. Click here 
Is this "perfect storm" distraction a Psy Op? Watch this

10-30 Hey! Glam Rocker Gary Glitter arrested as part of the current BBC child sexual abuse investigation. Read this

10-27 What does the Taurus full moon on 10-29 bring? Excellent analysis from Kelley Rosano. Watch this

10-27 Billionaire Silvio Berlusconi convicted, sentenced to 4 years in prison.
Read this

9-14 A moral victory. Federal judge permanently blocks NDAA indefinite detention clause.
Read this

9-12 Does this have any "behind the scenes" significance? Hmmm...maybe. Obama snubs Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Read this

9-10 Massive censorship at CNN exposed.

Read this

8-18 Is the financial collapse that's been predicted for the last 4 years finally on the verge of happening?
Read this

8-16 Ecuador grants Assange asylum. Good!
Read this

8-15 Advisement: Get your money out now. "All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone.” Read this

8-10 More evidence that the Sikh Temple shooting was staged.
Watch this

8-6 Eyewitness: FOUR MAN team behind Sikh Temple Shooting.
Watch this

8-4 Big oil trashes Earth again. Shell up to no good regarding Nigeria oil spills, fined $5 billion.
Read this

8-3 Kofi Annan quits as UN envoy to Syria.

Read this

8-1 Italian police raid Barclays over rate fixing.
Read this

8-1 Obama's REAL Father: Film Director- Researcher blasts media for ignoring
 bombshell story.
Click here

7-31 Anonymous hacks IRS database, captures Romney's tax returns. He pays virtually no tax.
Read this

7-29 Interesting take on Colorado theatre shooter. Father was to testify in LIBOR case.
Watch this

7-26 Penn State receives severe sanctions by NCAA following Sandusky cover-up.
Click here

7-26 House bill to audit the Federal Reserve passes (again). Will it matter?
Read this

7-22 Things APPEAR to not be looking too good for Obama. US military reveals coup plan to topple him.
Read this

7-22 Dark Knight massacre was a staged event. Same stale playbook- mind controlled stooge commits act.
Click here

7-19 Assassination attempt in Israel on Witch Hilliary Clinton fails. Bummer.
Read this

7-19 Why isn't this front page news? Because the media is controlled (as well as incompetent and cowardly). More on Obama's fraudulent birth certificate.
Click here

7-18 President Fraud. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama birth certificate definitely fraudulent. 
Click here 

7-17 Sheriff Joe Press Conference to take place today, confirmed by ABC. Shocking new evidence to be presented on Obama birth certificate issue.
Read this

7-17 Judge halts municipal court extortion racket. How many other cities is extortion common place? 
Read this

7-14 Mexico: Largest protest the world has ever seen goes largely unreported.
Read this

7-13 Former FBI Director: Massive Penn State cover-up confirmed. Jo Pa and others hid truth. 
Read this

7-11 Canadian lawsuit vs. Vatican, Queen, Big Pharma is bogus.
Watch this  Mohawk elders sever relationship with Kevin Annet.
Watch this

7-4 Citizens complete $4 million road repair in 8 days, for free.
Read this

6-23 Sandusky found guilty on 46 counts of child sex abuse, faces life sentence.
Can you forgive?
Read this

6-17 Fed up with secrecy and classified missions? Mini space shuttle lands in California.
Read this

6-15 Tunisian Ex-President Ben Ali sentenced to life. 
Read this 

6-12 China mystery: What is this all about??
Read this

6-2 Another one bites the dust. Former Egyptian president Mubarak sentenced to life in prison. 
Read this 

6-1 The Boss (Bruce Springsteen)
Read this vs. Bono (U2) Read this  Read this  Read this

5-31 Ex Liberian President, Charles Taylor,
sentenced to 50 years in prison for war crimes.
Read this

5-26 Silence! Bill Wood arrested!
Read this

5-24 Ah, peaceful noncompliance!
The biggest act of civil disobedience in
Canadian history.
Read this

5-23 NATO Summit recap: 40 Vets discard war medals.
Watch this  
More coverage:
Watch this  Watch this

5-22 Vatican nervous about book filled with leaked documents.
Read this

5-20 This is exactly what MOI has been trying to convey regarding the NATO Summit.
link to original article

5-18 NATO Summit: DRONES over Chicago.
Watch this

5-17 A first time interview with inside intel agent- Cobra. 
Read this
5-17 Around the horn: Greece ready to default. Greeks take action! Read this
Judge blocks indefinite detention of Americans.
Read this

5-16 NATO Summit update: Chicago's finest? Maintain safety? Police State Chicago. 
Watch this
  Watch this 

5-16 Brazilian indians win historic court case!
Read this

5-13 Brazil makes move to put the squeeze on the cabal. Fulford comments.

link to original article  Read this

5-13 NATO summit: Flase Flag operation
PLANNED or will there be mass arrests? Chicago cops gear up with $1 million in riot gear.
Read this Dirty bomb? Read this

5-12 Lawsuit filed against central bank of South Africa.
Click here  Another filed against Canadian bank and politicians. Read this

5-8 Insanity surrounding the NATO Summit in Chicago.
Watch this   Watch this too

5-6 Cabalist? Sarkozy headed for defeat in French Presidential election.
Read this

5-5 Paving the way for mass arrests? Obama's surprise move- US rejoins International Criminal Court.
Read this

5-5 Ex-Libya President to be sentenced to 80 years in prison for crimes against humanity.
Read this

5-1 Financially strapped Cabal liquidation sale? $195 million stealth sub on sale for $50,000.
Read this

4-30 Breitbart's Coroner poisoned to death?
Read this

4-28 Occupiers confront Wells Fargo shareholders.
Read this   Corrupt Congressman loses in primary. Read this

4-26 Hague court convicts former
Liberian President of crimes against humanity.
Read this

4-23 Wal-Mart caught in massive bribery scandal.
Click here

4-23 A good thing or not? Dutch Prime Minister and government to resign.
Read this

4-23 Sun to change in mid May. How will this affect life on Earth?
Watch this

4-18 Let the arrests continue! One down thousands to go. Feds arrest Dixon, IL comptroller for bilking $30 million from public funds.
Click here

4-14 A sign of things to come. Iceland forgives mortage debt of its population, refuses IMF bailout.
Watch this

4-14 North Korean rocket launch fails again.
Click here

4-13 Meet the billionaire Koch brothers.
Oh brother!
Read this

4-13 Indonesia Quake. Why was damage and death toll so minimal for such a powerful quake? Can you say divine intervention?
Read this

4-11 Following the 2004 tsumani, Indonesia is hit again with an 8.6 quake. Natural or manmade?
Read this

4-11 FLASH! Two Hong Kong billionaires, former Chief Secretary arrested.
Read this  

3-20 JP Morgan Chase whistle blower- Gold/silver prices manipulated. Read this

3-11 Obama impeachment imminent? Media blackout? 
Watch this   Read this

3-7 Obama birth certificate proven fake.

Watch this

3-6 List of world's wealthiest. Ridiculous! What do these folks contribute to humanity?
Read this

3-6 German prosecutors make 80 raids in insider trading probe.
Read this

3-4 Good deal? BP to pay $7.8 billion for Gulf disaster.
Read this   Tornado outbreak update. Read this Dutch is back, is HAARP? Did it cause storms? Watch this

3-3 Very mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart, the man who threatened Obama.
Read this  Read this  Read this

3-2 Cat saves woman's life.
Read this

2-29 Yet another criminal probe on bankers.
Read this Evidence given to Congress- BP lied about Gulf disaster. Read this

2-28 Another one bites the dust? Attorney General Holder may be going to jail too.

Read this

2-28 Strauss-Kahn arrested. Can't keep it in his pants.
Read this

2-27 Assassination attempt on Putin staged? What to think??
Read this

2-26 Putin issues arrest warrant for Soros.
Click here

2-25 Details on the $15 Trillion fraud case.

Read this

2-24 Friends of Syria demand ceasefire.

Read this
Obama (Lightworker my ass!) orders Libya sanctions to continue.
Read this

2-22 Pakistan vows to
arrest former President for assassination of Bhutto. Read this
Australian Foreign Minister resigns.
Read this
Yeman ousts long time ruler. Read this

2-20 New moon tomorrow- an astrology
forecast. If accurate, things are going to get interesting.
Watch this

2-19 It's imperative to understand the term "false flag".
Watch this  False flag Iran videos emerging. Click here

2-17 Does this have any real significance?
German President resigns.
Read this
 Italian police seize $6 Trillion of fake US T-bonds. Read this

2-16 How the system works. Big bank HSBC retaliates against WND for exposing money laundering scheme.
Read this

2-13 More corruption within the Vatican exposed.
Read this

2-9 Syrian forces bomb city, kill 15.
Read this
Iran paying for grain with gold and oil.
Read this

2-9 Bittersweet? States negotiate $26 billion deal for homeowners. How many will be helped?
Read this

2-2 Report: 5 major U.S. banks should go bankrupt but very likely won't.
Watch this

1-13 Does this have any significance? JP Morgan-Chase ceases consumer debt collection.
Read this

1-12-12 Outrage over "human zoo" on Indian Island. Where's the outrage over the fact that all of humanity is a slave race? 
Read this 

1-11-12 Photo of Bigfoot in the Canadian Rockies. Click here